Community Service Projects

Eye sight conservation

This is the Troy Lions primary community service project. We provide assistance in paying for eye exams and/or buying glasses to local citizens who do not have the financial ability to do this on their own.

We help between 45 and 65 people obtain an eye exam and a pair of glasses every year.

Recycle used hearing aids

Troy Lions officially kicked off our newest community service project to recycle used hearing aids on October 12, 2016. We have partnered with Dr. Kate Lins, Upper Valley Hearing and Balance Inc. and the Miami County Health Department for this program.

The Troy Lions job is to collect used hearing aids from the citizens and communities in Miami County. We have a collection box for both eye glasses and hearing aids inside the north entrance of the Troy/Miami County Public Library. Ray's Tune Up, 15 N. Oxford St. in Troy, is another collection site.

Dr. Lins and Upper Valley Hearing and Balance will refurbish the hearing aids collected, examine qualified recipients for hearing loss and fit them with an appropriate hearing aid. The cost for this will be around $100.

The Miami County Department of Health will take requests for assistance, evaluate them for eligibility requirements and refer approved cases to Dr. Lins. They perform a similar service for Troy Lions eye exam/glasses sight conservation community service project.

Recycle used eye glasses

We collect used eye glasses that are then taken to developing countries. Mission teams of senior Optometry students and Optometry school professors will travel to a developing country  and set up a clinic to provide eye exams to the local population.

They then will match the exam results with the "best fit" glasses available. It is not unusual for the local people to walk for several days to the clinic location and then stand in line for several more days waiting for the eye exam.

Our club has collection boxes in the following locations:


First Presbyterian Church                                   


Insightful Eyeware                                                 

Kroger – Greenville Bank                                    

Primary Eyecare                                                     

Procare Vision Center                              

Ray’s Tune-Up                                            

Senior Citizen Center                                            

St Pat’s Church Office                                          

Subler Eyecare                                                       

Troy Miami County Public Library                    

US Bank on Market St                                          



Edison State (by the bookstore)                        

Hock’s Pharmacy                                                   

Midwest Vision Care                                            

Piqua Public Library                                              

Upper Valley Career Center (school office)    


High School Office                                                 

Post Office                                                                                       


Hock’s Pharmacy                                                   

Tipp City Public Library                                        

Tipp Eye Center                                                                                          

Voss Honda

Vision Screening for 3 - 5 Year Old Preschool Children

This is the newest community service project for the Troy Lions. Several of our members have been trained to conduct vision screening tests for these children.

During a session, we do two tests. The first measures the visual acuity (near or far sightedness) in each eye; the amount of astigmitism in each eye and the difference between the average visusl acuity readings of the child's eyes. The second test gauges the stereoscopic (3D) vision development of the child.

If any child has results outside the normal range for this age group, we send a recommendation to their parent/guardian to have the child examined by an eye care professional.

For the 2013-2014 Lions year, we conducted 14 preschool scereenings, screened 372 children and referred 56 for a follow up exam with an eye care professional.

GOOD (going oodefeated) program

Each year the club sponsors this motivational program for all students attending Van Cleve 6th Grade School.

Established by Ron Derry of Baltimore, Ohio, a former schoolteacher and coach who was afflicted with blindness, the concept is to recognize young people who are not necessarily the “straight-A” students or the top athletes. Those students receive plenty of attention. Instead, the GOOD Program shines the spotlight on students who work hard and exhibit good citizenship and good personal and study habits.

The schoolteachers and administrators select student honorees based on criteria set by the GOOD Program. Once winners are selected, Troy Lions work with school officials to arrange a suitable awards ceremony to provide deserved recognition of hard-working but under appreciated students.

Club Fund Raising Projrcts

Troy, Ohio Strawberry Festival

The first weekend in June each year, the City of Troy celebrates the start of Summer with its two day Strawberry Festival. Troy Lions have had a booth at each festival since it started in  1977.

We currently sell strawberry flavored doughnut holes with a strawberry gel for dipping.





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