1. Meeting called to order and anthem lead by President Boris.

2. All enjoyed the pot luck dinner.

3. Roll call: In attendance: Lions Boris, John, Patrick; Deb, Kim, Bernie, Shaina, Art, Dennis, Dick, Sue, Kathy. Working: Lions Bill, Carol and Alec. Vacation: Lion Mike. Family: Lions George and Larry.

4. Correspondence:

 Canadian Diabetes Association – thank you note for the $1000 donation.

 Kamloops Brain Injury Association - thank you note for the helmets.

 4th Annual Lure for a Cure Fishing Derby – August 19, 2016 – sponsored by the North Kamloops Lions.

 BC Counsel for International Cooperation sent an invitation for our club to send rep to the roundtable for UN Sustainable Goals - Wed. June 8, 2016 in Kamloops at TRU. Kim was interested and will follow up.

 Cheryl Doulan(?) from Ask Wellness sent an e-mail regarding the Desiree Lunch Program. They are looking for help for food and rental costs. Request to be forwarded to Finance Committee.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

The motion to accept the report as given by Lion Art was seconded by Lion Patrick. Passed.

6. Minutes of previous regular meeting of May 19, 2016 were discussed. Lion Patrick noted that in item #3 – ‘Serving it Right’ should be ‘Food Safe’. Amended minutes moved by Lion Dennis, seconded by Sue. Passed.

7. Business arising from minutes:

 Lion Dennis asked for follow up regarding the Glenfair meeting room. Lion Deb advised that draft agreement was not discussed. We have 2 shelves and a corner for flags in the storage room. She was advised that fridge would be left alone. In the meantime, however, fridge has been moved to storage room – with no power. Lion Deb feels that if we go to the Glenfair executive with a new agreement, we will be out - their way or not at all.

Discussion ensued with varying points of view: from a meeting with the Glenfair strata for a signed written agreement, to no action until we resume our meetings in the Fall. The draft agreement will be discussed at the next general meeting to determine how the committee should proceed.

We were advised that TRU has free meeting rooms that may be booked on a when required basis. Kathy to follow up for possible meeting rooms at the Japanese Cultural Centre and the IOOF hall.

Yearend party on June 18th at Lion Deb’s house has been postponed as too many members cannot make that date. August 6th was presented as a tentative date – if not good for you, please bring your calendars to the next general meeting and be prepared to provide a date you can attend.

Committee Reports:

Boat & Motor – Lion Bill or Mike:

Please turn in any unsold tickets you have at home.

Harley Breakfast – Lion Boris:

Wonderful event but numbers down even more – 89 breakfasts. Last year we had 120 breakfasts. We are hoping to be one of the charitable donations from the Harley Davidson event.

Big Bike Ride – Lion Patrick

We had a full bike of 29 riders from the Kamloops Lions clubs and Lookout Landscaping. Our club donated $1000 and the full bike provided a total over $2800.

Storage container security – Lion Dennis:

The locks are covered at the Can, but the key is still hidden there. Lion John will remove the key at the site and bring the additional 4 keys that he has to the next meeting for distribution. Anyone needing a key please let Lion John know.

Tail Twister break


8. New Business

Aberdeen Mall breakfast request August 5th:

Lion Bill is not in town that date so we need a chairperson. Lion Deb to chair.

Bed for individual with terminal cancer.

Lion Patrick advised that the gentleman passed away. No action required.

Possible Food Safe Training - Lion Patrick

A group of 25 may be trained for $600 + $25 for materials and supplies (also cost of room, coffee, etc.) Lion Patrick recommends we wait until 2018 as the current members with Food Safe do not need to renew until 2018. It was determined that we do not have 10 members requiring a certificate right now and individual courses would be cheaper. Lion Kathy to ask club by e-mail to see if they would like to take Food Safe by correspondence.

9. Upcoming Events

 Saturday, June 4th – Lions Quest meeting.

 Year end windup – new date to be determined – possibly August 6th.

 Saturday, July 24th – Kamloops Marathon Breakfast at McDonald Park. 500 breakfasts last year.

 Friday, August 5th – Aberdeen Mall Breakfast.

 Tuesday, September 6th – TRU Welcome Back BBQ

 Friday, September 16th – Lloyd George School PAC BBQ – Lion Dennis

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 by Lion Deb.



  1. Meeting called to order by President Boris at 19:00 hrs.  Following guests from Volunteer Kamloops were present, namely Sara and Edith.  Former member Shaina Inkster also in attendance, and will be joining the club again.


  1. Roll call conducted with the following results:  Lions Present – Dennis, Deb, Barb, Art, Kathy, Dick, Larry, Bob, Patrick, Boris, Mike, Bernie, Sue, George.  Working – Lions Bill and Carol.


  1. Potluck dinner enjoyed by all.


  1. Very informative presentation on the workings of Volunteer Kamloops made by Sara and Edith. Membership is $60.00 per year.


  1. General correspondence read by President Boris.


  1. Treasurers report by Lion Art.  Report accepted as presented.


  1. Guest Edith also gave a presentation on a “Sharing Circle Dinner” which she runs.  She is in need of pots and pans for the kitchen at the Crossroads where the meal is provided.  Motion by Lion Kathy, 2nd by Lion Dick “That the profits from the Brock and TRU bbq’s go the Sharing Circle Dinner”.  CARRIED.


  1. Big Bike ride is set for June 1st.  Riders are needed.  Family Tree will again be helping out.  Lion Carol is chairing event.  Our usual donation will be made.  Meet at Heart and Stroke office on Victoria by 4:00 PM.


  1. Minutes from past meeting accepted as presented (Motion by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Barb.


  1. Lion Patrick discussed the upcoming KISSM Music scholarship.  Moved by Lion Patrick, 2nd by Lion Barb “That the club provide a $500.00 scholarship to KISSM”.  CARRIED.


  1.  Lion Art gave a short presentation on a letter which goes out to recipients of monies we present.


  1. Lion Sue gave a report on former Lion Garnett Findlay’s memorial.


  1. Lion Mike reports 50% of boat and motor tickets have been sold thus far.
  2. Lion George reported on Juniper Garage Sale.  Very successful day.  Excellent help from the Grads, and from our members.  Profit for the day - $2,334.00.  A $500.00 donation is to be made to the Dry Grad Committee for their help at the event.


  1. Lion Dennis spoke on the Lloyd George bbq in Sept.  Chair for the event is needed.


  1. Lion Deb advises the eyeglasses which were collected have not been shipped as yet.  Should be shortly.


  1. Lion Deb reported on our meeting place.  Apparently the Executive from the Centre do not want our Fridge or anything else in the hall.  There does appear to be confusion over what we can and cannot do.  Lions Deb and Barb are to deal with the hall committee to see what can be worked out.


  1. Lion Larry reported on the sock program.  Over 1000 pair have been collected thus far.


  1. Yearend club windup will be at Lion Debs.  Date: June 25th.  Time:  3 – 6 PM.     Lion Sue will phone people.  Moved by Lion Mike, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That the club supply the meat”.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Bernie advises there has been a request received for a bike from a disabled person.  He is going to see if we have one which will meet the potential recipient’s needs.


  1. Discussion over whether or not we should make a donation to Fort MacMurray to assist with the fire damage.  The discussion was tabled for now.


  1. President Boris suggested other clubs be contacted to see if they are interested in our old canteen trailer.  Now that we have a shiny new one, we have no need for the old one.  Lion George to contact  clubs.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM      



1. Meeting called to order at 19:15 hrs by President Boris.

2. Following members present: Lions Boris, Dennis, Deb, Bernie, Kim, Barb, Patrick, Dick, John, and Kathy. Lions Carol, Bill and Alec were working. Lions Mike, Brenda and George are sick; and Lions Art, Sue and Larry on holidays. Lion Bob was also away.


a) Boat and Motor – Lion Bill/Mike

As per recent emails, the Boat and Motor raffle is going well.

b) City Appreciation BBQ – Lion Deb

The BBQ went really well – lots of fun. The City was very organized and we received reports of ‘Yummy food". Edith from Crossroads assisted us. 300 - 400 attended. Lion Deb will check on the invoice.

c) Relay Fest – Lion Deb

There were 5 of us in attendance. The City was really organized, and sorting the ribbons last year helped a lot. We assisted with the pinnies and handed out trophies and medals.

d) TRU Breakfast and Hockey Tournament BBQ - Lion Dennis

We had lots of support from the members for both events and Edith from Crossroads assisted with the TRU Breakfast. We have received the cheque for the hockey tournament, and invoice was dropped off for the TRU Breakfast – cheque is in the mail.

e) Lloyd George PAC BBQ – Friday, September 16th – Chairperson needed

The BBQ runs from after school to 7ish. No chairperson yet for this event yet – we’ll ask again at future meetings.

f) Club Policy Addition – Lion Patrick

Lion Patrick put forth a motion to accept the additional policy as per his April 12/16 email, with the omission of the $10 funding to move the trailer as it is already included elsewhere in the policy manual. Seconded by Lion Dick. PASSED

g) Eyeglasses – Lion Deb

All the eyeglasses we’ve received so far (approximately 1200) have been boxed and will be shipped.


a) Aberdeen Mall Breakfast Request for August 5th – Lion Bill

Please keep this date in mind.

b) Kipp Mallery Diabetic Fund – Lion Kim

Lion Kim put forth a motion to increase the Kipp Mallery Diabetic Fund by $500, as recommended by the Executive; seconded by Lion Dick. PASSED

c) Brain Injury Donation Request – Lion Patrick

$1000 has been requested by the Brain Injury Association for purchasing helmets which will be given out at their presentations to Grade 4 students (one per class) or to medical situations when hospitals need to restrain a patient. Lion Patrick proposed a motion to grant the $1000 to the Brain Injury Association provided they buy the helmets locally; seconded by Lion John. PASSED

d) VVOL End of the Year Windup – Lion Boris

We need to set a date and location for this year’s windup party. Please consider this for the next general meeting. Members are welcome to bring family, friends and future members. Lion Deb has volunteered her house/property for this occasion.

e) KISSM Sponsor Request – Lion Boris

KISSM has requested that we sponsor one student for this summer. More information is needed. As the first e-mail was to Lion Carol, Lion Patrick will ask her to send the required information to the Finance Committee for consideration.

f) Glenfair Hall Committee meeting – Lion Dennis/Lion Patrick

Lions Dennis, Patrick, George and Deb met with Jean Tippie and two others from Glenfair concerning the Club’s use of the Glenfair hall for our meetings. One of the main concerns was the residents of Glenfair are not using the hall as they think it belongs to the Lions Club. We will be removing the banners and paraphernalia from the room to the Can and also the storage room we have at Glenfair. Lion Dennis will be at the hall Friday, April 22nd at 9:00 a.m. to move some of our items to storage. As there is no formal agreement in place between Glenfair and VVOL regarding the rental of the hall, Lion George will be putting together a draft agreement.

g) VVOL Volunteer of the Month – Lion Dennis

John Stepp is our Volunteer of the Month for all his work cleaning, repairing and replacing items for the BBQ equipment and Canteen. Thank you Lion John.


Once again Tail Twister, Lion Patrick, entertained us and ensured that additional monies are being amassed for the Club.

h) Photo Albums /Newspaper Clippings – Lion Deb

A volunteer is needed to look after the photo albums and newspaper clippings. No volunteers received at this meeting. Please consider this request.


a) Saturday, April 23rd – Lion Garnett Finley’s Memorial – 1:00 pm at Rose Hill Park

b) Sunday, May 1st – Juniper Garage Sale – Lion Dennis

c) Saturday, May 28th – Harley Breakfast – Lion Boris

d) Friday, August 5th – Aberdeen Mall Breakfast Request – Lion Bill

e) Friday, September 16th – Lloyd George PAC BBQ – Chairperson needed

Meeting adjourned by President Boris at 8:23 p.m.





1. Meeting called to order by President Boris. Anthem lead by Lion Bill.

2. Invocation for Potluck Dinner given by Lion Dennis.

3. Lion Kim introduced her son, Adam Jensen, and his topic for this evening – the updating of the Valleyview Overlanders Lions Club pamphlet. Adam discussed the possible shapes and sizes of the pamphlet and going from the paper form with 3 folds to a card stock without any folds – perhaps the 9" x 6" size that would catch people’s attention on a table. Discussion pursued regarding the size although all seemed in favor of the card stock and ‘rack size’ or larger.

Adam mentioned that the Lions International has great information online regarding the organization. He had put together a digital draft of what could potentially go on one side of the pamphlet and suggested that contact information and links could be placed on the flip side. Call to action on one side and information on the other.

Adam also commented that video is the key to reaching people – especially facebook. On the back of the pamphlet should be information for contacts, direct links to facebook, the web, and we should be using images (the twitter bird, the facebook ‘f’, etc.)

He noted that we should come up with a ‘caption shot’ – a line that would quickly capture the audience’s attention. Suggestions were made that we should incorporate our ‘Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion’ into the line, or asking if ‘they’ wished to serve their community. Please think about this and bring your suggestions to the next meeting.

Magnetic-backed business cards were also discussed that community members could keep posted in a prominent place with our Club’s information easily assessable. To be discussed at a future date after the pamphlets have been developed.

Adam suggest that bar graphs are could also be incorporated into the pamphlet as they are eye-catching….perhaps showing our donations to community organizations. Boris will send Adam this information.


Present: Lions Boris, Dennis, Deb, Bill, John, Bernie, Kim, Patrick and Kathy. On vacation: Lions George, Art, Sue, Larry and Dick. Working: Lions Carol and Alec. Ill: Lion Mike. Leave of Absence: Lion Brenda. Absent (meeting made up through service): Lions Barbara and Bob.


a) Lion Boris read a request from KISSM requesting we sponsor one student for July 11-29, 2016. The tuition is $500 and we have sponsored a student in past years. A motion was put forward by Lion Deb, seconded by Lion Kim that we continue to sponsor a KISM student for 2016.

Discussion included the need to have time to review and that we should be following Club policy regarding requests going first to the Finance committee. DENIED

Request will be forwarded to Lions Dennis and Patrick.

b) Cheryl Dooland of Ask Wellness will be a guest speaker at our next meeting, to say thank you for our donation to Ask Wellness

c) Lion Dennis talked about Edith Farrell from Volunteer Kamloops. At Crossroads Inn, 4 people make dinner every Monday for homeless people. In October 2014 they gave out 25 meals. They are now up to 50 meals each Monday

We have a request to assist with these weekly meals…. to buy pots, etc. for the kitchen.

Lion Dennis put forth a motion to provide any profits after expenses from the 2 BBQ’s this weekend (April 8th at TRU and the April 9thhockey tournament at Brock Arena) be given to the Monday Sharing Circle Dinner at Crossroads Inn. Seconded by Lion Bill. PASSED

d) We’ve received an email from John Finley regarding a remembrance and scattering of ashes for his dad, Garnet Finley, on April 23, 2016, at 1300 hours. There will be a pot luck lunch and a gathering at McCracken’s afterward.

Lion Deb suggested that we go through our photo albums at the next regular meeting and make a picture poster for the remembrance ceremony.


President Boris commented that the finances are in good shape – all in the black.


Motion by Lion Deb to accept minutes from the regular meeting on March 17, 2016; seconded by Lion Bill. PASSED


Club Policy & Procedures Manual – Lions Patrick and Dennis

The manual is good as is.


The number 98/268: This is the 98th day of the year – 268 to go.


a) BBQ Equipment Update – Lion John:

All the BBQ’s are clean. Thank you to Lion Bernie for sand blasting the BBQ’s. The propane tanks are full with the exception of 3 tanks that cannot be refilled. We will use them first. Walmart will replace and fill the small tanks for $22.

We have 2 litre plastic jugs with 4 packages of broth in each. Use 1 package per 2 litres of water to keep the meat moist (on rack in warming pans).

We should send a thank you to Wanda Lindley for providing us with 3 gallons of commercial cleaner used to clean the BBQ equipment. John will buy a thank you card.

The onion cutter is broken. John to contact Lion George as the same part has been replaced in the past. Otherwise John will purchase the larger cutter he priced out at $119.

b) Boat & Motor – Lion Mike:

Lion Mike is away ill.

c) Aberdeen Mall BBQ – Lion Bill

While selling Boat and Motor tickets at the Mall, Lion Bill was asked if we could do a BBQ on Friday, August 5, 2016, from 9 – 11 for 200 or less people. The menu may be pancakes, bacon and eggs so we will need 6 people. We need to determine if we have 6 members available and someone who would chair. Lion Bill to get more information.

d) TRU Branch Club – Lion Boris

There will be a meeting next week to come up with ideas to increase membership of the TRU Club. They need 3 new members for the 6 minimum they require. If 3 members are not found, the TRU Club will need to disband.

President Boris explained the costs of subsidizing the TRU Club membership. Lion Dennis, on the suggestion of President Boris, put forward the motion for the VVOL pick up this year’s fees for new members of the TRU Club plus the $10.00 entrance fee. We will also subsidize that Club’s yearly fees to the extent that we do for our own club. The motion was seconded by Lion Kim. PASSED

e) Eye Glasses – Lion Deb

Lion Deb gave out cardboard boxes for eye glasses donations. Please make sure you fill out your name and contact information on the side of the box before taking it to the destination you choose.

f) Kids Relay Fest – Lion Deb

The Relay competition is for Grades 1 – 6 on Wednesday, April 11, 2016, starting at 3:00 at the Tournament Capital Centre indoor track. This event is to encourage exercise. We provide and sort the ribbons and keep track of the pinnies. They also have gold, silver and bronze medals for each grade.

The City will start and finish the relays and supervise the races. Parking is free outside of the TCC building. Please come between 2:30 and 3:00….early if you want to find a parking spot.


a) Aberdeen Mall Breakfast Request August 5th – Lion Bill:

See discussed under Committee Reports.

b) KISSM Donation Request – Lion Boris:

See discussed under Committee Reports.

c) Brain Association Request – Lion Patrick

Rhonda Kosak of the Brain Association has requested that we donate monies to buy helmets. The Brain Association makes presentations to Grade 4 classes to advise of the need for wearing helmets. A child in each of the classes will win a helmet.

For the $1000 donation to purchase helmets, we will have our name in their brochure, in the Brain Association website and their quarterly letter. They have no other assistance. We would pay directly to the supplier and they would draw on it. Discretionary funds are available.

Lion Patrick put forth a motion to donate $1000 to the Brain Association for the purchase of helmets for their Grade 4 program. Seconded by Lion Kim.

Discussion followed concerning the Club’s policy on donations. Lion Patrick WITHDREW his motion as did Lion Kim. This request will go through the regular process.


April 8th – Pancake breakfast at TRU – Lion Dennis 7:30 at the Can. 8:30 at TRU Old Main building. Parking permits will be available.

April 9th – Hockey Tournament BBQ – Lion Dennis 8:00 at the Can. 9:00 at Brock Arena.

April 13th – Relay Fest – Lion Deb 2:30 – 3:00 at TCC Indoor Track.

April 15th – City Volunteer Appreciation BBQ – Lion Deb

May 1st – Juniper Ridge Garage Sale – Lion Boris?

May 28th – Harley Breakfast – Lion Boris

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.




1. Meeting called to order at 19:00 hrs by President Boris.

2. Following members present: Lions Boris, Dennis, Jean, Deb, Bob, George, Bernie, Bill, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, John, Barb. Lions Carol, Kim and Alec were working. Lion Brenda is sick, Lions Mike and Larry on holidays. Guest – Rod (Lion Debs Husband).

3. President Boris informed the club that Lion Sue will be the new phone committee (taking over from Lion Ann). She will also be running the 50-50 draws.

4. Comments were made on the new table arrangement for the meeting, and it was felt we should maintain this setup.

5. President Boris presented Lion Jean with a 10 year chevron. This was also Lion Jeans last meeting, as she is moving to the Lower Mainland.

6. Lion Sue reported on the Kids Relay which is being held at TCC on April 13th from 2 until 6 PM. Lion Deb collected the names of the volunteers. If you didn’t put your name forward and wish to assist, contact Lion Deb.

7. Lion Patrick reports we have a chance to do a private breakfast bbq on Saturday, May 28th. The clients will pay the Club $300.00 for the event. This is the same day as the Harley breakfast. Lions Deb and George to do the private bbq. Lion Boris is chairing the Harley breakfast.

8. Lion Art presented treasurers report. Admin - $6,550.94. Activities - $1,746.50. Gaming (approximate) - $32,530.84. Term - $9,270.74. Moved by Lion Art, 2nd by Lion Jean "That report be accepted". CARRIED.

9. President Boris presented a slate of officers for the coming year, which commences July 1st. President – Lion Dennis. Secretary – Lion Kathy. Treasurer – Lion Art. 1st Vice President – Lion Deb. 2nd Vice President – Lion Patrick. Tail twister – Lion John. Membership chair – Lion Kim. New Directors – Lions George and bill. Lion Tamer – Lion


George. Past President – Lion Boris. All were elected by acclamation (oh what a surprise!!).

10. Once again Lion Patrick performed his tail twisting duties in an outstanding fashion (even if some fines are unjustified, and there is no appeal process in place to dispute!). Lion Jean was appointed by Lion Patrick to judge the St Paddy’s costumes, with Lions Patrick, Kathy and Deb walking away with the prizes.

11. Lion Bill reported on the Boat & Motor raffle. Schedule past out. Several new spots are being used this year. Our selling partner group is the Family Tree. If a member cannot make their shift, it is their responsibility to find a replacement.

12. Report presented for Lion Larry on this years sock drive. Over 1000 pair of socks have been donated so far this year.

13. Lion Deb reported on eyeglass collection, and displayed the new eyeglass box.

14. Lion Dennis reports he purchased cleaning supplies for the canteen. Also a new small trailer will be purchased for hauling the freezer and generator. Attempts were made by Lions Bernie and Kim to have one donated, but it didn’t work. President Boris will place the old trailer for sale on the internet.

15. Lion John has taken over the job of canteen upkeep. Everything is now ready to go for this year

16. Following upcoming events slated for March – April::

- March 21st (Monday) – at 9:45 AM – Meet with MLA Todd Stone at his office to receive Gaming Grant cheque. If attending, wear your vest.

- April 8th – Breakfast at TRU. Chair: ____

- April 9th – canteen event at Brock arena. Chair: ____

- April 13th – Children’s relay at TCC. Chair: Lion Sue.

- April 15th – City Appreciation bbq at Arena. Chair: Lion Mike.

- April 30 – Food Bank Breakfast (feed Rotarians as they head out on food drive). Chair: ___

- B&M Ticket sales commence March 25th. Contact Lion Bill if you don’t have a schedule.

1. Meeting called to order 19:00 hrs by President Boris.

2. Following members present:  Lions Dennis, Jean, Bob, Larry, Boris, George, Anne, Bernie, Kim, Bill, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, John, Mike.  Working –L ion Carol.   Sick – Lion Larry, Brenda. Deb.  Unknown – Lion Dick.

3. Special guests:  Erin LaCourciiere and friend Carly.

4. Excellent presentation by Erin on the value of social media, and how it can be used by the club.  Some social programs available are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  To attract new members, it is imperative we get on board the social media train.  Lion Kim is taking on the task maintaining our Facebook page.

5. Minutes from February 4th Regular Meeting were accepted. Motion by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Ann.  CARRIED.

6. President Boris presented Lion Dennis with a Key Award for bringing in a new member.

7. Under new business, it was revealed that the youth we helped earlier with her dental work requires further dental surgery.  Last time we paid the Dentist in Kelowna direct.  Estimate for this repair is $416.15.  Moved by Lion Kim, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That we pay the cost of the dental work”.  Motion CARRIED.  Dentist is to be paid direct. 
8. Lion Art presented Treasurers Report.


9. Lion Kim reported on the Ambassadors program, and noted the bikes used by the Ambassadors were recently stolen.  After discussion, it was moved by Lion Kim, 2nd by Lion Bernie “That we supply the Ambassadors with replacement bikes from our found bike program.  CARRIED.

10. Lion Dennis spoke on canteen food prices, and considering costs have increased dramatically, we should adjust our prices.  Following discussion it was moved by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Mike “That we raise the price of a burger to $6.00, $3.00 for hotdog, and everything else remain the same”.  CARRIED.

11. Further discussion on the canteen.  Decided we should advertise as to where the profits from events are going.  Lion Bob to make appropriate signs.

12. Lion Mike reported on the annual boat and motor raffle.  Lion Bill is co-chair.  It was decided this years proceeds would go to Camp Winfield (50%), Family Tree (25%) and Volunteer Kamloops (25%).  Draw set for July 1st.

13. Lion Larry reported on the sock program.  All going well.  30 pair given to ASK Wellness for distribution, and 30 pair given to the Food Bank for distribution.

14. Lion Patrick informed the club there will be a presentation on the Midday program dealing with our sock program.

15. Lion John reported on the canteen cleanup.  He was able to get a supply of cleaning materials from Country Homes.  Would like a certificate made up to present to the business for their help.

16. Lion Mike advises he is working on the canteen security.

17. President Boris informed the Club that the District Governor will be making her official visit on March 3rd.  We will be having a joint meeting with Brock Central that night.  Club will pay $10.00 of the $15.00 meal cost.

18. President Boris also informed the Club that elections will take place March 17th for the new Executive.

19. Final touches being placed on the Clubs Policy and Procedures Manual, then it will be ready for distribution.

20. Lion Dennis advises the Club brochure is in the process of being updated.

Meeting adjourned 9l:00 PM



1. Meeting called to order by President Boris. Anthem led by Lion Art

2. Roll Call

In Attendance - Lions Boris, Anne, Jean, Sue, Art, Bernie, Dennis, Mike, Dick, John, Larry and Patrick.



3. Correspondence

Lions Clubs International - new banner patch for membership development goals.

Lions Clubs  International - membership satisfaction award.

Lions Clubs International - Year Round Growth Membership Excellence Lapel Pins       for Lion Boris and Lion Dennis.

Lion Boris presented a pin to Lion Dennis for 3 new members.

Lion Dennis made a presentation on recruiting new members.



4. Treasurer's Report- Lion Art

Moved by Lion Art, second, Lion Dick



5.  Minutes of Previous Regular Meeting-

Approved minutes of January 14th. 2016. Moved, Lion Jean, second, Lion Dick      



6. Business Arising from the Minutes-

Lion Patrick spoke on P.R. for the club to grow and promote activities and discussion followed regarding where a $1200 budget would be spent. Lion Dennis moved to accept $1200 to  come from the gaming grant, when approved, for the cost of advertising for one year from Sept. 2016. seconded, Lion John, passed.


Lion Patrick looked into guidelines for voting online and will write a policy for online voting to bring to the club.


7. Committee Reports-

Sock Drive - Lion Larry thanked all those who donated and helped out on sock night at the hockey game. Total sock count to date, 932.  Socks still to come from Hub insurance and other sources could bring the total to 1000 pairs. Some cash donations for the purchase of socks were also made. Lion Dick volunteered to gather socks from future hockey games. Socks are going to Elizabeth Fry, the Women's Shelter and Family Tree, as well as other community groups.

Bikes from the City- Lion Bernie.  Email to be sent to members with information on the bikes.


City Volunteer Appreciation B.B.Q.-  Lions Mike and John to co-chair. Friday April 15th at Sandman Centre.


8. New Business-

Family Tree- Lion Dennis asked that Family Tree be considered for some of  this year's boat and motor proceeds.


Members choice trophy in memory of Lion Nick Waslenchuk- Lion Patrick suggested guidelines to follow which can be voted on at a later date. moved, Lion Patrick, second, Lion Jean


Lion Patrick- Letter requesting acknowledgement of donation to be written up, which will be attached to cheques mailed by the treasurer. Letter will be emailed to club members for any feedback.


District Governor appreciation gift- Lion Boris. Presented at District Spring Conference.

Approval of $25 for gift. Moved Lion Mike, second, Lion Jean


9. Upcoming Events-

March 3rd.

District Governor visit to our club. Lion Anne to coordinate pot luck.

Lion Boris to find gift to present to D.G. at meeting.


May 1st.  Juniper Garage Sale


May 28th. Harley Breakfast


Elections- Lion Boris will call members re positions to be filled.

Adjourned 8:07  Lion Boris








Meeting called to order by President Boris.

Roll Call:

In attendance:Lions Boris, Carol, Jean, Anne, Bernie, Art, Dennis, Patrick and Kathy; Absent due to illness:Lions George and Mike; Absent due to family responsibilities:Lion Deb.



Susan Wright at Family Tree sent a letter advising that they would assist again this year to sell tickets for the Boat and Motor Draw, and would appreciate Family Tree being considered for some of the proceeds.


Treasurer’s Report:

Lion Art advised that the Treasurers Report is the same as the one given at the General Meeting on January 7th.


Minutes of Previous Executive Meeting:

Lion Anne put forth a motion that the minutes of the last Executive meeting on November 12, 2015 be accepted as written; 2nd by Lion Dennis.CARRIED


Business Arising from the Minutes:

  • PR Budget – Lion Patrick.

The Executive members discussed the need for a PR Budget, Lion Patrick’s research into the cost of advertising with the local media, and which funds the Club could use for this budget.These monies will be a portion of the 7% we are permitted to move to Administration from Gaming funds.

A motion was put forth by Lion Dennis to ask the general membership if they will approve $1200 from the Administration fund for this year’s PR budget; 2nd by Lion Carol.CARRIED


  • Club Guidelines for On-Line Voting – Lion Patrick.

Discussion was held concerning Roberts Rules of Order pertaining to on-line voting and whether or not the Club should develop a specific policy for the occasions requiring on-line voting for time-sensitive decisions.It was determined that we will continue with our current process.


Committee Reports:

  • Sock Drive – Lion Larry.

Lion Larry has arranged with the Kamloops Blazers to have a Sock Drive at their game on Wednesday, January 21st.The socks will be collected at the door by Lions members in attendance.We will count the number of socks received , which will be announced at the game, and take them with us that night.

Lion Dennis put forward a motion that the Club pay for the admission to the Blazers game for Lion members in attendance for the Sock Drive on January 20th; 2nd by Lion Carol. CARRIED

All Lions interested in attending this game, please be at the Sandman Centre by 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.Lion Art will be there to purchase your ticket.


  • 20 Bikes Ready to Pick-up at the City – Lion Bernie.
  • Every 90 days the City of Kamloops has bikes available that were picked up by the RCMP. These bikes were not claimed and the RCMP were unable to locate their owners.

Bernie will pick up the 20 bikes available now and put them in storage at our C-Can.When the weather improves we will assess the bikes to determine which ones are ready to be sold and those that will need repairs.The remaining bike parts could be sold for scrap.We will also need to look for an alternate storage area.

The Executive discussed the best way to sell the bikes – possibly through social media (Facebook, Kijiji).Consignor Sports may be able to assist us to sell the bikes and/or appraise them for re-sale value.

Lions Kim and Bernie will take the lead on this project.Please contact them if you would like to assist.Lion members who are able to repair bikes are very welcome.

The Club could attain additional bikes every 90 days if this proves to be a successful venture.




  • Club Budget for 2016 – Lion Boris.

There was discussion about how the Finance Committee determines who the recipients are for the Gaming grant and the amounts requested for each recipient in the proposal that is sent into BCLB – including the soliciting of the Lions members input prior to the grant proposal submission.The consensus was that the Club will continue with the existing process.


New Business

  • Trophy Commemorating Lion Nick – Lion Dennis/Lion Patrick.

Nick Waslenchuk’s son returned a Lion Trophy to the Club.It was determined that we would like to honor Nick and his service by naming the trophy the ‘Nick Waslenchuk’s Memorial Award’ which would be presented each year to a deserving Lion.The Lion’s name would be added to the trophy along with the current year. The Executive has proposed that the Lions Club membership choose the lucky recipient by nominating and voting for a worthy recipient.


  • Requesting Acknowledgement of VVOL Donation – Lion Patrick.

We do not often hear back from recipients of the monies we donate other than the larger organizations.It may be that they do not know where to send the correspondence or that acknowledgement of our donation may assist us in attaining additional funding.

The agencies that receive allocated gaming grant monies receive a letter with their cheque, and it was determined that we will also send an accompanying letter with the cheque to all recipients of unallocated funds.


  • Inactive Club Members – Lion Patrick.

A discussion was held regarding the need to have a policy concerning inactive members who do not attend meetings nor assist in any of our projects, yet are counted in our membership numbers.It was determined that no new policy is required as this is already taken care of.


  • Date for next executive meeting – Lion Boris.

The next Executive meeting will be February 11th - the 2nd Thursday of the month.




  • Liaison between the Lions Clubs in Kamloops

There used to be a time that a representative of each of the Lions Clubs in Kamloops would meet on a monthly basis.No one was certain why the meetings were discontinued.The Executive discussed whether or not re-establishing this connection would be beneficial to the Club.Having a liaison with other Lions Clubs would help prevent duplicate funding for various individual requests as well as the existing agencies that we support.Lion Dennis to follow-up with the other Lions Clubs in Kamloops.


Upcoming Events:

  • January 20th – Blazers game sock drive 5:30 Sandman Center
  • January 21st – next regular meeting for the club.
  • March 3rd – DG visit to our club.
  • May 8th? – Juniper Garage Sale.
  • June 28th – Harley Breakfast.





  1. Meeting called to order by President Boris at 7:03.  Anthem lead by a Lion Bob.
  2. Great potluck dinner enjoyed by all.
  3. Roll call:

In attendance were Lions Dennis, Jean, Bob, Boris, Deb, Anne, Bernie, Bill, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, John, Mike and Alec.On vacation:Lions Larry and Brenda.Away ill:Lion George.Unable to attend due to family commitments: Lions Carol and Kim.Away without a known reason:Lion Barbara.Lion Karen is now attending the Aberdeen Lions.


  1. Correspondence:
  • Dog Guides of Canada – President Boris read a couple of quotes from their correspondence.  Depending on the type of dog guide you choose to sponsor (to support a person whose blind, has diabetes, etc.) the cost would vary from $4000 – $12,000.  We do donate to Dog Guides of Canada every year.
  • Thank you from Kamloops Food Bank for our donation to Basics for Babies.
  • Request from Royal Inland Hospital for their mental health unit.  We donate to RIH every year.
  • Thank you from Monique Bastemeijer for our assistance in the shoebox program.
  • Big Brothers and Sisters sent us a thank you for the $1000 we presented to them.
  • Letter from LCIF to say thank you for the $300+ we sent them. (We sent $500 Canadian.)


  1. Report on Lion George – Lion Dennis.

Lion George was admitted to the hospital on Dec 20th and is home now.Lion Dennis talked with him last Monday and George says he’s feeling better.We’re not sure how long his recovery will take and wish him well.


  1. Report on Garnet Finley – President Boris:

President Boris advised that Lion Garnet passed away.We’re waiting for information on the funeral and will pass the information along when received.


  1. Treasurer’s Report :

Lion Art moved that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as read; seconded by Lion Mike.CARRIED


  1. Minutes of previous regular meeting.

Lion Anne moved that the December 3, 2015 minutes be accepted;seconded by Lion Dick.CARRIED


  1. Business arising from minutes:

Lion Patrick has the trophy returned to the Club by Garnet’s son.He suggests that we name the trophy and present it every year to honor a Lion. This will be brought forward at the Executive meeting.


  1. Committee Reports:
  • Christmas Family Support  – Lions Kathy, Sue & Deb.
    • Lion Sue reported that we prepared hampers for 13 seniors from Glenfair Drive by purchasing personal shopping carts and filling them with food and treats.  We also included gifts of gloves, socks, and scarves.  Lion Anne received a thank you card from one of the recipients.


  • Christmas Train & Food Bank Donation – Lion Mike
    • The Christmas Train went well and the Food Bank is quite happy with what we did.  There was lots of help.  Thank you everyone.  Lion Mike received a cheque from the Food Bank for $300 and suggested we should take some of the money for future repairs on the BBQ.  The repairs will wait until March and will be discussed at a later date. All dishes that came back washed from the Food Bank will need to be re-cleaned as they came back greasy (lack of hot water and donated soap).
  • Ham and Chicken Donation  – Lion Mike
    • The Food Bank presented us with a plaque for our generosity, compassion and support.  We’ll need to build a display shelf in the Club House for this and other gifts of acknowledgement.


  • Family Tree Season of Giving - Lion Dennis. 
    • 11 boxes were given thanks to Lion Kim and Lion Deb.  The Health Management Company put in money for gifts and food at the Christmas party.  After the turkey dinner the children (approximately 50 – 60 of them) were given an individual gift. Then the ladies brought in the shoeboxes.  The mothers were surprised and were crying that someone had actually thought of them.  All the women got a shoebox or subsidiary gift.
  • Club budget for 2016
    • The Finance Committee will need to set a meeting date to discuss the 2016 Budget, if not before, then shortly after the January 14th Executive meeting.

Tail Twisting Break

 The members took part in an exercise that showed their appreciation for Lion Dennis.


  1. New Business:
  • Lions International History – Lion Dennis.
    • Syrian refugees coming into Canada, including  Kamloops.  Lion Dennis spoke with Immigration Canada .  They’re finding that refugees from other countries need a lot of counseling, and Lion Dennis contacted one of the ladies assisting with the Syrian refugees.  They didn’t know yet where families were going , and were collecting household items. They needed the City to provide a storage area.  One family has since arrived and moved to Clearwater; with another family staying in Kamloops.  They have lots of help in the community, and we are not going to push the Club.  We can use our resources elsewhere.  Contact Dennis if you have any other ideas.
    • Lion Deb suggested we should check with our TRU youth Lions Branch.  Dennis will touch base with President to see if they need assistance.
    • President Boris commented that perhaps we could assist with counseling by taking the refugees on social outings.  Apparently Syrian speaking residents will be taking care of this.
  • Bins of Socks at City Hall need to be picked up – President Boris
    • President Boris received a call from the City of Kamloops that the sock bin had not been picked up.  Lion Mike advised that he couldn’t pick up the socks before Christmas and picked up from all 3 locations today.
    • Lion Mike advised that Lion Larry has arranged with the Blazers to have the public bring socks to the game on January 20th and he will likely need help.  Lion Dennis suggested that perhaps all of us could go in uniform.  Lion Dennis will check on times etc. and e-mail us.
    • Lion Art asked about the motion of $200 noted in the last minutes to buy socks for the Sock  Program.  Lion Art to talk to Lion Larry.


  • Application for dental funding Charlene Lacombe – Lion Dennis.
  • Lion Dennis advised that this is now finished.
  • January 14th Executive meeting –– President Boris
    • Even if you are not on the executive, you’re still welcome to attend.  Only members of the executive will be able to vote at the executive meeting.
  • Award – Lion Dennis.
    • Lion Dennis read about the history of Lions International and its dedication to assisting the blind.  For her dedication to this cause and her work in December, an award was presented to Lion Deb.
  • Grant from Home Depot – Lion Bernie.
  • Lion Bernie spoke about applying for grant from Home Depot.  A trailer would be important to buy.  The Boys and Girls Club and Y need funds for landscaping – so part of this grant could be used.  It’s a good fit: the Home Depot’s mandate and the big push to help youth.  Lion Kim and Lion Bernie to follow up.
  • Harley Davidson Club – President Boris.
  • President Boris was approached by the Harley Davidson Club.  He discussed with them the lower numbers and that our profits have dropped considerably.  If they make a profit from this, we could request $500.  Or we could just do this work as a service.
  • Request for Speaker – Lion Dennis
    • Lion Dennis requested that someone volunteer to line up a speaker for our next regular meeting.  President Boris will look into someone from the Hospice House.
  • City of Kamloops Stolen Bikes – Lion Bernie.
    •  It was determined that the Club is interested in getting the stolen bikes from the City to provide to needy youth or even sell on Kijiji or for scrap, depending on the condition of the bike. We’ll need a work party to decide where we can store them, etc. Lion Kim and Lion Bernie to follow up.  Lion Patrick suggested that if we have surplus bikes that we donate them to the Kamloops Fire Department Program (David Suzuki) for distribution to foreign countries.
  • Ponderosa Lodge - Lion Patrick.
    • Lion Patrick provided a follow up regarding the Chapel at Ponderosa Lodge.  They don’t seem to be interested in our assistance, and we will drop the matter until they approach us.



  • Canadian Tire Plaque
    • As Canadian Tire was so generous and helpful with our Bikes for Tykes donation and the Christmas Family Support hampers, we would like to thank them for the low prices on bikes and 1 free bike as well as the low prices on the hamper shopping carts and 1 free cart. Lion Patrick to provide a plaque to them.


  1. Upcoming Events:
  • January 14th – Executive meeting
  • January 20th – Sock Drive at Blazer’s Game
  • January 21st – Next regular meeting for Club
  • March 3rd – District Governor visit to our Club.
  • May 8th? – Juniper Garage Sale.
  • May 28th – Harley Davidson Breakfast.

Lion Dennis called for adjournment. Adjourned at 8:43 p.m.




  • Meeting called to order at 19:02 by President Boris.  Anthem led by Lion Patrick.
  • President Boris introduced our guest speaker, Steve Baker, National Trainer for Quest.  Steve described that his training involves the whole school - teachers, assistants, custodians, administration staff, principals, and members of PAC.  He likes to start with a positive introduction, usually with everyone in a circle, and passes a ball around.  Each person introduces his/herself, throws the ball to someone and says something positive about that person. Steve threw a ball to President Boris and the Lion members at the meeting introduced themselves using this procedure.
  • Steve thanked the Lions club for buying the skills for growing materials used in the schools, including the Quest Bear that children can hold when asking a question.  Every school has a bear. The Quest information was built by teachers for teachers, and instills being positive, creative thinking, getting along with others, helping others, good nutrition, anti-bullying techniques and how to say no to alcohol and drugs.
  • The one day workshop includes the whole school, where the participants have time to look through the materials and planning time is included during the workshop.  The teachers do not teach a separate Quest course; they incorporate the information in their current classes.
  • At one time the Kamloops area had 375 teachers trained; now only 150 are semi-active to active. We have 3 facilitators trained.  Quest materials are going digital – teaching materials on CD’s - and the current goal is for $225,000 to accomplish this.
  • Kids don’t care until they know you care. Steve passed around the training materials including pamphlets:  6 Critical Life Messages and 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care.
  • For more information you can go to the Lions-Quest. org  or google ’bullying’ and you will find a stack of information.
  • Roll Call. The following members were present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Jean, Larry, Boris, Deb, Anne, Bernie, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, John, and Mike. The following were sick:  Lion Bob.  The following were working:  Lions Bill and Alec.  The following were unaccounted for:   Lions Barbara and Brenda. The following have made up for this meeting:  Lions Kim, Art, and Sue.
  • Correspondence. President Boris advised that there was no new correspondence.
  • President Boris read  Lion Art’s Treasurer’s Report:
  • Moved by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion John “that the report be accepted”.   CARRIED.
  • Moved by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Jean “that the minutes from previous meeting be accepted”.  CARRIED.
  • Lion Patrick spoke about the Elizabeth Fry Black Tie Gala.  It was a great event and everyone had a nice evening and dinner.  The Lion members were placed close to the front, and our logo was displayed on a rotating screen which acknowledged the event sponsors.
  • Lion Patrick reported on the Bikes for Tykes / Christmas Amalgamated and how proud he was to be able to be part of the parade when the Lion members wheeled in the 9 bicycles for teens that the Lions members provided to this great event.  He commented on how Canadian Tire made this possible by providing a low price for the bikes and also contributing 1 of the bikes.  He would like to see them acknowledged for their assistance with a plaque, and it was decided that Lion Bob would be the one to attain the plaque.
  • Lion Patrick spoke about the Advertising/PR Budget. We need to get a handle on the budget to be approved.  The requests for monies need to go to the Executive first and then to the general meeting for approval.
  • Lion Deb advised that we are not doing the Street Nurse Donation as we don’t have the time and can’t afford it right now.  We were not approached by the Street Nurse, and all the homeless have been given socks through the Sock Program.  She suggested we table this project until the Spring so that we have enough time to organize it for next Christmas.
  • Lion Mike advised that there is nothing to report at this time regarding the Storage Security Upgrade.
  • Lion Bernie reported on the Family Tree Season on Giving on behalf of Lion Kim. Anyone wishing to contribute a shoe box wrapped in Christmas paper, filled with personal items for women, please bring your box to the Christmas party.
  • Lion Kathy commented on the Christmas Family Support Project, where the VOLC will be providing Christmas hampers to 13 seniors this year. As we had $1000 for the hampers, and did not wish to eliminate any of the names put forward, addition funds are being requested to ensure a good variety of foods and a gift for each person.  Lion Kathy put forward the motion “that the Christmas Hamper budget of $1000 be increased by $200”.  2nd by Lion Dennis.  CARRIED.
  • Lion Dennis commented on our Christmas Party scheduled for December 10th.  Appetizers will be at 6:00pm with the main meal at 7:00pm.   Assistance would be appreciated for food preparation and decorating at 3:00pm.  Anyone wishing to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift worth no more than $10, and please note whether it’s for a male or female.  Anyone bringing children to the party, please bring a gift for them.  Anne will need numbers of people planning to attend including any guests. She will be calling everyone to determine which food item you would like to bring.
  • Bikes for Kids Donation.  As noted by Lion Patrick under ‘Business Arising from Minutes’.
  • Lion Mike reported on the Food Bank Chickens and Hams Donation. If anyone is interested in being in the picture, please be at the Lansdowne Street Coopers at 1:00pm on December  14th.
  • Tail Twister Break
  • Lion Dennis advised that the New Life Community (formerly New Life Mission) has requested a donation.  Are we interested in donating for Christmas?  As we have limited time until Christmas we need to do an on-line vote to provide these monies.  Lion Deb proposed a motion “that any remaining monies remaining in the Homeless Initiatives be put toward the New Life Community”.   2nd by Lion Bernie.  CARRIED.   Lion Patrick advised that under Roberts Rule of Order that those who don’t respond to an on-line poll are automatically counted as a yes vote.  We need a policy developed on this and President Boris advised this will be discussed at the next Executive meeting.
  • Lion Dennis informed the members that Nick Waslinchuk passed away (December 19, 2023 to December 12, 2015).  He became a Lion member in Chase in 1974, and was in Sorrento club  from 1978 until he joined the VOLC.  He was always on the Executive (although not president) and is a life member of Lions International.  He was a great gentleman and had a profound influence on our members.
  • Nick’s son was cleaning out his car and found a Lions statue (1988) which he returned to us. President Boris suggested we purchase a plaque for the Lion statue and leave it in the den.  Lion Patrick will follow up.
  • Lion Dennis spoke regarding Syrian Refugees and our housing/ food connections and services to families.  Paul Legacy at Kamloops Immigrant Services is the contact.  The Kamloops United Church is sponsoring 2 families.  The Club should follow up on how we can assist.  Dennis will explore this and get back to the members.
  • Lion Dennis brought up a time sensitive request.  The single mother (C. L.) is requesting assistance with $3000 worth of dental work for her four year old child - $800 for the first of four sessions.  It was determined that we would forward this request to the Review Committee.
  • The VOLC will be on the Midday TV program with Susan Edgell on Tuesday, December 15th.  Lion  George and Lion Deb will be on camera to promote our club.  So far this year the VOLC has provided $40,000 to the community.
  • Lion Larry discussed the Sock Program.  We have 315 pairs of socks.  A box has been put in the Fire Department in Sahali and one other fire hall.  We could easily have over 800 pairs of socks from the boxes, VOLC members donating socks and a sock drive at the Coliseum.  Lion Larry will be talking to Lion Art regarding possible funds available.  A motion “ that $200 be donated to for the sock drive” was put forward by Lion Carol and 2nd by Lion Dick.  CARRIED.
  • Lion Larry commented that a total of 1200 pair of socks(mitts/scarves/socks/diapers) is possible.We would be famous across the country – with recognition through the internet and International magazine.These donations would be distributed throughout town – Emerald House, New Life Community, Elizabeth Fry Society, RCMP cells, Women’s Shelter, etc.We have totes for collection bins.Lion Deb volunteered to help with pick up of the socks.Lion Carol will put a collection box at her office.
  • Lion Larry won the 50/50 draw - $7.00
  • December 10th – Christmas Party at Glenfair – Lion Dennis
  • December 14th – Coopers Chicken and Hams Donation – Lion Mike
  • December 15th – Midday Show – Lion Patrick
  • December 17th – Christmas Train – Lion Mike
  • January 7th – next regular meeting for the club (pot luck)




  1. Meeting opened 19:00 hrs by President Boris, followed by singing of National Anthem.


  1. Roll call conducted with the following results:  Present – Lions Dennis, Jean, Boris, George, Ann, Kim, Bernie, Art, Sue, Dick, John, Mike, Brenda.  Following members were attending the Elizabeth Fry gala on behalf of the club:  Lions Larry, Deb, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Barbara. Lions Carol, Bill and Alec were working.  Lion Bob on holidays.  Lion Karen had no ride.


  1. Treasurer report presented by Lion Art.  Moved by Lion Art, 2nd by Lion Dick “That report be accepted”.   CARRIED.


  1. Lion Art also reported that our Gaming Grant has been submitted for the 2016 period.


  1. Moved by Lion Sue, 2nd by Lion Bernie “That the minutes from previous meeting be accepted”.  CARRIED.


  1. President Boris distributed various pieces of correspondence for the information of all.


  1. Lion Dennis gave the following report on behalf of the Finance Committee:  The request from the Quilters for funds to assist them with one of their projects has been dealt with.  They were presented with a $300.00 gift certificate for supplies.  Request from People in Motion for funding was put over until a later date.  The Westsyde Community Association’s request for assistance to build a shelter will be brought forward later.  If we proceed with our Boat & Motor Raffle for 2016, they may be given the opportunity of selling tickets, and reaping part of the profit.  Will be decided on later.


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the results of the recent membership survey.  12 out of 25 members responded.  Some of the comments were we should have community speakers, and also presentations on Lions International.  Further action will be taken.  This will also be discussed at upcoming Executive Meeting.


  1. Lion Kim reported on the “Shoe Box” project, and the need to fund.  Funding appears to be available in the undedicated portion of our Gaming account.  Motion by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Dick “That $300.00 be allocated to the Shoe box project, which would supply 10 boxes”.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Sue reports the Christmas Family support program is coming along fine.


  1. President Boris reported on Food Safe.  Members requiring Food Safe certificate are encouraged to get it on line, and the club will pay the cost of it.  Members should have it by the spring of 2016.
  2.  Lion Dennis reported on the status of the upcoming Christmas party on behalf of the committee.  Everything is progressing favorably. Event will be held December 10th.  It will be a pot luck meal.  Members will be phoned regarding food.


  1. Lion Mike advises the Food Bank chicken and ham purchase will be made at Coopers on Lansdowne on December 14th at 1 PM.  Anyone interested, be there for the photo op.


  1. Lion Mike informed the club he received a card of thanks from the Rayleigh PAC who were able to purchase skies with our recent donation.


  1. President Boris asked for volunteers for a committee to spearhead future lottery grant applications.  Lions Kim, Art, Dennis and George volunteered.  Lion Dennis recommended the finance committee should handle the grant application.


  1. Lion George suggested the motion we made on September 17th 2015 to pay members for club visitations be revisited as it was too rich, and that it be replaced with a more cost conscious one.  Moved by Lion Dick, 2nd by Lion Kim that the following motion which was passed on September 17th be rescinded  “That if two or more members make a visitation to another club in in Zones D-8 and D-3, the club reimburse them for the cost of their meals, plus $.75 per km for mileage.  Carpooling must be utilized if at all possible.  Monies for expenses to come from the convention fund”.  CARRIED.  Moved by Lion Brenda, 2nd by Lion Jean that the following motion be adopted:  “If two or more members make a visitation to a club in zones D-8 or D-3, the Club will pay for the cost of their meal if such cost is incurred.  No mileage claims will be entertained.  Costs to be borne by the convention fund”.  CARRIED.


  1. The topic of towing the club bbq or freezer trailer was discussed, which resulted in the following motion.  Moved by Lion Brenda, 2nd by Lion Jean that:  “If a member is involved in towing the bbq or the clubs trailer containing the freezer and generator, they may submit a claim of $10.00 per event to cover related costs.  Such expenses to be charged against the activity”.  CARRIED.


  1. President Boris is seeking a chair person for the “Contest and Awards” program for District conventions.  Job of the chair is to enter the club into contests that it is eligible for.  No takers at this time.


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the state of security at the lockup at Cool Creek.  Our storage unit was recently broken into, and perimeter security is lacking.  Lion Mike volunteered to weld some boxes over the locks so they will not be subjected to removal with bolt cutters.  Lion George is to check on storage insurance.


  1. The matter of our proposed garage sale was discussed.  It was the consensus of the members present that this project be put on hold.







  1. Meeting opened at 17:00 hrs by President Boris.  Invocation by Lion Dennis.  Anthem led by Lion George.


  1. Introduction of guests:  Toni Stepp, and Heather Brandon.


  1. Roll call with following results:  Present:  Lions Boris, Bob, Kim, Bernie, Sue, Art, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, Deb, Bill, Michael, Mike, Barbara, Ann, Larry, Jean, John, Dennis, George.  Lions Carol and Alec are working.  Lion Brenda is ill, and Lion Karen unaccounted for.


  1. Guest speaker - Ms.  Heather Brandon from People in Motion.  Organization is looking for funding.  Finance committee to discuss.


  1. Moved by Lion Ann, 2nd by Lion Jean “That Minutes from October16th meeting be accepted”.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Art gave financial report . Carried


  1. Lion Dennis spoke on Lions Club Members responsibilities, and the results of the recent member survey.


  1. Lion Patrick advises the Club has 6 tickets available for the Elizabeth Fry Societies “Black Tie” dinner on November 19th.  Following members were selected to attend:  Lions Deb, Barbara, Kathy, Patrick, Larry, and Michael.


  1. President Boris welcomed back Lions Art and Sue from their Spanish vacation, and Lion Deb from her recent trip to Africa.


  1. Lion Patrick carried out tail twisting duties, and impressed the meeting with his trivia information.


  1. Lion Dennis reported on behalf of the committee on the plans for the Christmas party.  Some Commercial places were checked (Desert Gardens) which charges $20.00 per plate, plus $30.00 per hour for room rental.  It was decided our Christmas Party would be held at Glenfair on December 10th.  It will be a pot luck affair.  Club will buy the Ham and Turkey.  Family members are invited.  Suggested we come up with a gift under $10.00 for the event.  The room is limited to 45 people, so the Committee needs to know who is planning on coming, and with how many guests.  Advise Lion Dennis by December 3rd or sooner.
  2. Lion Larry reported on the sock program.  317 pair have been collected thus far.  All local schools are onside and will be collecting.  It is being advertised along the lines of “Early Christmas Sock Drive for the Homeless and Needy”.


  1. Lion Deb will contact the Street Nurses to see if they require any assistance from the Club for Christmas period.


  1. Lion George gave a Grant update.  It has to be submitted on line as of this year, and must be in Victoria by November 30th.  It is hoped it can be done the weekend of November 14 – 15, but it depends on Lion Carols schedule.


  1. Lion Kim is taking on the “Shoebox” program.


  1. Lion Mike advises the won a couple of District awards.  We came 1st for Membership increases, and were runner up for Most New Members in D-8.


  1. Lions Sue, Kathy and Deb are seeking out “Families in need” for our Christmas hampers.  Moved by Lion Sue, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That $1,000.00 be made available from gaming funds to finance the project – if the funds are available”.   CARRIED.


  1. Lion Deb is chairing the “Basics for Babies” event this year.  There are 10 tickets available for the breakfast at Hotel 540 to kick off the event.  See Lion Deb for tickets and details.  Date is November 20th.


  1. Lion Mike advises the CP Christmas Train will be here December 17th.  He wants those involved in the event to meet at the lockup at 1:00 PM that day.


  1. With reference to the motion from the October 1st meeting where it was moved we donate $300.00 to the Kamloops Quilters Club for their quilting project.  Original motion was we give $300.00 to Fabric Land for use by the Quilters.  It is now realized that to use the Gaming Funds, we will have to buy gift certificates at the store of their choice and present it to them.


  1. Executive meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 12th.  All invited.


Adjourned 21:30 hrs.



  1. Meeting called to order at 19:00 hrs by President Boris.


  1. Roll call conducted with the following results:  Present – Lions Dennis, Jean, Boris, George, Ann, Bernie, Kim, Kathy, Patrick, Mike, Brenda.  Holidays: Lions Bob, Larry, Deb, Art, Sue, Michael, John, Dick.  Working: Lions Carol, Bill, Alec.  Unknown: Lions Karen.


  1. Induction of new member Barbara Robertson by President Boris.  Welcome to the Club Barbara!


  1. No correspondence.


  1. No Treasurers report.


  1. Moved by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Patrick “That minutes from October 1st Meeting be accepted as presented” CARRIED.


Business Arising From Minutes:


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the committee’s recommendations regarding upgrading of canteen.  Estimates for necessary equipment are as follows:  $1,500.00 for a new trailer, light enough to tow behind a car.  $2,500.00 for a generator.  $900.00 for a hand wash station.  There may be some unanticipated expenses, so with that in mind the following motion was made by Lion Dennis, and 2nd by Lion Jean “That a budget of $6,000.00 be allocated to the committee to purchase the necessary equipment”.  CARRIED.


  1. Discussion over the profits from the TRU BBQ.  Moved by Lion Kim, 2nd by Lion Patrick “That $200.00 go to the TRU Lions Club, and $200.00 go to the New Life Mission.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Patrick reported on the request from the Elizabeth Fry Society for funding (reference item in last minutes).  The Society is attempting to buy a building for use by their clients, and is trying to raise funds.  They are putting on a “Black Tie” Dinner next month to raise funds.  Support at the PLATINUM level entitles the donor to six tickets for a cost of $750.00.  Moved by Lion Kim, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That we support the Society by donating $750.00 (Platinum Level)”.  CARRIED.


  1. Short break while Lion Patrick fleeced the poor attendees of their hard earned coinage (also goes by the name of “tail twisting”).


Committee Reports:


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the upcoming bbq at Spirit Square tomorrow, while the annual “Homeless Count” is underway.  Food items are being supplied by the Food Bank.
  2. President Boris reported on the upcoming bbq at Dillman’s auction on Saturday.  Lion Carol is chairing the event.


  1. Lion Patrick reported that $50.00 was donated TO THE Legion for startup funds for their poppy drive, and $300.00 went to the Kamloops Quilters for their projects.  These items were brought to the club at the last meeting.


New Business and Upcoming Events:


  1. Lions Kathy, Barb and Dennis will organize the Club Christmas party.


  1. Lion Kim is now the Clubs Diabetic Chair.
  2. Lion Jean is the Club Greeter. (Make sure you shake her hand or she will pounce on you with a vengeance).


  1. Guest speaker at the November 5th meeting is a representative from “People In Motion”.


  1. November 20th is the Basics for Babies event.


  1. December 15th is the CP Christmas Train.


Adjourned 20:15



  1. Meeting called to order at 19:05 by President Boris.  Anthem led by Lion John.  Invocation given by Lion Dennis for the delicious potluck.


  1. The following members were present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Jean, Boris, Anne, Kathy, Patrick, John, Mike and Brenda. The following were on holidays:  Lions Bob, Larry, Deb, George, Art, Sue, Michael and Dick.  The following were working:  Lions Bill and Alec.  The following were unaccounted for:  Lions Karen, Kim and Bernard.


  1. President  Boris welcomed our guests:  Toni – John Stepp’s wife; Barbara Robertson, who will become a member at the next meeting;  and three members from the North Kamloops Lions Club.


  1. Norma Bent, Zone Coordinator was introduced by President Boris.


  • Norma started her presentation by thanking the Valleyview Overlanders Lions Club members who attended the Chase Lions induction of new members and installation of officers.
  • The District Governors theme this year is ‘Service in Perfect Harmony’.  The District Governor’s visit to our club will be March 3, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  Norma provided a handout regarding protocol for the visit, including table and flag placement -  the USA anthem needs to be sung prior to the Canadian anthem.
  • The October 3, 2015 Membership Workshop at Camp Winfield has been cancelled.
  • Leadership 101 will be coming to Kamloops.  Information to follow.
  • A new Zone Coordinator is needed for 2016/17.  Norma has almost completed 2 years in this position so a new appointment is necessary.  Please consider volunteering for this position.
  • Norma had a few handouts and provided Lion Dennis with the ‘Your Club Your Way’ handout as our club hadn’t received that one previously
  • Centennial Celebration – International is planning for 100 million served by June 2017. Worldwide Week of Service – October 2015. Make sure we send in the numbers served (and number of volunteers) for our October 16th BBQ for the Homeless.  Also during this period we should send the eye glasses that we’ve collected to Calgary.
  • Norma thought our Sock Program was a great idea.  In Lion Larry’s absence, Lion Patrick commented the last count he was aware of was 300.  We provided 85 pairs of socks for children and 15 pairs for adults at the Salvation Army BBQ.
  • Homeless Connect BBQ with the United Way will be October 16th.  VVOL will supplement and cook the food provided by the Food Bank. Other agencies will also take part providing vaccinations, ensuring safety for the homeless, as well as doing the homeless count.
  • Timmy’s Telethon will be from 6 to 10 on December 6th on Shaw Cable.  All monies go to BC Lions.  These monies help with Easter Seal House.  Last year 2,619 bed nights were used by Kamloops residents alone.  2,754 bed nights for our District and 27,015 bed nights for BC.
  • This past summer 20 campers from our Zone were sponsored.   721 campers attended the 3 camps.  The biggest increases were at Camp Winfield and Camp Shawnigan.  Renovations to Camp Winfield are almost complete.  Thank you to VVOL for their contributions.  Any future donations would be most appreciated.
  • If there are any camera buffs in the Club, please note that the Environmental Picture Contest closes on November 16, 2015. Only one photo per Club.  Submissions need to be sent to the District Governor and successful entries will be put in the calendar.
  • Norma asked what she could do for our Club.
    • Lion Dennis asked what we can do for the Chase Club as its imperative that the club survive. Perhaps Norma could let us know when a club is in trouble.
    • Norma advised that what we did last Monday was wonderful. The Chase club was getting old – couldn’t do the projects.  Most of the new members were already volunteers and now will be the club – being supported by the older ones as best they can.  As members get older, they’re not physically able to do the projects as they once were.

President Boris thanked Norma for her presentation.




Grant Application Committee:

  • We had 3 requests for grants.  The Kamloops Quilters Club requested $2000.00 to assist in making quilts which they donate to single mothers, survivors of chemotherapy, etc.   The Committee is recommending 300.00.  Lion Patrick put forth the motion that we give $300 to FabricLand for use by the Kamloops Quilters club for materials only.  2nd by Lion Jean.  CARRIED
  • $400 for Dental Assistance for a young person was already dealt with at the last meeting.
  • Elizabeth Fry Society requested that the Club purchase/sponsor an upcoming event. The Committee reviewed policy and generic requests.  More information is required as funding needs a specific project and cannot go into general revenue.
  • The Canadian Legion has requested $50 to kick start their poppy program.  A motion by Lion Patrick that we provide the Canadian Legion with $50 for their poppy program was 2nd by Lion John.  CARRIED


  • October 3, 2015 – Membership Workshop at Camp Winfield – CANCELLED
  • October 16, 2015 – BBQ for Homeless – Lion Dennis



Meeting Adjourned at 20:10 hours.









  1.  Meeting called to order at 19:00 hrs by President Boris.  Anthem led by Lion Patrick.


  1. Roll call conducted with the following results:  Present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Boris, Deb, George, Ann, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, John, Mike, Brenda.  Following on holidays:  Lions Jean, Art, Sue.  Following sick: Lions Bernie, Kim, Bob.  Following working: Lions Bill, Michael, Alec, Barbara.  Following unaccounted for: Lions Karen, Larry.


  1. Miscellaneous correspondence passed around.


  1. Moved by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That minutes of September 3rd meeting be accepted”.  CARRIED.


  1. Treasurer report presented by Acting Treasurer Lion Carol.  Moved by Lion Carol, 2nd by Lion Dick “That report be accepted as presented”.  CARRIED.  Lion Dennis brought forward the point that our financial picture should not be broadcast on social media when we post our minutes.  This was agreed upon, therefore figures are not included with the minutes, but will be distributed under separate cover.

Business Arising From Minutes:

  1. Upgrading of canteen equipment – Lion Dennis.  Nothing further to report at this time.

Committee Reports:

  1. TRU bbq Sept 4th – results as reported in earlier email.


  1. Lloyd George Welcome Back bbq – results as reported in earlier email.


  1. Eyeglass collection – Lion Deb.  Nothing to report at this time.


  1. Sock program – Lion Larry not present.  Nothing to report at this time.


  1. Lion Mike advises the Food Bank pancake breakfast is on this coming Saturday (19th).  Everyone to meet at the Food bank by 06:30 hrs.

New Business:

  1. Discussion over our participation in the Shore Cleanup Program.  Correspondence presented sometime ago by Lion Art regarding our potential involvement in this project.  It is supposed to be completed during the month of September, and it was the consensus of the Club that we left it to long to act.  Our participation tabled for this year.


  1. Club Meetings.  Concern has been expressed over the length of some of our meetings.  As a result the following motion was put forward by Lion Dennis, and 2nd by Lion Dick “That club meetings be as follows:  First Thursday of the month is a dinner meeting, with guest speaker or some other activity.  Second Thursday of the month is an Executive Meeting, and Third Thursday of the month is a regular business meeting”.  Motion CARRIED.  Lion Patrick stressed our guest speakers should be non- political, to which there was full concurrence.


  1. Lion Patrick carried out tail twisting duties, leveling appropriate fines.  Lions Brenda and Ann are now selling 50-50 tickets, and assorted Lions paraphernalia.  Profits from these ventures will go to the convention fund.


  1. Lion Patrick brought up Club visitations and possible reimbursement to members who attend other Club meetings.  Discussion resulted in the following motion from Lion George, 2nd by Lion Carol “That if two or more members make a visitation to another Club in Zones D-8 and D-3, the club reimburse them for the cost of their meals, plus $.75 per km for mileage.  Carpooling must be utilized if at all possible.  Monies for expenses to come from the convention fund”.  CARRIED.


  1. President Boris brought forward a request for assistance for a young person who is in dire need of dental work.  This work must be performed in Kelowna.  No reason presented as to why it cannot be conducted here.  Discussion resulted in the following motion by Lion Dick, 2nd by Lion Dennis “That we pay for the dental work and a night in a hotel in Kelowna if required”.   CARRIED.  It was decided outside the motion that the dentist would be paid direct, as would the hotel bill if required.  Dental cost estimated to be less than $400.00.


  1. Lion Carol advises the improvement project we conducted at Glenfair (work on the grounds in front of a unit) exceeded budget by $494.15.  This amount is owed to Lion Deb.  Moved by Lion Patrick, 2nd by Lion Ann “That monies be paid”.  CARRIED.


  1. A project plaque we have on hand was displayed, and the consensus was that we should look into the cost of purchasing project plaques to mount on projects we complete throughout the city.  Checks to be made with Terry’s Trophies to see what the cost of a plaque would be (no note made as to who is going to be doing the checking with Terry’s Trophy).


  1. Lion George spoke on the annual LCIF and CARE donations, which resulted in the following motion by Lion George, 2nd by Lion Carol “That we donate $500.00 to LCIF and $250.00 to CARE, monies to come from Activities”  CARRIED.
  2. Matter of this year’s grant application came up.  It must be in Victoria by November 12th.  Lion George offered to do the necessary preamble work for it again, and Lion Carol said she would do the financial component, but she wants someone else to learn how to do it, as she doesn’t want to do it next year.  Lion Kathy volunteered to learn from Lion Carol.  Funding requests will be finalized by October 15th meeting.

  1. Discussions over workings of finance committee.  Finance committee will make their recommendations and bring to the Executive, then to the regular meeting for final approval.

Adjourned 20:54 hrs





1. Meeting opened 19:00 hrs by President Boris. Anthem led by Lion George. Invocation by Lion Carol.


2. Following guest introduced: Barbara Robertson (guest of Lion George), and Sherry Lewis (guest of Lion Carol).


3. Roll call conducted with the following results: Lions present: Carol, Dennis, Jean, Bob, Boris, Deb, George, Ann, Bernie, Kim, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Dick, John, Mike. Lion Alec is working, Lion Brenda is sick, Larry is on holidays, and Lions Bill and Karen are unaccounted for. Lion Morley has transferred to the Aberdeen club.


4. Motion by Lion Ann, 2nd by Lion Patrick “That the minutes from the June 18th Regular Meeting be accepted”. MOTION CARRIED.


5. Lion Art presented a Treasurers report. Motion by Lion Carol, 2nd by Lion Art “That report be accepted as presented”. MOTION CARRIED.


6. Lion Carol reported Cheques from the boat and motor raffle have been disbursed, and the final report to gaming has been submitted. We have also received our grant from Esso (thanks to Lion Bob and former Lion Garnett). Of the $1,000.00 received, $900.00 went to Lions Quest, while $100.00 was returned to the club to repay our advance to Quest.


Old Business:

7. General discussion over moving the storage unit from its current location at Cool Creek to Pleasure Pools on Tagish. The matter appears to have stalled after several months, and the consensus was to keep the unit where it is. No formal vote taken.


8. Lion Sue presented the Club with 15 new aprons that were made for use at events. Lion Mike requested that anyone using the aprons, to clean them after an event, so they don’t end up in a tattered mess like the old ones.


9. Lion Dennis reported on the work his committee has taken regarding improvements to the canteen equipment. Some suggestions are get a smaller utility trailer which would be capable of being towed behind a car, and in which our freezer and a generator could go. We should also



get a wash station to conform to IHA guidelines. No decision made on what to do, but Lion Patrick suggested another meeting be held with IHA to see if their rules are about to change again. Work to continue on project.


10. Lion Kim reported on her query with the RCMP over us obtaining their found property when it is about to be disposed of. Discussion ongoing.


11. Lion George reported on the Phoenix Centre and their “Ashes to Dust race”. One attempt was made to contact the organizer, but call wasn’t return. They have made no further contact with us to sponsor a bike again this year.


12. Lions Carol and Deb reported on our candidate in the Ambassador program. Emily didn’t win, but did fair well.


Committee Reports:

13. President Boris reported on the results of the Marathon Breakfast we ran last month. Good turnout of members to assist. $500.00 collected for our efforts. Money has been received.


14. Lion Patrick reported on the Salvation Army Back to School bbq we assisted at a short time ago. Our time was donated to the event, as the Salvation Army were hosting it for the under privileged in the area. They got coupons for new shoes, and we donated socks from our sock program. Good community event.


15. Lion Deb reported on the eyeglass collection program. Collections have been slow the past while, but things are proceeding.


16. Floor turned over to Tail Twister Lion Patrick.


New Business:

17. Food Safe Course. Most members need Food Safe renewal. Lion Deb is the course coordinator, and will be arranging for the course to be presented locally, or will advise us what steps we should take to obtain a new certificate. Those who currently have a certificate with no expiry date were informed they will expire June 2018.


18. Lion Dennis presented a form for members to fill out in his role as Membership chair... He encouraged everyone to put down their thoughts, and return the form to him at next meeting.


19. President Boris asked for volunteers for a finance committee. Following members put their names forward: Lions Patrick, Dennis, Kim, and Ann.



20. With the departure of Lion Morley, the garage sale project is in need of a new chair. Lion Bernie volunteered to take the task on.


21. Lion George reported on the work of the convention funding committee. The committee’s recommendation (sent around earlier) is that $1,200.00 per year be earmarked for convention purposes. This funding is taken from a portion of the admin money we receive from Gaming. In addition to the $1,200.00, monies raised from other in-house events (bar, tail twister, etc.) will also go into this account. If the money isn’t spent in the existing fiscal year, it will be carried forward. Policy will be prepared and circulated to all members. Moved by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Dick “That this policy be accepted.” MOTION CARRIED.


Upcoming Events:

22. TRU Back To School BBQ – Tuesday, Sept 8th. Lion Bob is chair. Instructions have been sent around to all members. Matter of disbursement of our fee resulted in the following motion: Moved by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Dick “That 50% of the net profit will go to the TRU Lions Club, and 50% will go to the City Life Mission.” MOTION CARRIED.


23. Lloyd George “Welcome Back BBQ” Thursday, Sept. 10th. Chair - Lion George. Following members volunteered: Lions Bernie, Mike, Deb, Barbara, Patrick, and Kath. Those helping will be contacted via email with instructions.


24. Lion Mike reports there is a City of Kamloops Slo Pitch bbq at Charles Anderson on Sept. 12th. He is chairing. Assistance is needed, so contact Lion Mike to help.


25. Lion Mike is also chairing the Food Bank Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 19th. This is a kick-off for the Rotary Food Drive. Contact Lion Mike to volunteer.


Meeting adjourned 21:30 hrs.




  1. Meeting opened 19:00 hrs by President Boris with the singing of the National Anthem.


  1. Roll call conducted with the following results; Lions Present: Dennis, Jean, Boris, Deb, George, Ann, Bernie, Kim, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Dick, Mike.  Following members either working or on holidays:  Lions Carol, Morley, Larry, Michael, Bob, Bill, Alec.  Lion Karen unaccounted for, and Lion Garnett is still in hospital.   Two guests (soon to be new members) were introduced, namely John Stepp, and Brenda Whitfield.


  1. No correspondence to distribute.


  1. Motion to accept minutes from June 4th meeting made by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Ann.  CARRIED.


  1. Treasurer report presented by Lion Art.  Moved by Lion Art, 2nd by Lion Dennis that report be accepted.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Art also advises that all outstanding receipts from the Boat & Motor Raffle must be submitted to him by June 30th.  After that date the Gaming Report will be submitted, and the monies allocated to various groups will be distributed.  Monies cannot be distributed until after the report goes in.


  1. Lion Art advises members should consider taking the Food Safe Course.  This can be taken on-line, and the club will pay the cost of the course.  Even current Food Safe Certificate holders should renew.  Costs for this course cannot be recovered from Gaming, however we are allowed to take 10% of Gaming for Admin purposes, plus we can take 7% of Boat and Motor Raffle for Admin.  This will more than cover the costs of the course.


  1. Lion Art also brought up the case of hall rental at our current location.  Even though we were unable to use the meeting place for several months, it was felt we should pay the entire year.  Motion by Lion Dick, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That we pay for the entire 2015 year” CARRIED.  Lion Dennis had earlier made a motion, 2nd by Lion Kim, “That we don’t pay for the 3 months we were not able to use the premises”.  Motion defeated.


  1. Lions Deb and Dennis reported on the Glenfair project.  Lion Deb advises work will commence at 09:30 hrs. tomorrow morning.
  2. President Boris reported on the $500.00 we had been holding in trust for Jesse Hyde and his transplant.  The transplant has taken place, and all is well at this point.  The money is now needed, and is being deposited to the trust account by Lion Art.


  1. Lion Kim reported on the letter to the City re us collecting items from the RCMP which is either lost and found, or unclaimed stolen property. A letter is coming back from the City.  The matter is still under discussion.


  1. Lion Patrick reported on the Ponderosa Chapel, which he was lead to believe was in rack and ruin, and in need of repair.  Turns out that was not the case.  No further action required.


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the request he had received regarding a family wishing to send their children to camp.  In his opinion, the request is not valid, and the matter should be dropped.  General agreement.


  1. Lion Dennis raised the issue of the Phoenix Centre, and their annual “Ashes to Dust” bike ride (reference the talk from previous meeting). Lion Dennis moved, 2nd by Lions Art and Bernie “That we sponsor one bike up to the cost of $1,200.00”.  CARRIED.  Lion George to check with Phoenix Centre to see if there is still a need for bikes. Club will be advised of results via email, due to our summer recess.


  1. Lion Deb reported on used eyeglass collection.  There are lots coming in, and her collection boxes are working well.


  1. Absentee report from Lion Larry on the sock project.  He has collected 77 pair of socks from Summit Secondary, and now has 307 pair on hand for distribution this fall.


  1. Lion Mike reported on the soccer tournament at Dallas on June 6/7.  We made around $200.00, but the event was more of a community service than a money maker.  Thanked all those who helped.


  1. Lion Mike also reported on the Kamloops Child Development bbq which was held on June 17th.  This was a “community service”.  No charge for the event.  They supplied all products, we did the work.


  1. President Boris reported on the recent Lions Quest workshop.  Lions Kim, Kathy, Dennis, and Deb were all involved.


  1. Lion George reported on the proposed “Murder Mystery Dinner” tentatively set for next year.  Committee comprised of Lions Patrick, Kathy, Art, Sue, Carol, Deb and George has been formed to work with the initiator of the idea (Sue Adams) to examine all aspects and get it going if feasible.


  1. Lion Bernie reports the cost of moving our storage container to a new location would be between $250.00 and $500.00.  No word yet on what type of refund we would get if we leave our current location early.


  1. Lion Sue reported on the new aprons.  Cost of the aprons is $5.00 per.  Terry’s Trophy’s is doing the logo work.


  1. Floor turned over to Tail Twister Lion Patrick who handed out some very well deserved fines .


  1. Lion Art reported on a request received from “People In Motion”.  They require financial assistance to run their Day Summer Camps.  Moved by Lion Art, 2nd by Lion Kim “That we support up to six campers, for a cost of $270.00” CARRIED.   It was also suggested that representatives of People in Motion come and speak to our club in the new Lions Year.


  1. Lion Dennis recommended we set up a committee, and look into canteen work.  Volunteers for this committee are:  Lions Bernie, Dennis, Deb, Ann, and Boris.   Lions Patrick and Mike are dealing with IHA to obtain required permits for events.


  1. Discussion over convention costs.  Committee has yet to come up with recommendations, however Lion Deb moved, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That the proceeds from the upcoming Brock cooking event go towards convention costs ($350.00).  Motion carried 9 to 3.


  1. Following events are upcoming;


  • June 19th - Brock Middle School bbq June 19th.  Chair – Lion Mike.
  • June 21st - Dog Walk Riverside Park.  Organized by Riverside Lions.
  • June 25th - Sponsor Appreciation Night for Kamloops Ambassador.  Heritage House.  Contact Lion Deb for more information.
  • June 28th – Club windup at Glenfair.
  • July 11th – Ms. Kamloops Pageant.  Contact Lion Deb for more info.
  • July 26th – Kamloops Marathon Breakfast.  Chair – President Boris.
  • August 22nd – Quest Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 20:30 hrs.





  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Boris.  Anthem led by Lion Sue.  Invocation by Lion Carol.


  1. Following guest introduced:  Prospective new member John Stepp and his wife Toni, Marcia and Jennifer from the Phoenix Centre, and Barbara Humphrey.


  1. Pot luck dinner, followed by a presentation from the Phoenix Centre representatives over their upcoming Ashes to Dust Mountain Bike Camp.  Talk centered around the success of last year’s camp, due in part to the generosity of various groups (including us) who supplied bikes for the participants.  No request for donation of a bike at this time.  For this year’s camp, which is set for September 9th and 10th at Juniper, they hope to have 25 participants.  So far they have 15 applications, ranging in males between the ages of 14 and 25.


  1. Roll call carried out with the following results:  Members present – Lions Carol, Dennis, Morley, Jean, Karen, Boris, Deb, George, Ann, Bernie, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Dick, and Mike.  Ions Alec and Bill were working.  Lion Garnett is still in hospital, while Lions Bob and Kim are away.  Lion Larry unaccounted for.


  1. Correspondence consisted of a letter from International congratulating us for starting a branch club.  Also supplied a banner patch, plus a pin for the President.
  2. Motion to accept minutes of May 21st meeting made by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Ann.  CARRIED.
  3. Treasurer’s Report presented by Lion Art. 2nd by Lion Jean.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Dennis reported on the Glenfair construction project.  The club has budgeted $1,000.00 to do the project, and Lion Dennis feels it would cost at least $1,700.00 to complete it, using our labour.  Lion Deb has a contact with Blackstone Contracting.  They will do all the required work for $1,000.00.  All that would be required from us is to place paving stones in appropriate places.  Cost for such stones is estimated at $200.00.  Moved by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Mike “That the budget be increased by $200.00”.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Kim reported via Lion Bernie that a letter has gone to the City requesting storage for our flea market collections, plus seeking permission to receive the found and recovered items the RCMP dispose of on a regular basis.  No reply received as yet.
  2. Lion Mike reported on the purchase of aprons.  At this point it appears the cost is going to be $17.00 per apron.  He is planning on ordering 10.


  1. President Boris advises the Club windup is set for Sunday, June 28th at Glenfair.  Further details forthcoming.


  1. Information received from Lion Bob that ESSO grant has yet to be received.  Lion Art advises he got a call from ESSO, and the money is on the way.


  1. Lion Dennis reports that he and Lion Patrick have been unable to schedule an appointment with the lady who wants assistance to send her children to camp.  The meeting has been postponed, and they should have a report for next meeting.


  1. Discussion over licensing for the canteen with the City and IHA.  Lions Patrick and Mike will look after it.


  1. Lion Morley brought up the ribbon cutting at the Lawn Bowling Club.  Event is scheduled for July 10th at 7:00 PM at the Lawn Bowling Green.  Everyone invited to attend.


  1. Lion Mike reported on Boat & Motor ticket sales.  Originally it was thought all tickets had been sold, however this was not the case.  Still a few books out, but all should be sold by draw date.


  1. Lion Morley brought up his proposal for payment of convention expenses.  He made a motion “That expenses be submitted at the end of the conference, and then club decides who gets what.  No seconder for motion, so it was dropped.  A new committee consisting of President Boris, and Lions Mike and George will try and come up with another proposal.


  1. Lion Bernie advises that storing our container on City Property at Mission flats is no longer an option, as the property is not available.  Pleasure Pools remains a very viable alternative.  Lion Bernie looking into moving costs, and will inform the club.


  1. President Boris reported on the plight of Darren Crab and Nicole Green and their two children who recently lost their house to a fire.  They are apparently unable to work, and assistance is required.  President Boris will check into the situation and advise.


  1. Lion Patrick reports he received a request that we take on redoing the Chapel at Ponderosa.  Apparently it is in a state of disrepair, and is unusable.  He made a motion requesting the clubs authority to talk to IHA regarding the situation, and then he will be in a position to make recommendations to the club.  Seconded by Lion Bernie.  CARRIED.
  2. Lion George gave a verbal presentation regarding a murder mystery night, with a tentative date of next may.  Tentative location is Tranquille Farms. A play will be written specifically for us by Eric Post from Los Vegas.  Potential is there for it to be a good money maker.  Idea approved in principal by a show of hands.


  1. Lion Carol reported on the Big Bike Ride for Heart and Stroke.  Event raised $4.000.00.  Our Club donated $1,000.00.


  1. Lion Boris reported on the Harley Breakfast.  140 paid breakfasts were served.  Event netted about $248.00.


  1. Lion Deb reported on eyeglass collection.  Boxes are out there, and all is going well.


  1. BCLC are having a formal cheque presentation for us on June 5th.  Lions Patrick and Kathy attending.  The event is at City Hall.
  2. Youth Soccer Tournament at Dallas, Jun 6/7.  Lion Mike chairing.
  3. Lions Quest Workshop Jun 12/13.  Help needed to set up on Friday at 4:00 PM, and on Saturday around 8:30 PM.
  4. North Kamloops Induction Jun 16th at Chris Rose Centre.  Everyone invited.
  5. Community Service bbq at McDonald Park on June 17th.  Lion Mike is chair.  Helpers are Lions Art, Sue and Boris.  Scheduled from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  6. Brock Middle School bbq on Jun 19th.  Lion Mike is chair.
  7. Paddlewheelers Induction ceremony set for June 20th at Storms.  If planning on attending, contact Lion Debbie Bostock.
  8. June 25th is sponsor appreciation night for the Ms. Kamloops pageant.  If interested in attending, contact Lion Deb for details.
  9. June 21st – Boat & Motor draw at Rona.
  10. June 28th Valleyview Overlanders Club windup at Glenfair.  Further details will be forthcoming.
  11. July 10th – ribbon cutting for lawn bowling association at Bowling Green.

Meeting adjourned 21:55 hrs (or 9:55 PM).


Addendum (not part of official minutes, but “nice to know” stuff).

Lion Art advises the following donations from our Gaming Account have been made this month:   

  1. Valleyview Secondary (scholarships & bursaries)                                               $2,000.00
  2. Family Tree (programs)                                                                                 $1,000.00
  3. Salvation Army (camperships)                                                                    $1,000.00
  4. Lions Easter Seal House                                                                                 $1,500.00
  5. BC Lions Society for Children with disabilities                                       $2,500.00
  6. Camp Winfield (maintenance)                                                                   $1,000.00
  7. Canadian Diabetes Association (camperships)                                    $1,000.00
  8. Boys and Girls Club (youth activities)                                                       $1,000.00
  9. Big Brothers and Sisters (youth activities)                                             $1,000.00
  10. Heart and Stroke                                                                                              $1,000.00

Since this information is usually not presented at a meeting, it is attached for informational purposes.






  1. Meeting opened 19:00 hrs. by President Boris with the singing of the National Anthem.


  1. Two guests present:  Brenda Whitefield, and past Lion John Stepp, a former member of the Lytton Club.


  1. Roll call conducted, with the following results.  Members present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Jean, Bob, Boris, Deb, George, Anne, Art, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Bill.  Lions Morley and Mike were in Savona on a visitation.  Lions Kim and Bernie were sick.  Lions Alec and Shaina were working. Lion Garnett is still in hospital.  Lions Karen, Larry, and Dick are in the land of the missing.


  1. Motion to accept minutes from May 7th meeting made by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Art.  CARRIED.


  1. Treasurer’s report presented by Lion Art as follows:   Motion to accept by Lion Art.  2nd by Lion Carol.  CARRIED.




  1. Discussion regarding the work project at Glenfair where a patio area will be built.  A committee of Lions Dennis, Ann, Bill, and Deb was formed to examine the project, and come back with ideas.  Lion Dennis moved “That a budget of $1,000.00 be allocated for the project”.  2nd by Lion Ann.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Kim was writing to the City regarding our Flea Market project, being chaired by Lion Morley.  Lion Kim was unable to attend, so topic was tabled until next meeting.


  1. Lion Mike was looking into the purchase of aprons as a result of us receiving the donation from the Food Bank.  Lion Mike was away on a visitation, so report tabled until next meeting.


  1. Lion Patrick reported on the ball cap purchase.  He advises that everything he has found is too expensive, and he is recommending the idea be tabled for now.


  1. Club decided our windup will be held June 28th at Glenfair starting at 15:00 hrs.  This will be the induction of the new Executive, Awards presentation, Games, Food, Beverages, Etc.  This is open to members and spouses; however it is a perfect time to consider bringing a guest, who just might turn into a member.




  1. Lion George reported on the BC Lotteries bbq held at City hall.  Great crew turned up to help.  Served about 475 people.  We charged $350.00 for our efforts, and information has been received from the organizers that we will also be getting the donations, which could work out to another $1,400.00.


  1. Lion Deb reported on the eyeglass collection.  She currently has boxes set out at Sahali Mall, TRU, and Berwick.


  1. Lion George reported on the Dry Grad and our donation of $500.00 to the students for helping.  The monies have been delivered to Valleyview PAC, who in turn present it to the Dry Grad Committee.




  1. Lion Bob advises the $1,000.00 from Esso is coming, but monies got lost in the mail (change of our mailing address).  The monies, once received, are designated for Quest.  Lion Carol advises an upcoming workshop with Quest requires some early funding, and a motion was made by Lion Carol “To donate $100.00 to Quest to cover the upcoming workshop.  This money will be recovered from the upcoming grant from Esso”.  2nd by Lion Kathy.  CARRIED.


  1. Lion Dennis presented a request for assistance from a family in need, who wish to provide some form of camping experience for their children this summer.  Lions Patrick and Dennis will make a home visit to get a better handle on things, and report back at next meeting.


  1. Lion Carol reported on the City licensing requirements for our concession.  Things have changed from before, and we now need to follow different rules.  Lions Patrick and Bob are assisting and looking into what has to be done.


  1. Lion Morley advises the Lawn Bowling Club wants to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, with us present.  He suggested it should be a Friday, but not June 5th or 26thl.  No decision made.  Set over until next meeting.


  1. Lion Dennis spoke regarding the possible move of our storage container.  We have two possibilities, one being Pleasure Pools on Tagish, or the second being the City Work Yards on Mission Flat.  The Pleasure Pool site is available rent free.  Lion Bernie is looking into the Mission Flat site.  We are presently paying $900.00 per year to store the unit at Cool Creek.  If we leave by end of June, we may be entitled to a six month rebate (not confirmed).  Cost to move the unit is expensive, but it would pay off in the long run.  Further discussion at next meeting.


  1. Valleyview Scholarships are being presented on Thursday, June 4th at McArthur Island.  We have provided two scholarships, and two bursaries, each worth $500.00.  Lions Patrick and Kathy will be attending on behalf of the club to present the scholarships.


  1. Lions Dennis and Patrick are both listed as official contacts for the city, and for anyone wishing our services.



  1. May 30th – Bikers Breakfast.  Chair – Lion Boris.
  2. June 2nd – Big Bike Ride.  Chair – Lion Carol.
  3. June 4th – Scholarship presentations.  Presenters – Lions Kathy and Patrick.
  4. June 6/7 – Youth Soccer at Dallas.  Chair – Lion Mike.
  5. June 13th – Lions Quest Workshop at Chris Rose Centre.
  6. June 17th – Community Services bbq for Kamloops Child Development.  Chair – Lion Mike.
  7. June 20th – Paddlewheelers Year End Windup at Storms Restaurant.  Everyone welcome.  $27.00 per person.
  8. June 28th – Club windup at Glenfair.


If anyone is interested in helping at any of the canteen events listed above, please contact the chair of the event.


Meeting adjourned 20:35 hrs. (8:35PM for some people).




  • Meeting opened 19:00 hrs. by President Boris.  Anthem sung.
  • Introduction of guests: (a) Brenda Whitefield (guest of Lion Ann), and (b) Claire (President of Juniper Ridge PAC), and (c) Bill Brundrith (seeking assistance on a project).
  • Speech from Claire thanking the club for the financial support provided to purchase playground equipment.
  • Presentation from Bill Brundrith.  Wants help to run a flea market May 15/16/17 to raise funds for charity.  He is attempting to raise enough money to purchase 4 scooters for the Glenfair complex.  After presentation his request was discussed, and it was decided we would not get involved in this venture.  Lion Deb to advise Mr. Brundrith.
  • Roll call conducted.  Following members present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Morley, Jean, Larry, Boris, Deb, George, Anne, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Dick, Mike.  Following members sick:  Lions Bernard, Kim.  Following members on holidays:  Lions Bob, Art, Sue, Bill.  Following members working:  Lions Shaina, Alec.  Unaccounted for:  Lions Karen, Garnett.
  • Moved by Lion Patrick, 2nd by Lion Deb “That minutes from April 15th meeting be accepted as distributed” CARRIED.
  • Lion Dennis took the members on a tour of a potential club project.  Project involves dressing up a small patch of ground at one of the units at the top of the complex.  Lion Dennis was contacted by the manager of the complex to see if we would be interested in taking this on.  Consensus is that we will.  Membership to come up with some ideas as to what we should do with this patch of ground.
  • Lion Mike reported on the B&M ticket sales.  140 books sold thus far.  Project going very well.
  • Lion Larry reported on the Homeless Sock program.  So far he has collected and distributed 230 pair of socks.  The school drive has been placed on hold until after Thanksgiving, and then it will be activated.  He is working on a story for the paper, in conjunction with the editor, in which he will be covered with socks.  This is scheduled for the fall.
  • Lions Morley and George will work on the Flea Market project.  Lion Kim volunteered to write a letter to City Council requesting they donate all the items the RCMP dispose of to our cause.  There is a possibility we may be able to use some City facility to store the stuff we collect.  Lion Bernie has some ideas, and will fill us in.  Lion Kim was unable to attend the meeting, so Lion Morley will contact her to ask her to write a letter to the City.
  • Lion Mike advises the Food Bank donated $250.00 to us for the purchase of aprons.  Moved by Lion Mike, 2nd by Lion Kathy “That we buy aprons” CARRIED.
  • Lion Patrick is to look into the cost of ball caps which we can use at events.  He will report back at next meeting.
  • Lion Dennis gave a report on the Juniper Garage Sale canteen.  All went well.  Lion Kathy advises we made $1,970.00 profit.  We owe the grads $500.00 for helping out.  We can pay this out of our gaming account, and give it to the PAC, who in turn will pass it on to the committee.  Lion George will get the cheque from Lion Carol next week and deal with it
  • .
  • Lion Mike reported the Food Bank breakfast was a success.  As noted in #11, they donated 250.00 to us.
  • Lion Mike spoke about convention expenses, what our club pays, and what other clubs pay.  Our policy has not been reviewed since 1999.  End result is a committee comprised of Lions Mike, Morley and Carol will review our policy,, and suggest changes, and also ways to increase the amount of funds in the convention account, which is currently a part of the admin account.  The committee will report back at the first meeting in June.
  • Lion Mike advises the City Appreciation BBQ went well.  Lion Carol to bill the City $350.00 for the event.
  • Lion Carol reports the Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride takes place June 2nd at 4:30 PM.
  • Lion Boris reported on the bed purchase for Kaiden Ling.  Our club contributed $1200.00 towards this purchase.  The Ling family can be viewed on the “MakeChildrenFirst” website.  The family will come and give the club a presentation in September.
  • Lion Patrick carried out his tail twisting duties.  Much small change collected for grievous offences.
  • Lion Patrick received a request from South Kamloops Secondary wanting us to assist with a yearend bbq for the students.  It was the consensus of the club we decline, as we are booked fairly heavily at this time.
  • Lion Patrick also put forth a proposal that tail twisting fines be increased to $.25 from the current $.10.  Inflation??  Moved by Lion Carol, 2nd by Lion Dennis “That fine limit be increased to twenty five cents”.  CARRIED.
  • Date will be set at the next meeting for the clubs yearly windup bbq.
  • Upcoming events
  • May 13th – Valleyview Secondary bbq.  Lion George.
  • May 14th – KCBIA bbq at City Hall.  Lion George.
  • May 23rd – Quest Meeting.
  • May 30th – Bikers Breakfast – Lion Boris.
  • Jun 2nd – Big Bike Ride –Lion Carol.
  • Jun 6/7 – Youth Soccer Tournament at Dallas.  Lion Mike.
  • Meeting Adjourned 10:00 PM


  • Regular Minutes April  02/15
  • Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. by President Boris.  Anthem followed by invocation from Lion Dennis.
  • A delicious pot luck meal was enjoyed by the 12 Lions present.Lion Larry was invited to report on the Homeless New Sock Program as he needed to leave the meeting early.  Over 200 pairs of socks have been collected so far.  Dana from the School District 73 has advised that all schools in the city as well as outlying schools are going to be involved in the collection of socks.  We have 31 collection boxes which should be sufficient. Lion Larry will be contacting members to arrange for pick up of the socks at the schools close to their homes.  The various organizations that are to receive the socks will be discussed at our next meeting.
  • Roll Call conducted.  The following members were present:  Lions Dennis, Larry, Boris, Deb, Anne, Bernard, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Dick, Mike and Alec.  The following were unavailable for the noted reasons: Carol - company;  Morley - family visiting;  Jean - holidays; Bob – company;  Garnett – no transportation to meeting; George - vacation; Shaina - working; Art & Sue - out of town.  Unaccounted for:  Lions Karen, Kim, and Bill.  Bill has made up this meeting as he has sold tickets.
  • Lion Dennis suggested that copies of the minutes as well as the agenda be available at the meeting for those without e-mail and for reference to others at the meeting.  The Lion assigned to this task would need to be compensated for paper and ink.  Lion Patrick proposed that Lion Dennis provide 10 copies of both the minutes and agenda in printed form for each meeting and that he be reimbursed for paper and ink.  Seconded by Lion Dennis.  Carried.
  • Minutes of the March 19th, 2015, meeting were accepted as written by Lion Dick and seconded by Lion Dennis.  Carried.
  • As we did not have a Treasurer nor Acting Treasurer in attendance, there was no Treasurer’s Report given at the meeting.  We assume all is going well.
  • Lion Mike advised that 4 books of Boat and Motor Raffle tickets have been sold so far by Lions in addition to the tickets that venders have sold.  There were very limited volunteers for the April schedule so the new schedule for May will include everyone.  Howard Swarn of the Aberdeen Lions has also volunteered to help wherever we need him.  The boat is a Lund and the BBQ is a Sterling.  Lion Mike to put together a little more detailed information regarding prizes and how the proceeds are being spent to assist those selling tickets.
  • Lion Mike also mentioned that he had attended the Ashcroft Lion’s meeting.  Two of us should be attending at least one meeting per month in other locations to increase our visitation points.
  • Lion Dennis advised that letters have been sent to the people who have made Submissions for Funding from Non-Profits.  Both those who will be receiving monies and those who will not have been advised.
  • Lion Mike advised that the Food Bank Breakfast for the Rotary food drive volunteers on April 25th will start at 8:30 a.m.  Lions will need to start at 7:00 a.m. to pick up equipment, etc.  All supplies will be provided.  Deb to haul BBQ.  Boris, Anne, Jean and Patrick volunteered to help.
  • Lion Dennis reported that the Juniper Garage Sale will be on Sunday, May 3rd.  Lion George has been doing the ground work and Lion Dennis passed around a list of club members requesting that individuals indicate on the list when they can attend.
  • President Boris addressed the next agenda items:  Relay Fest April 8th (Lion Sue) and Big Bike Ride June 2nd (Lion Carol).  We assume all is going well and will receive updates at our next meeting.
  • President Boris reported on an e-mail that he had received from the Brocklehurst Lions Club regarding a request from a young family with a 3 year old child who requires a Safety Sleeper Bed.  The child had Anoxia at birth and is being tested for Cerebral Palsy.  As he is a poor sleeper and does not feel pain, his parents are afraid he will hurt himself in the night and they will be unaware.  The bed is not available in Canada and costs $3700 USA ($4600 Canadian) from Pennsylvania which includes shipping.  The family has raised $1600 and the Brocklehurst Lions will donate $1200.
  • After discussion, Lion Dennis proposed that we take $1200 from Gaming to assist this family in obtaining the Safety Sleeper Bed; seconded by Lion Dick.  Carried
  • President Boris has received a request for assistance from a 67 year old Lilac Avenue resident who has COPD and has had a colostomy.  His prescriptions are $141 and $70 per month as well as $200 per year for his collection bags.  As he cannot afford these expenses he is requesting our help.  President Boris will follow up with the gentleman and report back at the next meeting.
  • Relay Fest April 8th
  • City of Kamloops Volunteer BBQ April 17th – from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for 250 people.   We’ll need to start set up at 10:30 a.m.   Deb to tow BBQ.  Deb, Dick and Mike have volunteered.
  • Zone school officer training April 18th – This is training offered for Lions in Zone D-8 to prepare for the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as other positions.
  • Food Bank breakfast April 25th
  • May 3rd – Juniper Garage Sale
  •  Meeting Adjourned 8:30ish.


  1. Meeting opened at 7:00 PM by President Boris.  Anthem followed by invocation from Lion Carol followed.
  2. Following guests introduced:  Emily Crowe, who is our Miss Kamloops candidate, along with her parents and younger brother.  Other guests were Barbara Humphrey and Karen Brown.
  3. Next item of business was our belated pot luck Christmas Dinner.  Excellent meal!!
  4. Presentation by Ms. Crowe followed dinner.
  5. Roll call conducted.  Following members present:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Morley, Jean, Karen, Bob, Larry, Boris, Deb, George, Anne, Kathy, Patrick, Michael, Mike.  Following unavailable for the noted reasons:  Art & Sue – required to make a quick trip to Vancouver for family emergency.  Alec and Shaina were working.  Unaccounted for:  Lions Garnett, Bernie, Kim, Dick.
  6. Treasurer’s report presented by acting treasurer Lion Carol.  Activities - $1,670.77.  Gaming - $39,162.70.  Admin - $7,656.76.  GIC - $9,244.21.Moved by Lion Kathy, 2nd by Lion Deb that report be accepted.  Carried.  Lion Carol advises that for our next meeting she will give a short presentation on the make-up of our various accounts.
  7. Lions Morley and Mike made a presentation on the boat and motor raffle.  It was decided that this year’s proceeds will go to Rayleigh PAC, Valleyview Community Association, and Camp Winfield.  This was put in the form of a motion by Lion Morley, seconded by Lion Mike.  Carried.
  8. Lion Morley volunteered to present our normal donation to camp Winfield when he attends the Camp Winfield meeting.
  9. Lion Larry reported on the sock program.  He is still waiting for the paper to publish his letter.  He has arranged drop off spots at the five Hub Insurance Offices in town for those wishing to donate socks.  Another drop off spot is Hilltop Barber.  Lions Patrick and Larry are making posters to be displayed.
  10. Lion Deb reports she has 4 eye glass boxes completed, and four to finish.  This will then be displayed in appropriate locations throughout the City.
  11. Lion Carol advises that pledge day at RIH is set for Thursday, March 12th at 4:30 PM.  Those taking part in the presentation can park in the breeze way at the front of the hospital.  Our big cheque will be utilized.
  12. Lion Dennis presented his list of potential officers for the upcoming 2015/16 term.  Those letting their name stand for office are as follows:  President – Lion Boris. 1st Vice President – Lion Dennis.  2nd Vice President – Lion Mike.  Treasurer – Lion Art.  Secretary - Lion George.  One year Directors – Lions Carol, and Sue.  Two year Directors (2 to be elected) – TBA.  Membership Chair – Lion Dennis.  Lion Tamer – Lion Kathy.  Tail twister – Lion Patrick.
  13. Following members have volunteered to assume the noted duties, which are not on the Executive, but are necessary for the successful operation of the club.  Public Relations – Lion Patrick.  Visitation Chair – Lion Mike.  Greeter – Lion Michael.   Nominations from the floor and elections will be carried out at our next meeting (March 19th).
  14. Lion Dennis advises he has received submissions from assorted non-profit agencies as a result of his letter to the paper.  A committee consisting of Lions Dennis, Carol, and Boris will go over the submissions and make a recommendation to the club.
  15. Lion Morley reported that the “Strikes for tykes” was a success.  Our $200.00 donation was turned over to Big Brothers at the time.
  16. Lion Dennis reported on the recent Quest meeting.  Nothing has been done for quite sometime, due mainly to the work disruption last fall.  Lion Bob has applied for the 2 $500.00 Esso grants (he and Lion Garnett are each eligible for one).  This money will go to quest to help defray costs.
  17. President Boris presented Membership growth awards to Lions Carol, Deb, and Dennis for the work they did in bringing new members into the club last October.
  18. Lion George brought up the fact that our old green plastic tables and chairs should be disposed of, as they are past their best before date by many years.  We seldom use them, and they take up valuable storage space in our lockup.  It was decided to give The Family Tree first options for them, and if they don’t want them, they will dispatched to the dump, with appropriate words spoken at the time of unloading.  Lion George volunteered to take this task on.  No motion, but laid out action was agreed to.
  19. Upcoming events:
  • March 19th: next regular meeting.  This will be our required AGM meeting, and the Executive for 2015/16 will be elected.  If you wish to nominate someone to a position, please do so, however let the individual know you will be butting their name forward.
  • April 17th: City of Kamloops Appreciation bbq at TCC.  Event chaired by Lion Mike.  Contact Lion Mike to help.
  • April 25th: Food Bank breakfast.  Event chaired by Lion Mike.  Contact him for further details, and to help.
  • May 3rd:  Juniper garage sale.  No chair as yet.  Feel free to step forward and take on the task. With our past records, it is an easy event to Chair.

20. Meeting adjourned 8:30ish.



  • Meeting opened 19:00 hrs by President Boris with the singing of the National Anthem at our temporary meeting room at the Kamloops Yacht Club.
  • Roll call conducted with the following members being present and accounted for:  Lions Carol, Dennis, Jean, Bob, Larry, Boris, Deb, George, Anne, Kathy, Patrick.  Members whose whereabouts is known and were unable to attend:  Holidays – Lions Morley, Art, Sue, Mike, Dick.  Previous engagement: Lions Bernie and Kim.  Unknown: Lions Karen, Garnett, Shaina, Michael, Alec.
  • Meeting turned over to tail twister Patrick, who did a stellar job!!
  • Correspondence read and distributed by President Boris.
  • Treasurers Report presented by Acting Treasurer Carol.  Our gaming grant application is “being processed”.  Moved by Lion Carol,  2nd by Lion Anne “That report be accepted”.  Motion Carried.
  • Minutes from last Regular meeting (held November 20th 2014) were accepted as presented (Motion by Lion Bob, 2nd by Lion Jean.  Motion Carried.
  • Old Business:
  • Request  for assistance.  Lion Kim is looking into this request, and she advised via email that she has been having difficulty making contact, but will continue trying.  May have something to report by next meeting.
  • Request  for assistance (financial) to help .  This matter was originally brought to the Club in November.  Enquiries by Lion George indicate the request is justified, and worthy of our support.  Motion by Lion Dennis, 2nd by Lion Jean “That we hold $500.00 in Trust  for the provision of Care Givers costs, and she can call upon it when care giving services are required.  Carried.  Ms. H to be notified by Lion George.
  • Report given by President Boris and Lion George over the program we run at Kipp Mallory Drugs, where we have a   sum of money (currently $430.00) on hand to cover the costs of diabetic strips for those individuals with diabetes who cannot afford to pay for strips.  Lion Bob is to follow up with the Nurses to make sure they are aware of the program and what we offer, as it appears the funds have not been accessed on regular bases.
  • President Boris reported on the status of the TRU Club he is working to form (in conjunction with Zone Chair Norma).  Have about 12 signed up members.  Twenty are needed to form a standalone club.
  • Committee Reports:
  • Basics for Babies.  Lion Deb not available to give report, but from all indication, the event went well.
  • CP Christmas Train.  Lion Mike not available to report, but it is known the event was fairly successful, however insufficient food was supplied by the Food Bank for the number of people on hand.  If this is run again, they must be encouraged to supply more food.
  • Christmas Hampers to needy – chaired by Lion Kim.  Written report given in her absence.  $973.00 spent on hampers, and the entire event was a huge success.  One letter read to the meeting from a very thankful recipient.
  • Disbursement of monies received from donations to Lion Ernie’s memorial.  We have $100.00 to dispense.  Not dealt with yet.  Decision to be made at next meeting if possible.
  • New Business:
  • Matter of our meeting room predicament raised by Lion Dennis.  It appears Glenfair will not be operational for about another month.  After discussion it was agreed to have Lion Dennis attempt to book the Yacht Club for our February 5th meeting.  Cost for room rental is $49.00.
  • Zone Chair Norma will be attending next meeting.  Other Clubs in zone to be advised.  We will also have our turkey dinner that night (pot luck).
  • Request received from Jody L of the City that we again host the Volunteer appreciation bbq which is set for April 17th.  Lion George will chair.
  • Annual Boat & Motor raffle briefly discussed.  Lion Morley said he will co-chair.  It is hoped Lion Mike will again chair it, but he was not available.  No decision made on distribution of proceeds.
  • Lion Patrick reports the “Jumpstart Foundation” wants us to host a pancake breakfast in July.  No other details available at this time.  Lion Patrick to make further enquiries and will advise the club.
  • Lion Bob advises there is no word from TRU yet as to their annual spring wrap up bbq.
  • Lion George brought forward the idea of a “Homeless New Sock” program.  The idea is we arrange for the procurement of socks, either through purchase of donation, or both, then by working in conjunction with the street nurses, or ASK, or some other group, we arrange to have the socks distributed to those in need of new clean socks.  No funding asked for at this time.  Lion Dennis will check with ASK and the street nurses to get their input.  Lion Larry feels we can get a good number of socks donated, and he will undertake exploring that avenue.  He will report his progress at next meeting.
  • Lion Dennis suggested we once again ask non- profit groups for submissions for funding.  Moved by Lion George, 2nd by Lion Anne “That we purchase an Ad in KTW requesting submissions”.  Carried.  Replies to be received within 30 days.
  • Lion Patrick reported on our web page.  We have had a whopping 38 hits so far.  After general discussion over our page contents, it was agreed we should remove the nominal roll from the page for security reasons.
  • We received a request from Mr. Doug S. to consider sponsoring a local Miss Kamloops pageant candidate.  Lion Carol will look into the matter further and will advise the club.
  • Request received from District that we contribute to the cost of a gift for the outgoing District Governor.  Moved by Lion George, 2nd by Lion Bob “That we donate $25.00 towards the purchase of a gift”.  Carried.
  • Lion George brought up the topic of Lions Magazines.  Most magazines contain very good articles on Lions, and it was felt that when we finish with our individual magazine, that they be distributed to various centers throughout the city.  This may generate new member interest, and would be a good death for an old magazine.  Lion Kath will co-ordinate, collect and distribute the magazines to appropriate destinations.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM






  1. Meeting opened at 19:00 hrs by President Boris.  Singing of National Anthem, followed by “Happy Birthday” song  to following members who were born in November:  Lions Morley, Bob, Shaina, Bernie. , and for  those we missed in October, namely Lions Larry and Deb.
  2. Roll call with following members accounted for:  Lions Carol, Boris, George, Sue, Kathy, Patrick, Bob, Dennis, Jean, Deb, Shaina, Bernie, Kim, Anne, Mike.  Lions ALEC AND Mike working.  Lion Art at a meeting.  Remainder unaccounted for.  Guest of Shaina’s – Anika.
  3. Minutes from November 7th meeting adopted and passed ((Anne – Jean).
  4. Correspondence read and distributed.  Donation from the Adams family of $100.00 in memory of Lion Ernie.  Thank you card from the Project Homeless coordinator.
  5. Two letters received requesting funding assistance for various illnesses.Ms. Wendy H. requests help for her 31 year old son who is on a lung transplant list.  Correspondence distributed to all members earlier.  Lion George to make further enquiries.
  1. Ms. Brenda K.. sent a request on behalf of Karlee W.. who is suffering the effects of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Correspondence earlier distributed to all members.  Lion Kim will explore this request.
  1. It was brought up by Lion Dennis that our website still indicates Lion John as a contact.  It should be updated, and Lion Dennis volunteered to be the contact.
  2. Following upcoming events:
  1. Basics for Babies breakfast set for Friday, December 21st at Hotel 540.  Lion Mike organizing tickets.  Lion Deb has dealt with the shopping.
  2. Moly Cop bbq has been cancelled.  Event might be re thought in the spring.
  3. Lions Quest meeting which was set for November 22nd has been cancelled.  No date set for next meeting.  Club representatives will be Lions Kim, Kathy, and Dennis.
  4. Lion Mike advises the CP Christmas Train will be here Wednesday, December 10th.  He wants volunteers to meet at the storage container at 1:30 PM.  Cooking starts at 3:00 PM.  If you wish to help – contact Lion Mike.
  5. Lion Patrick has assumed the duties of Tail twister, and he gave everyone fair warning, to be afraid – very afraid.
  6. Lions Kim, Sue, and Anne are coordinating our Christmas Family gift, picking worthy recipient, etc.  Further info will be provided as received.
  7. District Governor will be holding a joint meeting with our club and Brock on Thursday, December 4th at the Seniors Centre at Brock Shopping Centre.  Cost for meal is between $10.00 and $12.00.  Drinks are $4.50.  Meeting starts at 6:30.  Lion Anne will be contacting members re attendance.
  8. Lion Shaina is our associate member with the new TRU club, which is almost fully formed.  President Boris is taking all required training at the LCI website.
  9. Our Christmas gathering is set for December 18th.  A “Secret Santa” gift of up to $10.00 is suggested, utilizing something that is recycled or reused.  Further info coming.  Lion Carol will be phoning at a later date.




1. Meeting opened at 19:00 hrs by President Boris. Anthem led by Lion Dennis. Invocation by Lion Carol.

2. Introduction of guests: Guest speakers Jay, Kyle, and Kevin from the Blue House. Lion Carol introduced her daughter, Marci, and Lion Shaina introduced her friend Anika.

3. Following club members present: Lions Deb, Shaina, Patrick, Kathy, Dennis, Carol, Dick, Mike, Alec, Anne, Boris, George. Lions Art and Sue are on holidays, Michael has company, Ernie is still unable to attend, and the remainder are unaccounted for.

4. Presentation made by guests from the Blue House Society, which is a recovery house for males. Society requires items for the residence, which is located at 566 4th Ave in Kamloops. List left with the club in the event we are able to assist.

5. President Boris presented awards for 2013-14 year. 100% attendance pins went to Lions Anne, Carol, Dennis, Morley, Jean, Bob, Boris, Art, Sue, Mike and Alec. Presidents Appreciation awards were presented to Lions Dennis, Carol, Bob, Morley, Sue and Mike. 25 year pin was presented to Lion Dick. Lion Mike received a Membership Key as a result of bringing new members into the club. Lion of the Year was split between Lions Dennis and Mike for their hard work throughout the past year.

6. Lion Mike reported on the breakfast we provided for the Rotary Club members as they headed out on their semi annual food drive. $100.00 donation was received from them.

7. Lion Dennis reported that the lawn bowling construction project has been successfully completed.

8. Reminder of the Homeless bbq being held at spirit square on Friday, October 17th. Lion Mike is the chair. Event runs from approximately 12 noon to 4:00 PM. Contact Lion Mike to offer your services.

9. Lion Deb reports she has been having problems connecting with Walmart regarding the $500.00 we had designated for socks for this event. It was decided to just buy the socks, and don’t worry about any type of discount.

10. Lion Kathy stepped forward to take on the task of being the new Quest representative. One is required since Lion John is no longer able to do it, as he doesn’t live here. Lion Carol will hook Lion Kathy up with Lion Norma Bent, the coordinator.

11. Lion George reported that the long board bbq we were to host on Friday October 3rd has been cancelled, probably until next spring. This is a City run event, and they were having problems getting VIP commitment for that date.


12. Discussion over the request from the Blue House Society resulted in a motion from Lion Dick, 2nd by Lion Dennis "That we donate $500.00 to the Society for needed items. Motion carried. Monies are not to be turned over, rather we will shop with them at places like the ReStore to obtain the items they need. Secretary George has the list, and will communicate with Jay from the Blue House.

13. Annual donations to LCIF and CARE were discussed. Voted to donate our usual amount (believed to be $250.00 to CARE and $500.00 to LCIF).

14. Moved by Lion Deb, 2nd by Lion Dennis that the minutes from the September 18th meeting be accepted. Motion Carried.

15. Meeting adjourned around 8:45 PM.


March 6th 2014 Business Meeting

In attendance: Lions Anne, Jean, Ted, Tammy, Marty, Boris, Ernie, John, Dennis, Carol, Michael and Deb.
Guest Speaker Wes

- Meeting was called to order at 7pm

- Singing of Oh Canada

- Invocation led by Lion Carol

- Potluck dinner was served

- Guest Speaker Wes from the Food Bank provided us with information and answered all of our questions regarding the Food Share program

- Previous minutes from our February business meeting and executive meeting were adopted as circulated
Motion to accept : Marty
Seconded : Ernie
All in favour
Motion passed

- The letter of understanding between our club and Glenfair regarding our monthly rental has been signed by both parties
we have agreed to pay our annual rent in bi-yearly instalments of $300 each
Motion to accept: Carol
Seconded: Dennis
All in favour
Motion passed

- Storage was paid a year in advance so that we could benefit from their offer of one month free rent 
Motion to accept: Marty
Seconded: Ernie
All in favour
Motion passed

- Motion was made to provide 2 scholarships and 2 bursaries to VVSS graduating students
Motion to accept: Boris
Seconded: Ernie
All in favour
Motion passed

- Our annual membership dues will remain the same and new members dues will be paid by club for their first year
Motion to accept: John
Seconded: Jean
All in favour
Motion passed

- $300 to be used in purchasing Victims of Violence ID kits for children 
Motion to accept: Carol
Seconded: Dennis 
All in favour
Motion passed

- A donation of $500 will go to the Big Little Science Centre
Motion to accept: Carol
Seconded: Marty
All in favour
Motion passed

- George has sent an email out to the other clubs in town regarding the recycled eyeglass program

- John is planning to host a community BBQ this year as part of our membership drive

- Marty has our club brochures ready for printing, he got three quotes.  Motion was made to accept the quote from UPS at a price of $465 (including tri-folding) This quote is for 1000 brochures.
Motion to accept: Marty
Seconded: Boris
All in favour
Motion passed

- Carol presented Ted with his 10 year pin

- Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm

Upcoming Events:

March 20th - 7pm Executive Meeting
March 22nd - 9am BBQ/Storage clean-up
March 22nd - 12pm RIH pledge day at TCC
April 2nd - 3:30pm Relay for kids
April 3rd - Business Meeting - Chinese potluck dinner with our visiting Zone Chair 
April 7th - 11:30 ISC City of Kamloops appreciation lunch
April 17th - 7pm Executive Meeting
May 1st - Business Meeting 
May 4th - Juniper Ridge BBQ
May 15th 7pm - Executive Meeting 
June 2nd - 11:30am Big Bike Ride for Heart and Stroke
June 14th - Harley Breakfast

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