Santa House !!

Although we manage annual fundraisers and work within community, since 2014, the Club has taken over the responsibility of the Town of Bancroft's SANTA HOUSE.

In the past Santa's House has been maintained by others but they have since decided to cease this long time commitment.  The house was in need of some TLC so we've been busy with rennovations.  

Since Santa's House plays a key role in the Town's annual Santa Claus Parade, hosted and organized by the Bancroft Lions Club, we felt it fitting for the Club to take over the maintenance as well.  

The Club members work hard to keep the house back in tip-top shape and, in the end, the work benefits so many local children.  Hundreds of children line up each year after the Santa Claus parade to see Santa in his home so we can't disappoint those children!

The Club is energetic towards maintainng Santa House as another highlight within the Town of Bancroft.

HO HO HO and thank you for all your support!  


Children look forward to seeing Santa in his nice home downtown Bancroft:



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