BANCROFT LIONS CLUB was chartered on September 6,1945 with 49 members.  These were a group of hardworking, ambitious men.

In the early years, the Club raised funds through various and sundry methods including in part, the following: Wrestling matches, Donkey Baseball, Christmas tree sales, New Years dances, Ice Carnival, St. Patrick dances, Jamboree, Peanut project, Turkey bingos, White elephant sale, Suit of the month draw, Road tolls, Walkathon, Ministrel shows, Grocery auction, Rodeos, Bingos, 4x4 Races, Skathethon, Radio auction, Millionaire nights, Boat Draws, Cottage draw, Circuses, Easter Seals, Cash draws, Hockey tournaments, Ball tournaments, Curling bonspiels, Field days, Canoe races, Beauty contests, Old home week, Sale of flags and decorations for centennial in 1967, Sale of Halloween candies, Hockey pool, etc. etc. At. the same time, the Club gave generously to many local charities, as well as, individual causes and requirements.

Records indicate the following as a partial list: Bancroft Santa Claus parade, Distributing Christmas baskets to the poor and needy,  Aiding burnt out families, Building Bancroft's first arena, Providing Swimming lessons, Sponsoring blood donor clinics, Glucoma Clinics, C.N.I.B. demonstrations and donations, Davidson Triplet support and home purchase, Junior hockey, Welfare parcels, Teen dances, Movies for kids, Public speaking, Support for lime disease, Linda Trudel heart fund - $ 3,500., eye glasses for the needy, assiatnce with dental costs, filling of oil tanks for poor, supporting the music festival, Supplied wheelchairs, Tent for a Scout Group, Sponsored Baseball Teams, High School bursaries, Christmas lights for town, Paid hdyro bill for family, Purchase cookstove for family, Purchase of a uniform for a lady to go to work, Purchased a washing machine for a family, Sending children to crippled children camp, Sponsoring Leo club. etc. 

BANCROFT SANTA CLAUS PARADE: While there had been previous parades, the Club took over the organizing and sponsorship of the parade in the year they were chartered, 1945, and continues to do so ever since. This makes this our longest running event. In addition, the Club began packing and giving our bags of candy to the kids by Santa, after the parade. It is believed that Lion Cec McAlpine was the original chairman of the Candy Committee from the beginning and for at least the first 50 years. Movies were also shown after the parade at two locations, the movie theatre and the Town Hall (the present location of the village playhouse) and also sponsored by the Lions. The movies were timed to end simultaneously, so that children could move from one location to the other and see both movies the same day. It was quite an accomplishment to move some 300 kids between the two buildings and across the busy intersection. The plan was to entertain the children to give parents time to shop in the local stores. There were no other Christmas parades in local municipalities, so that familes travelled some distances to the Bancroft parade. Early parades had 40 to 50 floats, with the mines putting in elaborate floats during the time they operated. Many businesses and schools could be relied upon to contribute floats. In the early years, the Lionettes, looked after arranging for the man in the red suit. For over 15 years, the club relied upon Henry Taylor with his flowing white beard for these duties, but he has passed away at the age of 102. While the club continues to sponsor the parade, it is a community event, with excellent support from a wide range of business, organizations and individuals. Over most of the years, our own Lion Pete Klein was the Parade Chairman.
THE DAVIDSON TRIPLET PROJECT:  How about this for a project!!!!
On New Years eve 1947, triplets (2 boys and one girl) were born at the Bancroft Red Cross Hospital.  Two were born before midnight and one after.  Home was a poor log cabin at the side of Highway 62 North at the top of Selby Hill.  We believe there already were seven children at home.  The father had no work and it soon became known that the Davidson family needed assistance.  A call was made to the Lions Club and they quickly sprang into action with a committee chaired by Lion Cec. McAlpine.  The immediate needs were food and clothing, which the community, through the Lions Club quickly filled.  The project got National attention, with Toronto newspapers giving publicity.  This created a good basis for raising funds and people gave generously, both locally and from communities as far away as Peterborough and Toronto. A better home had to be considered, with the Lions Club raising a total of       $ 3,500. which bought a farm property near Lake St. Peter, to which the family moved.  Through a Lions member, the father obtained a job. The family remained at this site for the next ten or twelve years, by which time the older children were assisting with the care of the younger ones.  At that time, the family moved to Hamilton and further assistance from the Lions Club was not required.  The Lions Club held the property title in a trust and administerd it for several years.  It was turned over to the Public Trustee who held it until the triplets were of legal age, at which time it was sold and the proceeds given to them. Little has been heard from them in the ensuing years.  During the entire time the project was under a committee chaired by Lion Cec.


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