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  • Press Release- Virtual 50-50 Drawing Results

Convention Committee Draws Winning 50/50 Tickets

Press Release 

To:  MD 22 District Governors and Secretaries

From:  Harold Boccia, Convention 2020 Treasurer

Date:  May 14, 2020

Please publish this release and forward to all Lions in your District.  

The 2020 Convention Committee 50/50 Raffle under the leadership of Convention Treasurer, Harold Boccia, was held in Aberdeen, Maryland on May 14, 2020 at the Aberdeen Festival Park Ring of Honor and Gazebo.  Participating in the ticket pull was incoming District 22 A, 1st Vice District Governor, Bijoy Mahanti and David Ellis, Assistant Secretary of the Bel Air Lions Club.  Witnessing the ticket pull were Carol Mahanti and Marcia Boccia. 

Convention Treasurer, Harold Boccia collected all the submitted raffle tickets in a large tub and carefully stirred and mixed the stubs to ensure that each ticket had an equal opportunity to be pulled.  Carol Mahanti and Marcia Boccia took photographs of the ticket pulling ceremony.  These photos will be available soon for viewing on the MD 22 web site.  

The first ticket drawn belonged to Angela Bruce from District 22A.  She received a 25% share of the raffle in the amount of $401.00.

The second ticket drawn belonged to Steff DeMartine from District 22D.  She received a 15% share of the raffle in the amount of $241.00.

The third and final ticket drawn belonged to Hollywood Lions Club of District 22C.  They will receive a 10% share of the raffle in the amount of $161.00.

Unfortunately, the amount of money collected for the raffle was greatly reduced this year due to the cancellation of the Multiple District Convention.  However, all three winners of the raffle expressed their support for Lions Clubs and their immense happiness with their winnings.

As Convention Treasurer, I want to thank each and everyone of you who participated in this year’s Convention Raffle despite all the difficulties and the cancellation of our convention.  I am sure we will have another opportunity for a raffle at our Convention next year.  I look forward to your participation and continued support of Lions Clubs.   

Stay Well, Stay Safe,


PCC Harold Boccia

Convention Treasurer  

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