Past Fundraising Ventures

Fundraising Dinner Dance 

The Club held a Fundraising dinner dance on 28th November, 2015 and raised money for the setting up of a Computer Lab at Kamanga Community School. The Guest of Honour was ZICTA Director General, Mrs Margaret Mudenda.

Entertainment was provided by DJ Richard, the Unmistakable Syndrome with appearances by Pontiano and Damiano.

The event was a big success!

Chief Guest, Mrs Margaret Mudenda flanked by 1st Vice District Governor, Lion Dan Zyambo (on right) and PDG Lion Mike Inambao with Club President Lion Mwaba


Partnerships with other organizations

The Club has the strategy of partnering with other organizations and the corporate world in raising funds and carrying out projects. Some of our partners and sponsors, to whom the club is thankful, include but not limited to:

IHS Africa

The Embassy of the Republic of Ireland


Bank of Zambia

Ministry of Works and Supply

Sky View Lodge, Siavonga

Vanilla Beauty Parlour

Southern Sun Hotel

Hostels Board

Other Fundraising ventures

Lions Club of Munali has engaged in other various fundraining ventures including:

Golf and Tennis tournaments

Corporate Walks 

Fundraising dinners and braiis


Sandauni (Sun down)

Evening events featuring various artists and music ranging from Oldies, Kalindula, Folk, Zed music, Rhumba etc. Comedy is also an added bonus appreciated by patrons.

Braiis, goat meat, chikanda, vimbombo and soup ya mbuzi are some of the delicacies available during these events.











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