Lions Village

About 17 years ago two lions came to the Club with an idea for a major project.

Back in the 1950's The Lions Club of Calgary built a series of small bungalows that they rented out as low cost housing for seniors.  In all the bungalows could house about 25 people.  The land they used was an obscure pie shaped property that over the years became inner city and the value greatly increased.














The major project that these two lions - Lion Otto Silzer and the late Lion Bill Baux proposed was to use the land as collateral and build a set of residential apartments that would house approximately 115 persons.. The Club adopted the project.

Otto and Bill negotiated with the provincial and city governments for funding and eventually the project was approved in 2010.  Both of them were intimately involved with the design and liased with the construction company and the various City of Calgary departments and in the summer of 2011 construction began.  In 2013 the project was officially opened with the attendance of a Lions Clubs  International Vice  President.

Today, with much gratitude the building is fully functional and all suites are occupied.  In addition, The Lions Club of Calgary were able to secure a meeting room - a permanent home -  in the lower level of the building.  It is now the "Lions Den".













Eyeglass Recycling

The Lions Clubs in Calgary have been contributing manpower and management to CLERC (Canadian Eyeglass Recycling Centre) for several years. The Late PDG, Lion Bernie Gribben was the keystone for CLERC. To date the  Lions Clubs in Calgary have  contributed over 5 million pairs of glasses to underprivileged people in several countries around the world other than Canada or the United States.


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