The Washington County Ladies Lion Club started a new kind of fundraiser in 2014 - one like our area had never seen before. We created a unique calendar filled with ads from Local Businesses along with pictures of Club Members at different functions and events. This calendar comes with a complimentary entry ticket into a weekly drawing for a $50 Visa Gift Card and for a Monthly Grand Prize value at $500 or more. Each calendar cost $20 and the proceeds benefit the Leader Dogs for the Blind and the Brenham’s Bosum Buddies.

January 2015

$50 Visa Winners: Todd Murpht – Tampa, FL; Stephen Flavin – Brenham, Tx; Tanna Mabry – Brenham, Tx and James Haverland – College Station, Tx

Grand Prize from LaRoche Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC:  Kay Przyborski – Brenham, Tx

February 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Donna Spencer – Brenham, Tx; Hollis Yackell – Wharton, Tx; Donnie Sanders – Cypress, Tx and John Brieden – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Tegeler Toyota:  Eddie Hugo – Brenham, Tx

March 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  John Luedemann – Houston, Tx; Vivian Kolkhorst – Brenham, Tx; Miranda Rodriguez – Brenham, Tx; Julie Inmann – Sugarland, Tx and Vivian Kolkhorst – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Select Furnishings:  Shirley Moehlmann – Brenham, Tx

April 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Pam Zwahr – Brenham, Tx; Donnie Sanders – Cypress, Tx; Cindy Sharper – Brenham, Tx and Otto Bilski – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Premier Metal Buyers:  Sarah Shellnut – Westminster, CO

May 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Ed Fischer – Brenham, Tx; Ester Garcia – Houston, Tx; Geneva Martin – Brenham, Tx and Kris McClain – Gonzalez, Tx

Grand Prize from Pleasant Hill Winery:  Mary Serge – Maryville, WI

June 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Ron Scott – Brenham, Tx; Leonard Barrera – Brenham, Tx; Sarah Shellnut – Westminster, CO; Pedro Gonzalez – Brenham, Tx and Charmegne Rogers – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Horseshoe Junction:  Debra Wagner – Brenham, Tx


July 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Ed Fisher – Brenham, Tx; Dana Venable – Fort Worth, Tx; Jason Janes – Brenham, Tx and Sandra Wiesepape – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Blue Bell Ice Cream & Citizens State Bank:  Suzie Wilde – San Angelo, Tx


August 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Cory Flencher – Brenham, Tx; Mandy & Jason Landry – Brenham, Tx; Pat Joswiak – Chappell Hill, Tx; Melissa Garza – College Station, Tx and Renee Mueller – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Hannah Moehlmann Photography:  Cathy Boeker – Brenham, Tx


September 2015

$50 Visa Winners:  Sarah Shellnut – Westminster, CO; Luke Brandt – Industry, Tx; Bill Giese – Brenham, Tx and Eddie Galle – Brenham, Tx

Grand Prize from Legacy Waste Services:  Bryan Westol – Burton, Tx

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