Thank You Waimauku Lions



This is a very belated THANK YOU for assisting us to reduce the cost of our show to support the families of Christchurch.

Because of your generous donation we were able to subsidise the tickets of 600 children to attend shows in locations throughout Christchurch including Tai tapu, Papanui, Burnside, Aranui and Darfield.

We have had a lot of feedback from the childcare centers  and parents about how this was such a magical experience for their children and very much needed and appreciated. Many centers had not left their home base since the earthquake in February in fear of not being able to make it back so this was a great test of their courage and the reward of seeing the show was well worth the effort.

I could not have done this without your help so please thank your members for allowing me the opportunity to offer the tickets at such a cheap price. We didn't charge adults or under two's and only charged each child over two $3.

Please find attached some photo's of the children that attended. As per usual they seem to have become camera shy when the photo was taken but the did enjoy the show I am told.

Here are a couple of the emails of feedback that we received.

My little boys 3½yrs and 1½yrs attended your show today at our usual music group location in Christchurch. Both were completely enthralled for the whole show and chattered all the way home, singing the "Stop stop you pesky pests" song.
What a delight for all of us, could not praise the three of you enough, very funny, very professional and amazingly appropriate to a variety of ages. Thank you again.
Kind regards

Hi Kylie
What an absolutely wonderful outing for our children. For us we were able to walk to the venue, the day is a spectacular 'spring' day and the children all enjoyed themselves - participated ENTHUSIASTICALLY! Especially in relation to "STOP the pesky pests!" 

Many thanks
Kind regards

I hope the year has been going well for your team. Best of luck for the Christmas season!

Best Regards

Kylie Penn


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