Meet the new District 22-C leadership for 2020-2021 announced on Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 11:00a.m at the first District 22-C Business Meeting by teleconference. Nominations Committee Chair Kelley Randolph announced the winners of the leadership election voted online by Delegates through May 13, 2020:
DGE Ruth Davis
1st VDGE William Lavely
2nd VDGE Arthur Hooker (Lion Arthur passed on December 2, 2020)
Lion Maxine Hooker was selected to fill the position until the next Lions year beginning Jul1 2021
Congratulations our District 22-C Cabinet who will
be helping DG Ruth.

Immediate Past DG – Sonia Wiggins
1VDG William “Bill” Lavely
2VDG Arthur Hooker
Cabinet Secretary Lion Dave Golden
Cabinet Treasurer Lion Larry Shelton
Administrative Assistant Sherri Hitt
Zone Chairs
Region 1/Zone 1 Lion Rodrick Harris
Region 1/Zone 2 Lion Michael Shavatt
Region 2/Zone 1 Lion Anne Powell
Region 2/Zone 2 Lion Tommye Grant
Region 3/Zone 1 Lion Merritt “Joe” Hinton
Region 3/Zone 2 Lion Lois Barb
Region 4/Zone 1 Lion Chris Wooters
Region 4/Zone 2 Lion Steve Dague
Global Leadership Team Coordinator
Lion Laura Salers
Global Membership Team Coordinator
IPDG Sonia Wiggins
Global Service Team Coordinator
Lion Maxine Hooker
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