Club Officers for 2022 - 2023 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023)

President - Lion Allan Tam

First Vice President - Lion Charles Djeu

Recording Secretary - Lion Alex Wong

Reporting Secretary - Lion Kelvin Yeung

Treasurer - Lion Tim Cheung

Membership Director - Lion Patty Ko

If you are interested in knowing more about our Club and what Lions are about, please contact us via email at "".


About us

Put 4 Lions in a coffee shop, throw in some whole-hearted conversation, season it with some genuine ideas, and whip it all into action, and what do we get?

A cornucopia of humanitarian ideas for selfless acts by ordinary people.

And so, the story began…

The ‘mere 4’ went on to look for like-minded individuals – those who are eager to serve their community - with pride and passion, professionalism and respect; those who come in with an open mind, meet new friends, learn new things, while having fun in the midst.

From the ‘mere 4’ to 12 to 16, accruing with their cumulative effort, they reached beyond the magic number of 20 initial members to form the Club – a team effort right from the start!

And in between those scoring months, they replicated the Lions club operation by meeting regularly – engaging all incoming members in the planning and decision making process, blooming with exciting project ideas while getting to know each other.

And for the record, several committees have been formed and working even before the Club became official – the belief of a success story in the making.

9 cyber meetings (and we nicknamed ourselves the iLions, no less), 3 dinners/meetings, hundreds of hours of preparatory work, and an insatiable amount of energy, passion, and zest, our Club’s application was approved in less than 2 weeks – thanks to the encouragement and assistance of our A-16 Global Membership Team co-ordinator, PDG Brian Moore.

So here we are, eagerly planning, preparing, and looking forward to our Charter Night on November 12, 2016...

And so, the Club has just begun...


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