Russ Turk presents Don Henning the 2018 Distinguished Service Award

Each year since 1947 the Fort Atkinson Lions Club has presented its Distinguished Community Service Award to a person, or persons, who contributes his or her time and talents for the betterment of the Fort Atkinson area through community service. The contributions are for services provided outside of one’s job, or at the very least, above and beyond the normal requirements of one’s job, and are for community service to our local community and not for awards received on a state or national level.  Past recipients are as follows:

1947 Leila C. Snell; 1948 Juanita Schriner; 1949 Mary E. Spry

1950 Edith B. Beebe; 1951 Frank C. Bray; 1952 Johanna P. Clark; 1953 E.A.Bergemann; 1954 Robert A. Krueger; 1955 Margaret Van Schoyck; 1956 Charles B. Rogers & Dr. H.O. Caswell; 1957 Franklin Sweet & Carrie D. Sweet; 1958 Coral B. Miles; 1959 Zida C. Ivey

1960 Clarence F. Mueller; 1961 Otto F. Bammel; 1962Maj. Arthur R. Langholff; 1963 A.C. Prabst; 1964 No recipient; 1965 E.R. Klassy and Gordon F. Day; 1966 Elmore F. Klement; 1967 William D. Hoard, Jr.; 1968 Edward C. Jones; 1969 Margaret E. Waterman

1970 Erwin "Gus" Klatt; 1971 Dr. O.H. Hanson, Jr.; 1972 Mary C. Hoard & Hannah W. Swart; 1973 Milton Lorman; 1974 Allen S. Haukom; 1975 Sheldon Vance; 1976 David B. Cunningham; 1977 Ben B. Beebe; 1978 Clarence A. Langholff; 1979 Roland W. Hunsader

1980 Dr. James C. Russell; 1981 James F. Luther; 1982 Robert L. Angus; 1983 William W. Ward; 1984 John "Curley" Misfeldt; 1985 Dorothy H. Davenport; 1986 Mark H. Kerschensteiner; 1987 Herbert Smith; 1988 William D. Knox; 1989 Hugh P. Highmith

1990 James S. Baird; 1991 William H. Rogers; 1992 Joan S. Jones; 1993 Sheldon R. Mielke; 1994 William H. Starke; 1995 Eugene C. Meyer; 1996 Joel D. Winn; 1997 Charles P. Frandson; 1998 Norman E. Godfrey; 1999 John W. McKenzie

2000 Dr. Thomas A. Gobel; 2001 Barbara A. Detweiler; 2002Helen M. Rose; 2003 James Schafer; 2004 Richard Wanie; 2005 Woody Finn; 2006 Carol Knox; 2007 Ted & Marilyn Batterman; 2008 John Kammer Jr.; 2009 Steven Zimmerman

2010 Jim Vance; 2011 Gordon "Chip" Day Jr.; 2012 no recipient; 2013 Jim Fitzpatrick; 2014 Steve Holz; 2015 Tim Humprey; 2016 Sandy Brokl, 2017 Ron Hachtel, 2018 Don Henning

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