Foresthill Lions White Cane Days are held the second week in October.

We set-up fund raising booths at Worton’s Market and  the Post Office Friday through Sunday. We typically collect between $500-$700 from the generosity of the Foresthill community. All proceeds go back to assisting residents with vision related services.

White Cane Days is our primary fund-raising source for any vision projects we donate to the Foresthill community. Even if it’s raining, it’s fun to meet and greet the community and let them know what we do.


THAT Lions International at its 1925 Convention was inspired to include serving the sight needy as an important part of its community concerns. It was the appeal of the lovely triple-handicapped Helen Keller and her dedicated teacher, Anne Sullivan, who declared that Miss Keller’s inability to see was her greatest handicap.

THAT Lions dedication received its first big step when George Bohnam, then Peoria, Illinois, Lions President, devised the red-tipped WHITE CANE to help the blind become mobile and to tell all who saw it that the bearer did not see.

THAT A second big step came when a small Lions Club in Monterey Park, California, needed more funds than could be raised in their membership. They invited others in their community to share in their Sight Fund. The theme would be White Cane Days. The receipt for a contribution would be a miniature White Cane. This project was so successful that neighboring Lions asked for the little symbol. Within three years it was chosen as a fund raising project to help all clubs in California-Nevada to finance big things in Sight Serving work.

THAT Now millions of dollars are raised each year all over America to serve locally planned programs that suit local needs.

THAT Many Lion assisted research teams have learned more about sight, devised new treatments and surgeries to correct subnormal vision. More people are seeing better because of the new techniques and new instruments that are available.

Many local clubs have found their own avenues of


  • New means of dealing with Diabetes - a thief of sight.
  • Tests of school children’s sight at an early age
  • Improved recorders and audio playback materials
  • And other forward steps OUR CLUB may find to GIVE THE GIFT OF SIGHT


Thank you Foresthill for your continued generosity to
help your neighbors with their vision related needs!



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