As of June 1, 2016, the Cornwall Lions boasts 80 participating members from our local community.  Our members are dedicated to serving the community, whether in our local area or to communities beyond our immediate borders.  We welcome new members who are willing to give selflessly - perhaps you should consider becoming a Lion.

The Lion's fiscal year follows the school calendar:  July-June.  For the 2015-16 fiscal year, the Cornwall Lions raised and distributed nearly $25,000 for Lions-specific causes like Sight & Hearing, Diabetes and its prevention as well as these local projects:

  • Lions College Scholarships for local high school students
  • Christmas gifting for needful families
  • BFF Program - backpacks for food for school children
  • Purchase of vision screening machine for children
  • Donations to two local eye/vision foundsations:  Marchello Miracle Foundation and iFond
  • Support of Blackrock Forest Consortium Summer Science Camp Scholarship
  • Cormwall Historical Society
  • The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
  • The Highland [Fire]  Engine Company of Cornwall
  • The Storm King [Fire] Engine Company of Cornwall

Since 1932, the Cornwall Lions have provided community leadership in many areas of civic need.  The proceeds of the club's many fundraising projects go to the Cornwall Lions Club Community Service Fund.  Club members then decide at meetings where the money is needed most with a special emphasis toward funding organizations and needy people - particularly those with special needs in sight, hearing and diabetes.

The Cornwall Lions have dinner meetings the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:45PM, preceeded by a Board of Directors/Officers meeting at 6:00PM.  The first meeting is held at Canterbury Inn the second is at Annarella's on the Green.

For the 2020-2021 Lions Club cycle:

President:  Andrew Mulholland
1st Vice-President:  James Ditbrenner
2nd Vice-President: James McGee
3rd Vice-President: Fred Diehl
Treasurer: Tom DeScocio
Assistant Treasurer:  Hector Torres
Secretary: Peter Brandt

Immediate Past President:  Phil Cameron

Membership Chair: Ryan Coakley

Publicity: Ron Tulloch
Tail-Twister: Richard Kingman
Lion-Tamer: Hans Pravlaka

Board of Directors:  

2nd of 2 Year Term:

George Gaillard
Lynn Beesecker
Michael Mattausch

1st of 2 Year Term:

Carl Bryde
Neil Drislane
Eloisa Jessup

Lions Roster:

Colette Austin
Lynn Beesecker
Ken Brodmerkel
Carl Bryde
Helen Bunt, Past President
Jay Cameron
Phil Cameron
Randy Clark, Past President
Brendan Coyne, Past President
Mary Davidian
Jack Davis
Steve Della Vedova, Past President
Tom DeSocio
Robert DeWit
Fred Diehl
Neil Drislane
Mark Edsall
Richard Gaillard, Past President
George Gaillard
William Geiser
William Grabe
Luddy Harrision, Past President
Don Harnett
James Kerr
Jim Kline
Steve Kohn
Michael Mattausch, Past-President
Al Mazzaca
John McGuirk
Dick Mills, Past President
Matt Mirabile, Past President
Ed Moulton, Past President
David Olsen
Hans Pavlacka
William Pearson
Mark Pryne
Kevin Quigley, Past President
Tom Quigley
Greg Ransom, Past President
Haig Sarkissian
John Seaman
Alan Seidman
Tom Stager
John Stager
Tom Stein, Past President
Michael Summerfield
Hector Torres
Patrick Trotta
Ronald Tulloch, Past President
Eloise Jessup
Ryan Coakley
Dave Olsen
Eric Noll
Eileen Hartman
Jeanne Labarge
Frank Navarra
Roger Dwyer
Richard Kingman
Andrew Mullholland
Wynn Gold
Mark Henderson
Dorothy Brooks
Karen Monti


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