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Herman Mine Stamp Mills Project

For almost a decade, Lions members George Grant and Larry Jordan have been trying to arrange the extraction of authentic gold rush era stamp mills located on a steep hillside of Deadwood Ridge at the remains of the once prosperous Herman Mine. Their efforts have been hampered in a number of ways. The ownership of the land has changed hands many times, requiring new permissions from each new owner.  Gaining access is treacherous as the old mine timbers have collapsed around the stamp mills, making removal of the debris extremely difficult to prepare the mills for extraction. Plus, these stamp mills literally weigh tons, so getting them up the steep canyon is a herculean effort. Last year, George and Larry made tentative arrangements with the CA National Guard to hoist the stamp mills out using their Huey Helicopters. When the Guard did a reconnaissance fly-by, the Captain decided the extraction was too dangerous for his pilots due to the trees in the way, so the plans were scrapped.

Update: The American Fire of August 2013 has a positive side! The fire swept through the steep hillside where the stamp mills are located burning trees, dangerous underbrush and most of the downed debris from the fallen mill making access to the area much less dangerous. The stamp mills, although scorched, are still standing proud, waiting to be rescued. Lions George and Larry are working with the new landowner to again make arrangements to retrieve the mills from the canyon. The overall goal is to retrieve and restore these gold rush era artifacts and install them in downtown Foresthill near the Pelton Wheel in front of the Forest House Lodge as a tourist attraction to pay homage to Foresthill’s Gold Rush Legacy. We will keep everyone informed of our progress and hope to have the stamp mills out of the canyon in 2013.

Stamp Mills Before Fire











Stamp Mills After Fire

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