2024 July 4th Fundraiser

Movie Night 4/7/24 




We hope that you enjoyed the Amherst Town 4th of July festivities today including our Bicycle Parade and Popcorn on the Green.  The weather held out!  Our Amherst Lions Club Float won Best Overall!  Pictures will be coming soon.    

The 48th presentation of the Amherst Citizen of the Year award was held on 7/4/23 on the Bandstand on the Green following the Amherst Parade.  The 2023 Citizen of the Year is Stacey Morison.  Congratulations Stacey!  

"It is a privilege to announce the 2023 Citizen of the Year. The Amherst Lions were challenged this year because each of the nominees are to be admired and appreciated for their initiative, creativity, energy, and leadership. We are grateful for all of those who have devoted -- and continue to devote -- countless hours of service as Amherst citizens.

Why is community service important? Community service is a responsibility of every member of society. It allows you to make a positive difference in the world. You’ll probably never know what impact you’ve made, especially if it is on just one individual. Rest assured, you’ll have made a difference.  

This person has been involved in community service for some time. Willingness to be involved is a hallmark of this volunteer. We calculate these efforts put more than thirty thousand dollars into local charities last year. Those efforts touch every Amherst citizen –– youngsters to oldsters – especially those in need. 

For example, this person’s role with Friends of the Library has contributed to bringing the library’s resources to the forefront of every Amherst citizen. Trivia night is usually sold out and it’s attended mainly by young adults with a smattering of seniors. When the children’s art program had its opening a few years ago, you had to wait in line outside because of all the families wanting to see the art. And inside, the library was noisy with youth excitement. It is now an annual event.

On a more serious note, When the Racial Unity Team of New Hampshire proposed an art and unity challenge earlier this spring at the library, this person stepped up to lend a hand to display and then carefully prepare the entries for shipping once the event closed. 

This person also partnered with the former Amherst Karate Studio to put on a free self-defense class for any person interested in attending the classes on the Green.

This person is an amazing volunteer and advocate for organizations that need a voice, thinking of new and innovative ways to help raise funds and draw attention to the strengths and needs of Amherst. 

This person is described by friends and colleges as someone who listens. Who asks how we can help others. Who wants to learn how can we improve what we do to make life in Amherst better. 

The 2023 Citizen of the Year is Stacey Morison. She’s been a New Englander most of the time, full-time mother to Sophie and Jack and best friend to her husband John. The Lions are grateful that Stacey is an Amherst citizen as we believe she’ll continue to be a moving force well into the future. If Stacey devotes even half of her past energy and enthusiasm to future needs, Amherst will be very lucky.  Congratulations Stacey! "

Bicycle Parade


Dima Wilkes of BSA Troop 22, as a portion of his eagle scout project, designed and built an eyeglass collection box to be placed at the Town of Amherst’s transfer station.  He also setup collection centers at our local schools and library and posted information to increase public awareness of the importance of recycling eyeglasses. He collected almost 400 pairs of glasses.

The glasses are taken to be cleaned and polished and sent to those who can’t afford them all over the world.  Demi carefully listened to our needs for a strong, long lasting, and convenient container to collect eyeglasses at the recycling section at the transfer Station.  We couldn’t be prouder of the job he did. 

L-R: IPP and club’s scout liaison Reed Flowers, PDG Charlie Vars,
Dima Wilkes and Scout Master Matt Harrison of Troop 22. 


Red Sox Raffle Tickets Fundraiser August 2021

And the winner of the Amherst Lions Club Red Sox Ticket Raffle is Nancy F., ticket Number 138! 

Congratulations!  You have won 4 tickets to the Red Sox vs Texas Ranger game on August 21st , plus $100 cash for food & parking! These are premiere seats behind home plate! You will be notified shortly of how to receive your tickets. 

Thanks to all who participated. All proceeds will go to support local charities. 

The Amherst Lions Club is giving away, four (4) Field Box tickets for the Saturday, August 21st game against the Texas Rangers.  Included with the 4 tickets will be $100 cash for parking and food.  These tickets have a value of $1,640 or more but this package is really priceless since seats like these just aren’t ever made available.  In short, this is the chance of a lifetime for one lucky winner and their family or friends to be on TV for every pitch!!!!!

These seats are directly behind home plate!  They are literally the best seats at Fenway!!!! Imagine eating Fenway franks and singing “Sweet Caroline” during the 7th ending stretch!  What about seeing Devers, Bogarts and Martinez batting. 

The Amherst LIONS are so excited to have secured these Red Sox tickets for this year’s ticket raffle through the generosity of an anonymous and well-connected donor.  


Live Stream Citizen of the Year
 2020 Citizen of the Year, John A. Harvey 
and 2021 Citizen of the Year, Anne Krantz.

   Wood Flower Fundraiser 2021

Our Sale has ended.  However, if you are interested in placing an order please send and email to

We have some NEW designs in the Wood Flowers Fundraiser. An American Flag and a cute Ladybug to accent your garden and show your patriotism! A one sided flag is $10 and a 2 sided flag is $15. The ladybug is $10 There will be no engraving on the flag or the ladybug.

We also have two new colors for the and purple! 
Create a colorful garden in any of the flower shapes. 

You have the choice of shape, color and limited engraving on it.  The cost will be $10 each and can be in someone’s memory, to honor someone, friends and/or family or just for yourself.  Once completed they’ll be placed on the Bridge of Flowers (Corner of Rt. 122 and Boston Post Road) by the end of May, then weekly thereafter.  A receipt and picture of it will be emailed to you.  At the end of the season, Oct. 1, we will arrange to get the plant stakes back to you or on request.  

Please share this with your friends and family and help us show the love of our community.  All proceeds go to local charities.       

View our video:   Enjoy the Flowers

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