OFFICERS 2023-2024


President : Diana Kern

1st Vice President : Richard Westbury

Secretary : Carol Downton

Treasurer : John Krienke

Director 2 yr : Joyce Blair

Director 2 yr : Amanda Frederick

Director 1 yr : Lora Durham

Director 1 yr : Harold Link

Lion Tamer: David Downton

Tail Twister: Linda Evans

Immediate Past Pres.: Luanne Bullington


JANUARY 2023 - Cathy Koning, District 11-B-1 Region 1 Zone 1 Chair. She updated us on what's going on in the Lions's world and in our district.

FEBRUARY 2023 - Dawn Gemler, Development Director for Shelter Association.

MARCH 2023 - Daniel Brown, Huron River Watershed Council.

APRIL 2023 - Past District Governor Lion Dave Hill.

MAY 2023 - Lion member Joyce Blair on changes at the Disability Network [previously called The Center for Independent Living].

JUNE 2023 - Colin Ross, Eversight and PDG  Terry Walters - installation of Club Officers for 2023-24.

SEPTEMBER 2023 – club semi-annual business meeting. Guest DG Annette Travis.


OCTOBER 2022 – guest speaker was Diana Kern from the Legacy Land Conservancy . It was a very informative talk highlighting the work of LLC and how it affects land in Washtenaw county.

NOVEMBER 2022 – Guest speaker was Jenny Jetosky, City of Ann Arbor Outreach and Compliance, Solid Waste Department.

DECEMBER 2022 – Eversight CEO Lion Diana Hollingsworth.


Advanced Planning Meeting (APM)

Chair : Rich Westbury

Representatives : Harold Link, Linda Evans, Carol Downton,

 Mark Hymes, Diana Kerns, Alison Kilduff, Joyce Blair

Lora Durham & Luanne Bullington

Ann Arbor Council of Lions 

Chair : John Krienke

Secretary : Carol Downton

Treasurer: Harold Link

Representatives : Rich Westbury, Debbie Link [Sight Conservation], Cathy Koning [AAEL], Dave Munson [AAEL], Tom Tyson [HVSL]

Communications (Newsletter, Facebook, Website)

Chair:  Harold Link

Representatives : Alison Kilduff, Mark Hymes, Carol Downton, Amy Shepherd


Chair : Rich Westbury


Chair : John Krienke

Representatives : Amy Shepherd, Dave Downton, Harold Link & Mark Hymes


Chair : LuAnne Bullington

WISD Leos  

Advisor : Lora Durham

WIHI Leos 

Advisor : Lora Durham


Co-Chair : Linda Evans & Rich Westbury


Chair : Rich Westbury

Charity Poker     

Co-Chair : Lora Durham & David Downton

Recycled Eyeglasses/Hearing Aids Dropoff Locations  

Co-Chair : Linda Evans & Carol Downton

Hearing Support

Co-Chair : Bob Field & Carol Downton

Fundraising (Fruit, Koeze Candy and Nuts, Terri Lynn Nuts)

Co-Chair : David Downton & John Krienke



July : AACIL ADA Annivesary Celebration 

Chair:  Mark Hymes 

AUGUST : School Supplies 

Co-Chair :  Carol Downton & Lora Durham

SEPTEMBER: JDRF One Walk for Diabetes    

Chair : Linda Evans

OCTOBER : Collect Feast for Famlies Food Baskets - AACIL Consumer Families  

Co-Chair : Carol Downton & Mark Hymes

NOVEMBER : Peace Poster w/ Peace Neighborhood Center

Chair : Carol Downton

NOVEMBER : Deliver Feast for Famlies Food Baskets - AACIL Consumer Families  

Co-Chair : Carol Downton & Mark Hymes

DECEMBER : Collect Socks n’ Scarves-Homeless Warming Shelters  

Co-Chair : Carol Downton & Lora Durham

DECEMBER : Snack Packs for Veterans, Fisher House 

Co-Chair : Carol Downton & Bob Fields

JANUARY : Deliver Socks n’ Scarves-Homeless Warming Shelters  

Co-Chair : Carol Downton & Lora Durham

FEBRUARY : Scholastic Books 

Co-Chair : Amy Shepherd  & Alison Kilduff

 FEBRUARY : Euchre Party   

Co-Chair : Rich Westbury  & Linda Evans

MARCH : Toiletries, Toilet Paper for Northside Food Pantry

Chair : Carol Downton

APRIL: Graduation Cards & Gift Cards for Ozone House

Co-Chair : Amy Shepherd & Carol Downton

MAY : White Cane Law Fundraiser & Advocacy

Co-Chair : Rich Westbury & Mark Hymes

June : Leader Dog Fundraiser 
Chair : Mark Hymes & Linda Evans
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