"These are the shortened versions of the duties of the committees.

For more detailed job descriptions please see the committee manuals." 

Community Centre Building CommitteeIs made up of Members who have a desire to put forward ideas and suggestions to enhance the PLCC. This committee should have 7 Lions members.

Lion Information, Constitution and By-LawsAs a Committee they keep our By-Laws and Constitution up to date reflecting on District and International and requests for changes from club. Inform the club of number of delegates it is entitled to at District and Association Conventions, where and when these conventions are to be held and plans for participation thereat. In consultation with the Program Chairperson, puts on post-convention programs, showing by moving pictures or other means, the historical, scenic and recreational spots in route to and in the convention city, including highlights of the convention, entertainment and contests and informs club of convention proceedings, officers elected, reports of committees and officers, resolutions passed. Inter-Club Visits: Shall encourage visits between the Lions Club of Peterborough and other clubs in District A-3 and adjoining Districts. Visits should be arranged to conform to the rules of the District Governor's Visitation Committee. Arrange transportation for Peterborough Lions members on official Inter-Club Visitations. Compile statistics and visitation points within the rules of the District Governor's Visitation Committee, and ensure these reports are forwarded to the Visitation Contest Chairman through the office of the Club Secretary within the specified time limit on the forms supplied for this purpose. Arrange, wherever practical, further visits to other Lions Districts outside the boundaries of Multiple District "A".  

FinanceReviews the Club’s books on an annual basis. Report to the club findings from the Club audit and present recommendations to any concerns raised from such. 

Convention and VisitationPresent and promote Lions Conventions. Prepare a list of Clubs to visit and get participants to go on visitations. Arrange for members to travel with any Lions dignitaries that we may have in the club during the Lions year as a show of our clubs support. 

Program and Entertainment Arranges speakers & entertainment for meetings. Promotes club singing by use of song leader and musical accompaniment as available. Arranges gift for Official visits by District Officers. In consultation with the President arranges the installation of officers. Recommend to Board of Directors regarding expenses and have all costs approved by Board before any contract is entered into. 

Public Relations and AdvertisingKeeps public informed regarding all phases of the club, its Association and its activities. Gathers news items for publication from officers, directors, and committee. Obtains and publishes information and news from Lions International Committee regarding affairs of the Association. Furnishes local newspaper, TV, radio stations and news agencies with prepared stories and pictures of activities and meetings of local club and other clubs of Association, official visits and activities of International and District officers: election of officers, new members. Furnishes newspaper, TV and radio stations with news of inter-club, Zone, District and International meetings and conventions. Promotes use of lapel buttons, emblem, and plaques by members. Sees that bulletins, petitions, printed matter, parade floats, and all projects of the Lions Club carry Lions emblem and name of club to identify them as Lions Club projects. Reports to Board of Directors. 

Web Page/ Bulletin EditorPrepare and distribute a monthly bulletin to members, other lions etc.Look after webpage, keep info and pictures up to date. Adding pictures, minutes, etc.  

Sports CommitteePlans sports outings for Lions. Works with Minor Hockey to facilitate 3 tournaments a year. Brings any sports requests to club. Updates the club on all sports events that we contribute to or are associated with. 

Community Betterment:Investigates requests at the direction of the President for funds coming in from Community, Lions, and corporations.   Check on qualifications and bring to Club for approval. 

BingoWe have a bingo Saturday nights.  Three, week on and off sessions.  A good fundraiser for our club.    Need as many members as possible to help.

Diabetes and Cancer Awareness: Educate and inform the Lions Club of LCIF activities in the District. Advise the Club of Diabetes and Cancer Associations’ requests and programs. Shall promote Diabetes and Cancer awareness programs to the Peterborough Lions Club. 

80th Anniversary CommitteeThis committee will plan and prepare a celebration event for to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Peterborough Lions Club. They will bring all suggestions back to the club for final vote. 

Telephone and Email CommitteeCall members to participate in events, dinners etc. They may also be asked by other committees or the President to contact the members at other times as well. 

Hearing Conservation CommitteeIncludes the HEARING SCREENING Program: Volunteers go into schools to screen the hearing of Sr. Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils.  Done during the day at designated times. Also include any hearing requests that come into the club as well as and the contact for the CHS. 

Hospital Kits CommitteePurchases supplies for emergency kits for the hospital.  Puts together the kits and deliver to the hospital.

Accessibility CommitteeTo promote accessibility and inclusion for all individuals in the club and in the Peterborough Lions Center. To promote accessibility at all Lions functions. 

Youth Outreach and Effective Speaking Committee: Includes the EFFECTIVE SPEAKING Contest and the Trent Campus Liaison. The committee contacts the school boards in order to contact teachers for pupils to prepare a speech and present it.  The committee handles this at Local level only, but passes the winner information along to the District & MDA. For prizes. Effective Speaking Nov. to March. Trent Campus Liaison is to report to the club the progress and actions of the Trent Campus Club as often as requested. 

Ways and Means Committee: The committee shall investigate various methods whereby funds may be raised for community projects. Investigate various methods whereby funds may be raised for club administration or convention accounts and then recommend to the Board of Directors the adoption of various methods of raising funds. The commmitte should prepare and report to the Board of Directors ALL interim receipts and expenditures on approved fund raising activities; Prepare and submit a final Profit and Loss Statement to the Board of Directors within 30 days of approved fund raising project completion; Prepare and pass on to succeeding chairpersons of Ways and Means Committee a diary of all approved fund raising activities recommending courses of action to be followed in future activities of a similar nature. They shall keep full records of each event and give up to date reports as each community project is being planned and shall work with any other committees as required to ensure that each community project is well promoted with the Lions Club involvement. It Shall also ensure that each sub-committee maintains complete records for each project such as contacts, expenses, income, recommendations, etc. 

Past Presidents and Advisory Committee: Shall act, in an ex-officio capacity, as an advisor to the President and Board of Directors. Shall act as Nominating Committee and scrutinizers for elections. Shall also act as Greeter.

Awards CommitteeMade up of President, Membership Chair, and Members who have all awards, Immediate Past President to Chair.

Walk for Guide Dogs CommiteePlan and promote and help carry out walk for Dog Guides locally.

Vision and Hearing Screening Committee: Assemble a team of seven volunteers plus a couple of spares. These people MUST have an up to date police check, including sexual offender, done to work in the schools. Copies of these records MUST be on site at each school we attend. Visit schools assigned to your team by the District or Zone Chairperson early in the school7 year to set up dates and leave parental consent forms. Check with the schools one month before the visit date to make sure the forms have been sent home. Double-check one week before the scheduled screening. Do vision/hearing screening. Give the reports to the Lion’s Centre and the Zone Chairman. 

Sight Conservation and Eye Bank CommitteeIncludes the VISION SCREENING program:  Volunteers go into schools to screen the sight of Sr. Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils. Also includes handling any requests that come into the club and any requests from the CNIB. 

Archives CommitteeTo keep track of the clubs achievements, photos and changes during the Lions term by using a scrap book, and presenting records at dinner meetings or other events.  

Sunshine CommitteeThis committee looks after the wellness of our members with cards and flowers and fruit baskets. As well this committee will keep track of those members that miss a number of meetings and may be asked to contact them to find out their status and inform the executive if there is an issue that needs to be dealt with. 

Lioness Liaison CommitteeWorks with the Lioness Club and brings reports periodically to the club.

Greeter Committee: Welcomes club members, guests and visiting Lions to meetings.Is normally a Past President. Shall see to it that all guests are properly introduced to the club members. 

Peace Poster CommitteeLions petition schools for pupils (Grade 6-7) Scouts, Guides, Boys and Girls clubs to draw a picture depicting peace for prizes. Peace Poster July to Nov.  

Membership Committee: A committee of members who meet to discuss how to get new members, how to retain the members we have and orientation of the members. The Chair position for this committee is an elected member of the Board of Directors 

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