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Durbin Lions Make a Difference!

Lion Rick recently tabulated monetary donations the Durbin Lions club makes to the local and state communities, and to the Lions Club International.  Over the past five years, 2008-2012, we have donated $1325 to the state conference and LCIF sight programs, $1189 to local residents needing assistance with eye care, and $3447 to miscellaneous local causes (food pantry, GBEMS, various school groups, etc.).  So, let's remember that all the hard work we put into fund raising events really can make a difference in people's lives.

  • Pancake Dinners - Usually in March
  • Durbin Days - Host a concession stand, pork rind fry, Horsey Bingo, and other activities at the Durbin Days festival.
  • Halloween Party - Co-sponsor a children's Halloween party at the Durbin BFD firehall.
  • Christmas Dinner - Host a Christmas Dinner for community members, and deliver to shut-ins on request.
  • Volunteer - At PCHS football games and GBEMS basketball games.
  • Eyesight - Perform eyesight tests at GBEMS each year, and help citizens obtain eye care.
  • Recycling - Maintain an eyeglass recycling box at Henry's store in Green Bank.



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