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Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Held 8-2-2023

Enjoy these photos from our scavenger hunt. Good times!

Setting out...   

Setting out.....  



 Scavengers for all seasons



Roberts Alley has so many murals and visitors! 



    Bison Fans...?


I swear the photo was not flipped when I uploaded it!     



                    Fargo fans for sure!



Our clue was to find the bank with the most volunteers for Vision Screening!



 These scavengers were HOT!



Dillard Alley  



                   Mario Scavengers!



Not-quite-normal scavengers!     



                 Truly pioneers, this lot.    :-D



Roberts Alley - a common destination!            



 Scavengers -- feeling successful, may have a cool refreshment later.



Radisson Blu Scavengers



             This sign truly begs for photos!



Sandbagging scavengers!    



              Roberts Alley - again!



The stage has gone to our heads, apparently.



             Yes, these two truly wear halos!



These scavengers are having SO much fun! 



    Here they are calmed down a bit.  LOL



Scavengers on tap       



               Scavengers riding the rails



But wait, what is this drama??!!  Oh My.     



 Methinks this team won the "funnest" photos challenge!



Sodbuster scavengers    



     Sunny Brook scavengers


The Wurst scavengers of all!


Everyone had a blast for this adventure! Many thanks to Lions Blake & Mona for setting it all up!!



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