A Glimpse of Truro & Colchester County      





The town of Truro, in the centre of the County of Colchester, abounds in a mix of old world charm and modern amenities.  When visiting the site, be sure to access the Video Tour Book to learn more about our attractions and unique culture.


Truro and the County of Colchester work together to maximize the benefits of business, sports, culture, and health care, as is evident from recent and on-going state-of-the-arts community projects.





One of these is the Rath Eastlink Civic Centre, with a grand opening in September 2013.






Another is the 124-bed Health Centre Project which opened in November 2012.







In late 2013, after three years of planning and construction, the Cougar Dome, a tennis and multisports facility, opened to the public, giving free access to every student within the Chignecto Central Regional School Board district.


The Marigold Cultural Centre, located in the heart of Truro, draws top quality performers to our region and is home to a sports museum and art gallery. The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce, also located in the Marigold Cultural Centre, is an excellent networking and planning resource for local businesses.


As it is in most communities, media presence is important to Truro and Colchester.


Learn more about our community - at Truro Daily News and Hub Now online or on local radio stations:


Cat Country 99.5, home of
Lions Club Radio B-I-N-G-O,
and Big Dog Variety 100.9.





If you're in the Truro area, a comprehensive listing of local events can also be found by tuning in to Eastlink Community Television Channel 10.



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