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Calendar Raffle Tickets!

Time to buy your Calendar Raffle tickets! For $10 a ticket you have a chance to win $25-$200 every day, September 1 - 30th. Order online or mail your payment in.  Would you like to guess how many hours our Lions Club members serve in order to run our events and fundraisers each year? Make a guess and the closest to the total will win a wood flower with your choice of shape, color and engraving! Stay tuned for the answer.


Get your Calendar Raffle Tickets!

Don’t miss out on our September Calendar Raffle!  We’ve got great cash prizes and it’s easy to order your tickets online or by mail.  Your purchase will benefit local charities.  See below for more information and to order.


September Calendar Raffle Fundraiser 

Introducing a new and exciting fundraiser, our first September Calendar Raffle.  How’s that work?   From now until August 29th we will be selling tickets for the raffle for $10.00 each.  You will have a chance to win money every day in September, from $25-$200 a day.  We are limiting the number of tickets sold to 600.  

For nearly 50 years, we have consistently funded many local charities to help those in need.  Things like Share, scholarships, holiday food baskets, sight and hearing screenings and many more. This year we will not be able to do so due to Covid19.  You can help by purchasing a Calendar Raffle ticket to help us help others.

Place an online order below:

  September Calendar Raffle

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Wood Flower Fundraiser Goal Update

Our goal is to make a minimum of 200 "Wood Flowers".  To date we’ve received orders for 86 which totals $860.  Not bad, but this fundraiser was introduced to replace the Pancake Breakfast that we were unable to hold due to the Covid19.  If you had gone to our Pancake Breakfast, you would have spent at least $10.  For $10 you can help us reach our goal and fill the pots on the Bridge of Flowers with messages of pride and love for family and community.  All proceeds go to charity.  Order your Wood Flowers

Enjoy more of pics of the Wood and real flowers on the Bridge.














Go Fund Me

Want to make a difference in Amherst as we recover from COVID-19?  In normal years,  Amherst Lions Club raises substantial funds for local charities and provides hundreds of volunteer hours for our town through various community events.   

Unfortunately, for the safety of our members and the public we have canceled most volunteering and fundraising. The many needs we serve have not gone away, however, especially during this economic disruption.  So we are asking all LIONS supporters to keep our charity funding strong so we can help those who've been hit hardest.  

The LIONS motto is "We Serve" and the Amherst LIONS have taken that motto to heart for almost fifty years.   Though we can't organize our normal fundraising events this year, we are determined to serve our community through this online fundraising effort.  Please contribute what you can by clicking
Go Fund Me.

Please note tax deductions for donations given to charities:  An important feature this year, courtesy of the CARES Act, is that you can deduct up to $300 above the line from your taxes for amounts given to charity. ($600 for married couples)

This is for those taking the standard deduction.

More info here:

So you can donate to the Amherst Lions and deduct it from your taxes for 2020! It's a good deal! 

Don’t forget to order your Wood Flower Plant Stakes! 

Congratulate your graduate, salute your frontline worker, remember your loved one, anniversary, birthday or just share words of inspiration. The flowers can be used in your garden, in a vase or as general decoration. Click here to place your order Order Online.  If you would rather order by mail click here Order by Mail  .


New! Online Ordering!

Wood Flower Fundraiser Update

We've added more "Wood Flowers" on the Bridge.  So many special thoughts of loved ones, children, grandkids, mothers, fathers, families and peace.




It makes the bridge not only more beautiful but radiates the goodness in our community.   




Our goal is to make a minimum of 200 "Wood Flowers".  With your support we can continue to sustain our charities, like Sight and Hearing screenings, Share, Anne Marie House, Bridges, Meals on Wheels, Lions Sight and Hearing, Northeast Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Future In Sight and Dog Sight.  They need us more than ever due to Covid19.  We now have online ordering and  payments.  Click here to place your order Order Online.  If you would rather order by mail click here Order by Mail  .


Previous Postings:

Wood Flowers on the Bridge of Flowers

Wood Flowers are popping up on the bridge!  Your flower, remembering a loved one, honoring someone or just for you could be the next ones placed in the flowerpots on the bridge. These wooden flowers are handmade and painted by Amherst Lions.  Even though we can’t serve you pancakes, we’re continuing to serve the community by supporting our local charities. We miss gathering with you at our events.  Please take time to support us by purchasing a Wood Flower Plantstake for only $10 each.  Simply download the order form, Wood Flower Order Form, and mail.  Stay safe out there!



 Lions group planting the Wood Flowers

Lions Shirley Flowers, Joan Ferguson, Linda Ribolini and Bruce Ribolini





 Each planted with care.

Lion Linda Ribolini






Making the shapes and engraving by Amherst Lion Reed Flowers


Wood Flower Fundraiser 2020 Details

What could be better than our pancakes?  A wood flower plant stake beautifying the Bridge of Flowers! Our normal fund-raising events (Pancake Breakfast, Red Sox Tickets, Concerts on the Green) has been cancelled this year due to Covid19. However, the charities, to whom we usually donate, still need our funding.  So, we are redirecting our efforts to continue that support through online fundraisers.  We need your help. Our first new fundraiser we will be offering painted wood flower plant stakes.  You’ll have the choice of shape, color and limited engraving on it.  The cost will be $10 each and can be in someone’s memory, in honor of someone who is a Covid19 frontline worker or just for yourself.  Once completed they’ll be placed on the Bridge of Flowers (Corner of Rt. 122 and Boston Post Road) or in flower beds around the bridge.   At the end of the season, Oct. 1, we will arrange to get the plant stakes back to you.  Click here to download the order form:  Wood Flower Order Form.  Simply fill it out and mail with payment to the Amherst Lions Club’s address on the form. Once we receive it, we will make your flower plant stake.  Weekly we will add them to the bridge flower pots and email a receipt and picture of it to you.  Please share this with your friends and family and help us show the love of our community.         


The Bridge of Flowers Theme 2020

Soon the flower boxes on The Bridge of Flowers (corner of Rt. 122 and Boston Post Rd, Amherst, NH) overflow with the colors of the rainbow!  Each box contains a single color to reflect the elements of a rainbow -- a long-time symbol of life, hope and promise. The Lions chose that theme because of today's uncertainties created by the pandemic. Two new ground gardens were planted with the early Spring flowers to naturalize the area.  The club started the project last year and, with some guidance from the Amherst Garden Club, we're planning to make improvements each year.  Grateful thanks to House by the Side of the RoadSunny Valley Farms and Home Depot for their plant donations. Visit them for your own garden ideas while watching The Bridge of Flowers gardens grow!  And be on the lookout for our upcoming Wood Flower Fundraiser--all proceeds go to charities.  



Coronavirus Concerns

We would like to share our concerns about the Coronavirus by offering some links to information on COVID-19 prevention and free things to do to help you in this difficult time. 

Remember those who are serving us either in hospitals, military, law enforcement, anyone who continues their job so that we will have what we need. Please take care of each other. 


Healthcare Workers, Policemen, Firefighters, Paramedics,

Truckers, Grocery Workers, Postal Workers,

Shipping Companies, Manufacturers, Military,

Farmers and all the other Warriors who are on the front line.

Remember, you should not have to sign up for anything to get the free stuff.  

COVID-19 PREVENTION and Useful Tools


Here’s a couple of interesting reads as well. 



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