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If you would like more information on the Fargo Lions Club or would like to attend a meeting, please reach out to our President or Membership Contacts.

Mailing Address:

Fargo Lions Club
PO Box 21
Fargo, ND 58107
EMail Address:
Contact Info:
2023-2024 President:
Jane Pettinger 701-306-4495 or 
Mona Tedford Rindy at 701-367-4550 or
Blake Strehlow at
Sight Assistance requests: 
Jane Pettinger 
Meeting Info:
We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month  at Noon 
Radisson 3rd floor 201 5th St N Fargo ND

Officers for 2023-2024

President - Jane Pettinger

Past President/LCIF Coordinator - Kate Lea

Vice President - Jenna Currie-Mueller

Membership Co-Chairs - Blake Strehlow and Mona Rindy

Communications Director - Neil Jordheim

Community Service - Karna Nelson & Bob Ames

Treasurer - Trent Freier

Secretary - Sue Anderson

Board Member at large - Gary Hanson

Board Member at Large - Dustin Anderson

Tail Twister - Joe Dobbs


Officers for 2024-2025

President Jane Pettinger

Vice President Jenna Mueller

Secretary Sue Anderson

Treasurer Trent Freier

Asst Treasurer Brian Grave

Tail Twister Joe Dobbs

Communications Director Dustin Anderson

Membership Co-Director Blake Strehlow

Membership Co-Director Mona Tedford Rindy

Community Service Co-Director Karna Nelson

Community Service Co-Director Bob Ames

Director at Large 2 yr term  Mary Klabo

Director at Large 1 yr term Mike Benson


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