The Washington County Ladies Lion Club started a new kind of fundraiser in 2014 - one like our area had never seen before. We created a unique calendar filled with ads from Local Businesses along with pictures of Club Members at different functions and events. This calendar comes with a complimentary entry ticket into a weekly drawing for a $50 Visa Gift Card and for a Monthly Grand Prize value at $500 or more. Each calendar cost $20 and the proceeds benefit the Texas Lions Camp and the Washington County Healthy Living Association Senior Center.

January 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Robert Braymtalkiewicz – Hempstead, Tx; Connie Curths – Carpentersville, IL; Jon & Jennifer Kraft – Magnolia, Tx and Marjorie Adair

Grand Prize from LaRoche Chevrolet: Dorothy Marth – Carmine, Tx

February 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Cassie Scaggs – LaGrange, Tx; Cyndi Longoffer – Brenham; Ed Hopman – Burton, Tx and Annette Keels – Caldwell, Tx

Grand Prize from Tegeler Toyota: C E Jay Dunn – Magnolia, Tx

March 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Sonya Schulze – Brenham; Sherry Hooper – Gonzales, Tx; Candice & Dan Ornes – Garden City, Tx; Candice & Dan Ornes – Garden City, Tx and Gayle Bednar – Brenham

Grand Prize from Select Furnishings: Cindy Longhofer – Brenham

April 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Kathy Callahan – Brenham, Bertram Parker IV – Brenham, Randy Wenckers – Brenham and  Tim Doty – Brenham

Grand Prize from Brenham Floral: Tim Doty – Brenham

May 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Pat Lueckemeyer – Brenham; Darlene Schimara – New Ulm, Tx; Ron Galloway – Brenham and Lori Benn – College Station, Tx

Grand Prize from Pleasant Hill Winery: Cheri Mohereck - Brenham

June 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Greg Rosner – Brenham, Laura Sparks – Brenham, LaVerne Krumrey – Brenham, Grace Gillson – Bellville and Jeff Aiken – Independence, KY

Grand Prize from Horseshoe Junction: Robin Thistle – Brenham

July 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Tina Heritage – Brenham, Linda Pipes – Brenham, LaVerne Krumrey – Brenham, Megan Noviskie - Bellville

Grand Prize from Blue Bell Cremeries and Citizens State Bank: Jerrell Weir - Brenham

August 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Jackie Fox – Weimer, Tx; James Vasquez – College Station, Tx; Jane Hinze – Brenham; Kim Holle - Brenham

Grand Prize from Budget Roll Off: Danny Twardowski - Brenham

September 2014

$50 Visa Winners: George Shields – Brenham; Jim Fox – Weimar, Tx; Jeff Aiken – Independence, KY; Brittany & Shelby Budnik – Houston, Tx; Thom Holt – College Station, Tx

Grand Prize from Sealy Mattress: Le Holland - Brenham

October 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Ashley Schaeffer – Brenham; Donald Wendler – Brenham; Julie Petty – Brenham; Jerry Pschael – Industry, Tx

Grand Prize from Texas Home Health: Linda Bernick - Brenham

November 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Rodney Dickschat – Washington, Tx; Jay Alexander – Brenham; Becky McCarty – Brenham; Jim Bernick - Brenham

Grand Prize from Woodman of the World’s Brenham Office: Gus Mutscher

December 2014

$50 Visa Winners: Cassie Kasprowicz – Bellville, Tx; Thresia Schlabach – Brenham; W J Schlottmann – Brenham; Chris Jolley – Burton, Tx; Cody Plagens – New Ulm, Tx

Grand Prize from Appel Ford, Hyundai of Brenham and Quick Lane: William Kluck - Brenham

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