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How many hours do our Lions Club members serve in order to run our events and fundraisers each year? The answer is 5,273 hours! That's with over fifty members participating. If we were to be paid minimum wage it would have cost us $38,000! Instead it was all volunteer time to bring in over $25,000 for our charities and community. That's what Lions do...#WeServe!  Of course we couldn't do this without your support. Thank you all for helping us help others.

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September Calendar Raffle Fundraiser 

Our Fundraiser was a success!

Here is the list of winners!

Bridge of Flowers Fall Update

The Bridge of Flowers welcomes Fall! Special thanks to Amherst Garden Center for the mums and cornstalks and Lowes for the pumpkins! Members of the Lions club worked on adding them to the bridge.

 Wood Flower Fundraiser 

Our Wood Flowers Fundraiser was a blooming success.  The Wood Flowers accented the rainbow of annuals on the bridge in a fantastic way. Thank you to all for the messages of pride and love for family and community!    


Enjoy more of information about the Wood Flowers

by clicking here.

Wood Flower Fundraiser 2020 Details

Go Fund Me

Want to make a difference in Amherst as we recover from COVID-19?  In normal years,  Amherst Lions Club raises substantial funds for local charities and provides hundreds of volunteer hours for our town through various community events.   

Unfortunately, for the safety of our members and the public we have canceled most volunteering and fundraising. The many needs we serve have not gone away, however, especially during this economic disruption.  So we are asking all LIONS supporters to keep our charity funding strong so we can help those who've been hit hardest.  

The LIONS motto is "We Serve" and the Amherst LIONS have taken that motto to heart for almost fifty years.   Though we can't organize our normal fundraising events this year, we are determined to serve our community through this online fundraising effort.  Please contribute what you can by clicking
Go Fund Me.

Please note tax deductions for donations given to charities:  An important feature this year, courtesy of the CARES Act, is that you can deduct up to $300 above the line from your taxes for amounts given to charity. ($600 for married couples)

This is for those taking the standard deduction.

More info here:

So you can donate to the Amherst Lions and deduct it from your taxes for 2020! It's a good deal!     


Coronavirus Concerns

We would like to share our concerns about the Coronavirus by offering some links to information on COVID-19 prevention and free things to do to help you in this difficult time. 

Remember those who are serving us either in hospitals, military, law enforcement, anyone who continues their job so that we will have what we need. Please take care of each other. 


Healthcare Workers, Policemen, Firefighters, Paramedics,

Truckers, Grocery Workers, Postal Workers,

Shipping Companies, Manufacturers, Military,

Farmers and all the other Warriors who are on the front line.

Remember, you should not have to sign up for anything to get the free stuff.  

COVID-19 PREVENTION and Useful Tools

















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We are grateful for our 2020 Club Sponsors. Consider their business and services and support local business. Click on the logo to go to the website. 

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