June 2018
Garage Sale
June 28, 2018
Lions Park Shelter
On Thursday, June 28th and Friday, June 29th our club will be having a "Garage Sale" at our Park Shelter. Set up will take place on Wednesday, June 27th. To make our sale successful, we need your (and/or your neighbor's) unwanted stuff. Clothes, tools and book are especially good sellers. We do not need TVs, computers, printers, car seats, cribs, and any other stuff that may be difficult to get rid of if it doesn't sell.
July 2018
Baseball Night
July 12, 2018
Target Field
Twins vs. Tampa Bay | Sign up with Ted Takala.
August 2018
St Paul Saints Game
August 15, 2018
More details to follow. Call Ted Takala to sign up.
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