Due to our Club getting smaller and members getting older, we are now renting out our equipment and sending a Lion to you with our trailer of equipment to help with the breakfast setup and serving (showing your members how it works) rather than doing them ourselves. We have everything you will need to put on the breakfast.  Rental fee between $500 - $750 depending on the size of your event.  This has worked well for the Clubs we've been supporting.  We can assist in securing product as well if needed. If you are interested in hosting a waffle breakfast, please email

Product that organizations are responsible for to put on a waffle breakfast:


Coffee Cups

Heavy Duty Plastic Forks

Heavy Duty Plastic Knives

Milk (White and Chocolate) (recommend single serve cartons)


Orange Juice (recommend single serve cartons)

Oil Based Pan Spray (for waffle irons)

Heavy Duty Paper Plates (10 1/4")


Strawberries (we buy the 5# tubs from Sysco)

Syrups (we buy the gallon jugs from Sysco)

Krustaez Pancake Mix – (one bag makes about 25 waffles)

Liquid Butter (we buy gallons from Sysco)


Rubber Gloves - anyone cooking or serving must wear them

Creamer and Sugar - we have packets if you need them

Nutmeg, Oil & Vanilla - to mix in with the waffle batter

Powdered Sugar - for waffle topping

Sugar Free Maple Syrup - we have some small bottles to bring

Table Covering - we have this to cover the serving tables only

We have all the utinsels, cookers/warmers, waffle irons, bottles to serve syrups, everything needed to mix waffles (pan, pitchers, etc).  Basically you just need to provide the product above and we have everything else you need. 

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