Lions Mints                              

The selling of Lions Mints in Calgary was coordinated for over 22 years by Lion Ken Willis of the Lions Club of Calgary. Ken was a tireless and dedicated worker servicing all the locations that he had set up using public transit or on foot. The people in the locations that Ken visited were always happy to see his smiling face when he collected the money and restocked the mint displays.

In early 2014 Ken was recognized by a local television station in the "Inspiring Albertan" series as reported by local broadcaster, Darrell Janz. To see the video clip of the programme go to the following web page:

Sadly, Ken passed away from complications with diabetes and heart problems 2 days before the programme clip was aired.

Ken knew it was time to hand over the mint run to someone younger and he found a willing successor in Luella Lind.  Luella has taken on the mint program with a lot of energy and she has great respect for the efforts Ken put in to making the program a success.

The mint program operates on the honour system and at 50 cents per roll Ken contributed over $114,000 to the projects sponsored by The Lions Club of Calgary.  To find out more about the program or to arrange for a mint display for your Lions Club or place of business you can contact Luella through this website at    

Lion Ken Willis

The Lions Club of Calgary are proud of the legacy left by Ken and are continuing his work under the direction of Lion Luella Lind.

We owe him much. He was a true Lion.

The New Lions Mints

 Lion Luella has worked diligently to get the new mints and the new displays into operation and on March 10 she presented another $1000 to the club as profit from the mint sales.  WE should always be thinking of new locations for placing the mints.  Members who have places in mind should contact Lion Luella or any member of the Mints Committee and they will follow up on the leads.

Below you will see a photo of the new mint displays and the 4 types of mints we are now marketing. For only 75 cents a member can sample a roll of the Peppermint, Sugar-free Spearmint, Wintergreen, and the fizzy Fruit Club Candy.  Volunteers at the un-erection of the FOL display were treated to a free roll of the old mints.


Lions Village

About 7 years ago two lions came to the Club with an idea for a major project.

Back in the 1950's The Lions Club of Calgary built a series of small bungalows that they rented out as low cost housing for seniors.  In all the bungalows could house about 25 people.  The land they used was an obscure pie shaped property that over the years became inner city and the value greatly increased.
















The major project that these two lions - Lion Otto Silzer and Lion Bill Baux, our District Governor in 2013/14 - proposed was to use the land as collateral and build a set of residential apartments that would house approximately 115 persons in low cost units. The Club adopted the project.

Otto and Bill negotiated with the provincial and city governments for funding and eventually the project was approved in 2010.  Both of them were intimately involved with the design and liased with the construction company and the various City of Calgary departments and in the summer of 2011 construction began.  In 2013 the project was officially opened when the attendance of the International Vice  President.

Today, with much gratitude to Lions Bill and Otto the building is fully functional and all suites are occupied.  In addition, The Lions Club of Calgary were able to secure a meeting room - a permanent home -  in the lower level of the building.  It is now the "Lions Den".















Festival of Lights

Over twenty eight years ago a member of the Calgary South West Lions Club, Lion Otto Silzer, began a project to design, coordinate, and erect a Christmas light display as a free service to the citizens of Calgary. When the South West Club and the Lions Club of Calgary merged that project came with the merger. All the City clubs are asked to voluntarily contribute manpower and funds to this project and together with funds from outside sponsors the display has grown every year.

With construction of the display beginning in September more than 2,000 volunteer hours go into the assembly of this family favourite, with its dazzling 100,000 plus light bulbs. The display stretches for half-a-kilometer and more than 53,000 Calgarians are expected to view it daily.

Volunteers have converted 100,000 plus light bulbs from the conventional incandescent bulbs of the original display to energy-saving LEDs. The $60,000 investment means the new bulbs consume a tiny fraction of the electricity used previously. In fact, one 25-bulb string will consume the power of one old incandescent bulb.

The display is erected over a weekend in early November and is lit up for the first time on the first Saturday in December.  From then the display turns on automatically every evening until the end of January.

On one saturday in March the volunteeers dismantle and store the display until the following September when the project comes to life again.


STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society)

STARS was formed in Calgary, Alberta to provide emergency medical care and transport to the critically ill and injured. Founder, Dr. Greg Powell, was working as an emergency room physician lost a patient: a young mother who died en route to the hospital because of the time it took to transport her by ground from her rural home. Dr. Powell had worked as a physician on Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) units during the Vietnam War and knew that a helicopter ambulance service could mean the difference between life and death for critical patients who need immediate assistance and are not near a major trauma center.

With the local Lions Clubs providing seed money, he created a non-profit organization, Shock Trauma Air Rescue Services Foundation, to provide helicopter rescue and transport in and around Calgary. . The Foundation created its working arm, Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS).  On December 1, 1985  the Lions Air Ambulance Service carried out its first missionas. Soon it was renamed as STARS.  Since then, more than 24,000 missions have been carried out.

The Lions Clubs in and around the Calgary area have continued their support of STARS with donations and The Lions Club of Calgary sponsors and runs a Charity Golf Classic held anually at the Lynx Ridge Golf Course for the past 13 years. All proceeds go to STARS and to date we have donated over a million dollars from the Charity Golf Classic.


2015 Cheque Presentation of the Proceeds to STARS - Dr. Greg Powell & Leah Johnson

The Golf Committee is taking a well-earned breather having successfully coordinated  the implementation of the 2015 Classic.  In September they will be back at the planning phase for the 2016 STARS/Lions Charity Golf Classic.

For more information about STARS go to their web page at:


Eyeglass Recycling

The Lions Clubs in Calgary have been contributing manpower and management to CLERC (Canadian Eyeglass Recycling Centre) for several years. The Late PDG, Lion Bernie Gribben was the keystone for CLERC; and when he was president of The Lions Club of Calgary. Under his direction CLERC contributed over 2.5 million pairs of glasses to underprivileged people in several countries other than Canada.

Lion Bernie worked with the Calgary Correctional Centre to implement a programme where selected inmates were trained to operate the machines that would read the prescription of the donated glasses. They would catalogue the glasses and clean and package them for shipment.

To date over 3 million pairs of eyeglasses have been processed and delivered CLERC alone to needy, sight impaired people.






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