Emporia Lions Club

Regular Meeting. Blue Key Room

2021 June 2,  Noon.  In-Person & Zoom Meeting

In person:  Sally Conard, Cole Cassity, Tammy Edmiston, Gary Post. John Rich, Houston Sober, Bob & Jane Symmonds.

Zoom: Ron Boettcher, Bob Grover, John & jeline Harclerode, Laura Henderson,

Cole called the meeting to order.  Bob Symmonds gave the invocation. 

Tail Twister.  John Harclerode spoke on the purpose of Lions - to foster understanding, good citizenship, fellowship, service, high ethics and kindness.

Cole moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Jeline and passed. 

Our next project is June 14, Fag Day.  We ask members to wear Lions apparel at the I-35 overpass on Prairie Street.  Set up is at 3pm and flag waving is from 4-6.  Gary Post has gotten the permit and arranged the flags from the Patriot Guard.  Every one is welcome.

We will have a meeting of the Centennial Committee at noon on June 9 at Cole’s office LCSB on Industrial Road.  

Cole introduced our speakers, Lisa Soller and Greg Jordan, directors of the Lyon County History Center.  Greg expressed his appreciation for our significant donation which allowed them to purchase many display cases among other things.  The Historical Society was established in 1937.  As they grew they moved ending up in the old Carnegie Library for many years until they moved to their current location on Commercial.  They are fortunate to be adequately funded as 40% of museums are predicted to close due to the pandemic.  Currently they are collecting stories of local residences and how the pandemic affected their lives.  Lisa has been very gracious to help us with our Commercial Street display case of Lions memorabilia and with printing display signs,  The third floor is now being rented by Unbound Gravel (formerly Dirty Kanza) to service the riders and gear and for storage.  Check out the History Center as it is now open on Sundays.

Respectfully submitted,  

Nina Haught,  Club Secretary


Emporia Lions Board Meeting

ESU Memorial Union

June 2, 2021,  After the Cleve Cook Meeting and by Zoom


In-Person and  Zoom members Present: Cole Cassity,, Tammy Edmiston, Bob Grover, Jeline Harclerode, Nina Haught, Laura Henderson, Gary Post, John Rich

Cole called the meeting to order and asked for approval of the previous minutes.  Nina seconded and motion passed.

John has been working on the account budgets for next year.  From the Cleve Cook Fund meeting a motion was approved to move $1500 from the Lions portion of the Cleve Cook Fund into our administrative account.  With addition of the $1500 receipts line item, Jeline made a motion to approve the proposed administrative account budget.  Motion was seconded by Cole and passed.  For the project account John submitted the budget proposal for next year.  John moved we approve the proposed budget seconded by Jeline and passed.

With the pandemic many items in the project account have not been paid.  He wanted input from the club as to which items to pay and which to defer to next year.  Some items like the Chamber Essay Contest did not occur.  Jeline moved we pay all unpaid remaining items except the essay contest and the spot vision.  Cole seconded the motion and it was approved.

Tammy addressed the request our club received for building a ramp for an individual/family home.  She recommended that due to the city codes and liability issues, we need to decline the request.  Tammy will refer this person to the appropriate sources.  

There has been a change in our officers for next year.  They are as follows:  President - Tammy Edmiston, 1st VP - Laura Henderson, 2nd VP - Houston Sober, 3rd VP -. Will Symmonds.

Our annual meeting is scheduled for 6 pm June 16 at Peter Pan Park (same spot as last year).  There was concern that many people will be out of town.  Changing the date to June 23 was discussed.  It was decided to stay with the June 16 date.  Jeline will send out a request for a head count.  Gourmet to Go is catering the event with a box lunch.

The Patriot Guard will provide flags for our event on June 14, Flag Day.  We will be at the I-35 Prairie Street overpass.  Nina moved to donate $50 to the organization, seconded by Cole and approved.

Respectfully submitted, 

Nina Haught, Club Secretary

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