Tennis & Pickleball Court Membership


Cumberland Tennis Courts

The Cumberland Lions Club (CLC) manage the outdoor tennis courts located next to the R.J. Kennedy Memorial Community Centre (and Arena) on Dunning Road.

A CLC Tennis & Picklball Court membership gives you unlimited access to use the courts on a first-come, first serve basis from mid-May to mid-October. 


Pickleball players will be required to use the existing tennis nets until we can come up with a way to quickly adapt the netting for both types of games.  We hope that this addition will help everyone enjoy this great game. 

Registration Fees

  • $50 Family (up to 2 adults + all children under the age of 18 AND living at home)
  • $30 Adult (18 and over)
  • $20 Junior (17 and under as of May 1st)


We are pleased to offer online registration as our primary registration process.  In-person registration is available upon request. 

Once submitted the on-screen confirmation message will provide information on where to eTransfer payment to.

The code to the court will be provided as soon as the season opens.

Membership Rules

  1. Reservations are not required although we ask that during busy times, you not occupy the court for more than an hour at a time to allow everyone a chance to play.

  2. The practice board is to be used only if nobody wishes to play on that court.

  3. It is everyone's responsiblity to help keep the court clean. There will be a broom and squeegee available and would appreciate a quick sweep if conditions warrant it.

  4. After opening the combination lock, please scramble the combination to avoid divulging it to non-members.

  5. Ensure you have closed and locked the gate when you leave.

  6. Please report any issues with the court to

Just Starting Out

Are you new to tennis or looking to develop your skills? Learn to play tennis in your neighbourhood with qualified instructors from the Orléans Tennis Club.

A range of clinics, available for kids and adults, will be offered at municipal courts in Orléans and Cumberland. 

For information and to register:

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