Club Committees


 Activities Committees

State Projects -

LLEF - Sharon Williams, Mario Zeron, Sandra Zeron

LLLCC - Anthony Fregosi, Noel Smith, Sandra Zeron

Cubsight and Camp Applications - Lois Foret, Cherie Foret, Anthony Fregosi, Gene Katsanis, Sharon Williams

Glasses - Sharon Williams

Diabetes Awareness - Lois Foret, Elliott Bauman

Christmas Adopt-a-Family - Lois Foret, Noel Smith, Karen Pinel, Shawn Foret, Cherie, Foret, Keith Pinel, Jean Chategnier, Annette Durand, Wimol Harwell, Jaime King, Tina Gaitan

School Projects - Gene Katsanis

Patriotic Programs - Skip Jacobs

Charities of District 8-S - Joe Deibel


Administrative Committees

Budget and Finance - Anthony Fregosi, Keith Pinel, Jason Folse, Shawn Foret, Joe Deibel, Gene Katsanis, Skip Jacobs, Lance Harwell, Jeff Williams

Newsletter- Cherie Foret, Shawn Foret

Constitution and Bylaws - Anthony Fregosi, Joe Deibel

2015 State Convention & 2014 LDS -  Jeff Williams, Cherie Foret, Kirby Courteaux, Lance Harwell

2015 International Convention -  Anthony Fregosi, Cherie Foret

Club Projects - Keith Pinel, Jeff Williams, Anthony Fregosi, Karen Pinel, Kevin Pinel, Jason Folse, Shawn Foret, Willie Chategnier, Sandra Folse, Wimol Harwell, Lance Harwell, Mario Zeron, Sandra Zeron

Bingo -  Anthony Fregosi, Bob Williams, Cherie Foret, Annette Durand, Jaime King, Jeff Williams, Tina Gaitan

WWW Technology -  Shawn Foret

Installation/Xmas Party/PDG Night - Lois Foret, Cherie Foret, Karen Pinel, Sharon Williams

Membership Development & Attendance - Jason Folse, Jeff Williams, Jeff Williams Jr., Shawn Foret, Keith Pinel, Cherie Foret, Willie Chategnier

Nominations -  Jason Folse, Joe Deibel

Programs Oversight -  Shawn Foret

Meeting Notification -  Bob Williams (Mailings), Cherie Foret (E-Mails)

Awards - Melvin Jones, Life Member, Gold LLEF, Dick Ward -  Emma Moreau

Scrap Book -  Keith Pinel

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