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For the Windsor Lions Club

Lions Clubs International is today one of the world’s largest networks of volunteer service groups, with over 1.3 million members in 46,000 clubs in 193 countries. Organized in 1918 by Melvin Jones and a group of community-minded Chicago businessmen, with a focus on the blind community, Lions Clubs the world over now provides a vast portfolio of community relief services and sight conservation projects, through the volunteer efforts of its members at the community level. “We Serve” is our motto, and those “we serve” are in some way less fortunate than ourselves. Connecticut alone boasts about 180 clubs with common goals, but whose programs are tailored to the cultural needs of their respective towns.

The Lions Club of Windsor was organized December 15, 1949 under sponsorship of bordering Bloomfield Lions Club and received its official charter from Lions International on March 1, 1950 and has amassed over 62 years of proud service to the Windsor Community and principles of Lionism. The Club has repeatedly answered calls to “help those less fortunate”, helping numerous youth, seniors, blind, deaf and handicapped and a variety of town-wide projects.

Though projects and activities have changed over its history, the Windsor Lions continue to be a leader and innovator in the community. The very first project was to hand dig a wading pool at Washington Park, followed by making park benches for bus stops. The 1960’s brought the town-wide Shad Derby and the club became a charter member of the Bureau especially created to work with other civic groups in managing this massive annual event. The Club’s Spring Arts and Crafts Festival was meager when in 1977, but has grown to be one of the biggest and best in all New England; a fall festival was added shortly thereafter and is also an annual success. The Club was also recently instrumental in refurbishing the Braille Trail at Northwest Park. And the Club’s Program to provide eye exams and glasses for needy school children and seniors has been a model for other clubs and communities.

The Club is also quick and responsive to answer the special needs of individuals or emergencies. A kidney transplant for one citizen, cataract surgery for a young adult, wheel chair ramp for another, tornado disaster relief for Poquonock area of Windsor, restoration of the Stony Hill School, specialized wheel chair for a special education student, referrals to the Ct. Lions Eye Research Clinic for specialized treatments of eye diseases, diabetes summer camp, over 30 Windsor students per year get free eye exams and glasses - just to name but a few.

Annually, through it fund raising activities, money is raised and redistributed to a host of town-wide civic programs and sight conservation programs state-wide. Each of these in some way benefits the residents of Windsor, both directly or indirectly. Three $1500 Windsor High scholarships are awarded each year, and donations to the Lions Eye Research Foundation have helped (with other clubs helping too) develop glaucoma drugs used today by many seniors here and elsewhere. A principle of Lionism is that by gathering together our resources and efforts, we can accomplish much better and much bigger things than we can as mere individuals. Service and hard work are synonymous with a Windsor Lion.

Still, there is room for enjoyment and relaxation. Our club sponsors a number of social events for its members, ladies and family, and District-wide there are many social activities.

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Past Presidents:
1949-51    Mather, Oliver T.
51-52        Sheehan, Robert K.
52-53        Burley, Thomas A.
53-54        Sluzinski, Edward B.
54-55        Reese, John A.
55-56        Furman, Max H.
56-57        Trivigno, Nicholas
57-58        Burgess, Dr. Wendell R.
58-59        Smith, William F.
59-60        Keating, Elmer
60-61        Gabers, Randolph L.
61-62        Howe, John T.
62-63        Smith, William F.
63-64        Bibisi, Louis
64-65        Coccomo, John A.
65-67        Hoover, Reynold L.
67-68        Smedick, Charles
68-69        Musco, Dr. Salvatore
69-70        Salvatore, Angelo J.
70-71        Prendergast, David
71-72        Hancock, Robert L.
72-73        Newton, Richard K.
73-74        Coleman, Timothy E.
74-75        Bak, Joseph P.
75-76        Fullana, John J.
76-77        Chernik, William H.
77-78        Lombardo, Benjamin
78-79        Martin, Thomas G. Jr.
79-80        Lupacchino, Joseph R.
80-81        Miller, William L.
81-82        Haberman, William D.
82-84        Bernardini, John J.
84-85        Carmon, Frank W. III
85-86        Leland, John
86-87        Yakaitis, Raymond A.
87-88        Waters, John E.
89-90        Morando, Louis E.
89-90        Norris, William
90-91        Miller, William L.
92-93        Halay, John
93-94        Leland, John
94-95        Babb, James
95-96        Groenstein, Todd
96-97        Kirk, Edward
97-98        Lombardi, John
98-99        Ferranti, Thomas
99-00        Babb, James
00-01        Orth, Michael
01-'02        Bultmann, Steven
02-'03        Kuziak, Richard
03-'05        Graff, Randall
05-'07        Marci, Matthew
07-'09        Orth, Michael
09-'10        Ferranti, Thomas
10-'11        Ferranti, Thomas
11-'12        DelGrosso, Doug
12-'13        DelGrosso, Doug
13-'14        Graff, Randall
14-'15        Orth, Deborah
15-'16        Orth, Deborah
16-'17        Daniels, James
17-'18        Daniels, James
18-'19        Todd Groenstein
19-'20        Graff, Randall
20-21         Pfeifer, Jim

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