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The Fargo Lions Club is North Dakota's first Lions Club. As District Governor Scott Hildre stated, "The Fargo Lions Club brought Lions to North Dakota!" We did this waaay back in 1921. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at Noon at the Radisson Hotel located in downtown Fargo. Individuals interested in being invited to attend a meeting should click on "Contact Us" to the left of this column. OR download this document: About Fargo Lions.

Tara Bujold, Jack Berg, and Whitney Isaccson of Dakota Medical Foundation present a fantastic grant check from the Optometric Foundation of North Dakota to Trent Freier, Fargo Lions Treasurer, for use towards our Vision Assistance Program.


(February 2024)



Fargo Lions visiting the downtown Fargo Fire Hall (9-11-2023)

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The Fargo Lions Club is about service to others ... our motto is 'We Serve'.  During the 2023-2024 school year, we facilitated the screening of over 15,000 area schoolchildren!  Students in the Fargo, Kindred, Casselton, Mapleton, Northern Cass, Trinity, Nativity and Grace Lutheran school systems were screened. On average, we identify over 11% that may need glasses. Three other area clubs (Fargo Gateway, Horace Lions, and West Fargo) are also involved in the screenings of our schoolchildren, making this a collaborative effort of area Lions members.

Here are the detailed numbers from the current school year: As of April 2024, area Lions Clubs have screened 15,778 children. Of these, 1,808 were referred for follow-up vision care. That is an 11.46% referral rate. Many of these children's families may have been unaware that their child may have an undetected vision issue. 

Note: Fargo Lions Sue Anderson and Mel Olson coordinate vision screening across Cass County via collaboration with Gateway Lions, Horace Lions, and West Fargo Lions.


Fargo Lions Club screened 9,249 children from preschool through 7th grade. Gateway Lions screened 3,279 children, West Fargo Lions screened 2,249, and Horace Lions screened 1,001 children. Together, your area Lions Clubs are making a real difference!


Of course, not all families can afford eyeglasses and where other programs are unable to step in with financial support, the Fargo Lions will. We have been purchasing eye exams and eyeglasses for people who might otherwise "fall between the cracks" of social support for decades. This past year, our club leaders set up a consortium of area Lions Clubs to help fund this need and this current year we have refined the process of receiving assistance with specific area vendors/medical care. Since July of 2023, over 200 people have received financial assitance to receive eyeglasses enabling them to improve their schoolwork or their job performance.

Are you in need of assistance with eyeglasses or eye exams? Please contact our Interim Sight Assistance Committee Chair Lion Jane Pettinger at 

Fargo Lions Club also coordinates the collection of used eyeglasses. Glasses dropped off are sorted for breakage and then sent to an eyeglass recycling center where they are cleaned, read, and repackaged for Vision Mission trips all around the world. You can give the gift of sight by simply donating your used eyeglasses! 

If you have used eyeglassed to donate, you can drop them off at most area Hornbachers stores or at Bergstrom Eye & Laser Clinic at 2601 South University Drive in Fargo.

Fargo Lions Club members participate in many more service projects throughout the year. Ongoing projects besides vision services include environmental issues, addressing hunger, and supporting families dealing with childhood cancer. We established the Lions Conservancy Park, created the Spirit of the Sandbagger artwork along the river in downtown Fargo, purchased the initial Statue of Liberty now located on the Main Avenue Bridge and established a natural play area at the Red River Zoo. Visit the Club Project page on the left to see a detailed listing of service projects that we participate in.

Welcome to Julia Koppang and Annie Campbell, our newest members. We have also recently inducted and welcomed Cody Rittenhouse, Ted Jirik, Mary Klabo, Dean French, Dustin Anderson, and Tim Pettinger. Plus, Sara Bien-Aime, and Andy Nordin. Welcome aboard! We are thrilled that you have all chosen to join the Fargo Lions Club!!


Left: Lion Jane Pettinger, new Lion Julia Koppang, Julia's sponsor Lion Mona Rindy. (4-8-2024)

Right: Membership Co-Chair Mona Rindy and new Lion Annie Campbell (4-22-2024) 

During the summer months we have fun AND raise funds by assisting concertgoers at Bluestem Amphitheater to safely and efficiently park their vehicles. This is a fundraiser for our club and funds are used to assist with vision related needs in our community. Here are a few of us at the final concert of 2023.


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Vision Screenings and Jayden's Story

The Fargo Lions Club provision vision screening for young chidren at daycare facilities and schools around the region. For example, among the thousands of children screened each year was Jayden Severson. Here is his story.


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