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The 100 club is administrated by a subcommittee of Abertillery BGV Lions. Membership of the 100 club does not make you a member of Abertillery BGV Lions club.


For a subscription of £1.00/month(via Standing order) or £12/year payment ,you will be entered into the following draws


 Annual Prize Draw      1st prize £ 500  

                                           2nd prize £100

                                           3rd 2off £50

                                             8 off at £25

                                            Plus bottles of Wine & Spirits


½ year Prize Draw        1st prize £ 200

(Takes place at 1st  June meeting)


Monthly Prize Draw       1st prize £ 20

(Takes place at 2nd monthly meeting)


You can  not win unless you are in, annual prize draw takes place at an evening including entertainment and a light meal.


Past Winners


Annual Prize Draw  2012      Eric Woods


½ year Prize Draw   2012      A N Other


Monthly Prize Draw          Jan 2012    A N Other

                                                Feb 2012    A N Other

                                                Mar 2012    A N Other

                                                Apr 2012    A N Other

                                                May2012    A N Other

                                                Jun 2012    A N Other

                                                Jul 2012     A N Other

                                                Aug2012    A N Other

                                                Sep 2012   A N Other

                                                Oct 2012    A N Other

                                                Nov2012     Ian Pickford

                                                Dec2012    A  N Other


Contact the 100 Club subcommittee for further details link below.

100 Club Sub Committee



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