Bridge of Flowers Project

The Amherst (NH) Lions Club began a project in 2019, the Bridge of Flowers, to beautify the abandoned bridge on the corner of Route 122 and Boston Post Rd in Amherst, and we added a Town of Amherst Welcome Sign.  We’ve setup and maintain planters of flowers including irrigation and are planning decoration for the holidays.  

To assist with start up cost we recruited several organizations and businesses including:

  • Novia of Salem, NH, who constructed the brackets for the shelving;
  • SpeedPro Solutions for the sign design and construction;
  • The Bertha Rogers Trust that helped with funding;
  • and Lowe’s, The Home Depot and Trombly Gardens who contributed materials and plants.
  • Both the Amherst Garden Club and several town residents donated perennials.

Winter 2019 Presentation

Fall 2019 Presentation

Spring 2019

Lions Dedicate Bridge of Flowers

July 13. 2019

Amherst Lions Club officially launched the “Bridge of Flowers”, July 13, 2019, with a ribbon cutting at the 119-year-old closed bridge on the corner of Boston Post Road and Route 122. The club took a neglected landmark and turned it into something that better reflects the welcoming character of Amherst residents that includes a welcome sign with pots and planters of blooming annuals. Other Lion-inspired design elements include a solar powered irrigation system and an in-ground perennial garden. Lions contributed more than 300 hours toward the initial set-up and have rotating duties to weed and tend to the flowers during the growing season. The closed municipal bridge was originally built in 1900 using some of the 42-inch thick granite blocks from a local jail house that was torn down in 1893. Renovations were made on the bridge until it was closed when an adjacent bridge opened in 1983. According to the NH Department of Transportation, the corner is one of the busiest in Amherst with more than 4,800 vehicles traveling by the intersection each day.                                                

Club designer, Ken Jones, Past President Bob Gibson, Current President Danielle Pray, District Governor Susan Lindberg

 Clearing the brush  

Building the shelving for the planters         

  Potting the plants 

  Planting the perenniels

Installing the planters  

    Installing the sign

Beautiful Plants

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