Alto is a rural club. We meet year round, less frequently during the winter months.  During the winter many of our members leave for warmer climates.

Our fund-raising activity begins in September with two local festivals, the Alto Harvest Festival and Car Show, and the Fallasburg Festival of the Arts.   

We host a community Christmas party for Alto's children. Over the winter we concentrate on supporting our charities in the community. We resume fund-raising activity again in May with White Cane.  Charter Night, celebrating the club's initial Lions charter,  is usually held in July.

Alto Harvest Festival and Car Show

The Alto Harvest Festival is a one-day event in downtown Alto showcasing local clubs, organizations and musicians. A car show is held at the same time.  The Liions sell candy bars. .       

Fallasburg Festival of the Arts

Fallasburg is a two-day juried arts and crafts festival sponsored by LowellArts.   The Lions booth has been a fixture at this festival for over 20 years.  The Lions  sell a hamburger or veggie burger meal consisting of a hamburger or cheeseburger, a bag of chips, and a pickle spear.  We also sell iced tea, lemonade, and hot coffee.   

Alto Children's Christmas Party

The Alto Lions Club, with help from generous donors, hosts a free Christmas party with Santa.for Alto's children.  This year we are doing a new thing.  There will be live reindeer in the park, activity and refreshment booths along the street, and craft activities in the Library.  Kids can take home a goodie bag. 

The Christmas event has been held in Alto in some form for over 60 years.   Some of the Alto Lions attended when they were children. The Lions began hosting the party over 20 years ago.  

White Cane Fundraiser

The Alto Lions hold White Cane in May of each year.  Businesses in Alto and the nearby towns of Caledonia and Lowell allow our members space in their parking lots and on their sidewalks to raise awareness and funds for the blind. This year the event was held on two weekends, one in Caledonia Township and the other in Allto.  Thanks to the generous public who made this event a great success. 

Project Kidsight

The Alto Lions take part in this statewide project.  Children's vision is tested at fairs, preschools, stores, and other places where people gather.  The handheld camera returns an accurate result in seconds.  Parents are provided with a printout to take to their doctor if the result shows a vision issue.  


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