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2017 - Newsletters

March Bulletin


2016 - Newsletters:


January 2016 Rambler:

Febuary 2016 Rambler

May 2016 Rambler Peterborough Lions 80th anniversary party sept 16





2015 - Newsletters:


February 2015 - Peterborough Rambler - Kind of a longer one, but I am sure you will enjoy it. Thannks again for all your help Lions.

March 2015 - Peterborough Rambler - May the luck of the leprechaun always be with ya and may you enjoy reading this issue. 

April 2015 - Peterborough Rambler - April Showers may bring May flowers but all I got is the April edition of our bulletin. Enjoy! 

May 2015 - Peterborough Rambler - Another great year is coming to a close my friends. Thank you to all for your confidence and for helping me to win the Bulletin Award once again. I owe it all to you Lions. 

June 2015 - Peterborough Rambler - Lions it has beeen a heck of a ride doing this bulletin. I hope you all have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together. I am sure you will all enjoy the next chair's job just as much if not even more. Thanks for reading! 

September 2015 Peterborough Rambler

October 2015 Peterborough Rambler

November  2015 Rambler

December newsletter and rambler

2014 - Newsletters:

January 2014: Rambler - Happy New Years to all my Lions Familiy and friends. 

February 2014: Rambler - Just remember only the ground hog needs to hide when he sees his shadow! 

March 2014: Rambler - Well I am getting slower with age, but FINALLY here it is. Enjoy! 

April 2014: Rambler - Let's Hope the April Showers will soon bring some darn flowers. If not sit back, relax and read. Summer is coming! 

May 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Summer's coming and it's time ot buckle down and get to work my friends. 

June 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Almost done for another great year in Lionism. The time flies by fast when it is something you really love doing. And I truly love being a Lion. 

July 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Welcome to a new year my friends.

August 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Hang on cause here we go!

September 2014 - Peterborough Rambler  - Welcome to another fantastic Lions Year!

October 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Boo!!! Halloween is here and so are the scary nights..but relax, sit back and read. Nothing scary here...enjoy!

November 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Grab a warm cup of coffee, your favorite sweater or blanket and relax. This issue has something for everyone....enjoy!

December 2014 - Peterborough Rambler - Well another year has past and this is the last issue for this one. I hope that you have all enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together. Merry Christmas everyone.


2013 - Newsletters:

December 2013:Rambler - Merry Christmas Everyone. 

November 2013:Rambler - WOW, lots going on Lions. Have a look and get ready to march on. 

October 2013: Rambler - For all your enjoyment my friends. 

September 2013: Rambler - What a fantastic summer it was and what a great Lions year we have coming. 

August 2013: Rambler - Half way through the summer and the weather is great. 

JULY 2013:Rambler - Start of a new and revitalized year for all.  

June 2013:Rambler - Let me know what you think when you have a look at the new cover!  

May2013:Rambler - Enjoy

April 2013: Rambler - April Showers hopefully Bring May Flowers! 

March 2013 Rambler - Happy St. Patricks Day and Happy Easter.

February 2013 Rambler - Look for the contest inside your bulletin. 

January 2013 - Rambler - Happy New Years to ALL!







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