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We are grateful for the generous donations of our club members, families and friends! These donations enable us to serve and partner with so many non-profit organizations in our community. 

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Club Fundraiser-ongoing!

Terri Lynn Nuts Online Ordering:  With all of our other fundraisers on hold this one is even more important than ever. The nuts and snack mixes are great and it is delivered! This online account makes ordering easy for members, and your friends and family.  The Ann Arbor Host earns a $3 profit on every item you order.  Orders from Terri Lynn Nuts are mailed directly to you and you can place orders all year around! 

Use this link to place your order today:  

Ann Arbor Host Terry Lynn

Create an account at and order premium nuts and snacks.

A portion of every product sold on this fundraising website benefits Ann Arbor Host Lions Club!



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