2023 Tiverton Lions Scholarship Application

Scholarship Criteria

Graduating high school seniors must meet the following criteria and
complete the attached application (printed legibly or typed) to be considered

  1. The student must be a U.S. Citizen.
  2. The student must be a high school senior living in Tiverton or Little Compton, RI
  3. The student must be planning to enroll in advanced education at an accredited institution.
  4. The student must have two letters of recommendation by a high school teacher, school
    counselor, coach, administrator, or community representative who is familiar with the
    student’s service activity and academic achievement. At least one letter of
    recommendation must be from a school representative.
    (Attach to the scholarship application)
  5. The student must write a one to two page, typed essay describing his/her character,
    aspirations, education and career objectives and future goals; his/her
    accomplishments; and why they should be selected as a scholarship recipient describing
    how this scholarship will benefit their plans for advance education.
    (Attach to the scholarship application)
  6. The student must write a one page description, explaining high school and community
    services, activities, or offices held that might be indicative of their leadership ability
    (provide dates and number of hours where it applies); and describe the benefits of
    community service. The Lions Motto is “We Serve” therefor we hold a strong emphasis
    on community service. (Attach to the scholarship application)
  7. The student must include a list of any honors and awards that he/she has received. (Provide dates and attach to the scholarship application)
  8. The student and a parent/guardian must sign, date and return the application to:


   The application must be POSTMARKED no later than April 29th, 2022.

      (In fairness to all applicants, if their application is postmarked after
April 30th or if the application is not complete, it will not be considered.)

  • If chosen, the student will be notified and presented his/her scholarship at their high
    school senior awards evening or another appropriate venue.

Scholarship Application for Graduating High School Seniors  (Note: Complete all items below (printed legibly or typed) and attach additional requested information.

Name: (Last, First, Middle Initial) _____________________________________________

Name of Parent/Guardian ___________________________________________________

Applicant’s Address _______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code _______________________________________________________

Phone Number __________________________ Email ____________________________

Date of Birth ___________________________________________________

High School ___________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code ____________________________________________

Overall GPA ___________________________________________________

University/College (have been accepted at or planning to attend)

Address ____________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code __________________________________________

Phone Number ______________________________________________

Anticipated Major/Course of Study _____________________________

Have you been awarded any other funding for this academic year? _____Yes _____No

If you answered yes, please list the organization (s) and the amount (s).


I have checked for omissions and errors and I certify that the information provided is
complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsifying any information may result in the revocation of my application and any scholarship granted to me

Student’s Signature _____________________________________Date ____________________

Parent/Guardian ________________________________________Date ___________                     

Tiverton Lions Club Community Service Scholarship

In 1978, Past President Henri J. Pare formed the Tiverton Lions Scholarships Program to
recognize Tiverton/Little Compton Seniors who have shown not only good academic skills
but “outstanding community service”, as the Lions motto is “We Serve”. These funds are to
assist the honoree as they go on to college. Henri had been a member of the Tiverton Lions
from 1964-2016. The club formally changed the name of the scholarship to the “Henri J. Pare
Memorial Scholarship Program” in honor of his outstanding dedication to Lionism.

It is in this spirit the Tiverton Lions Club Charities, Inc. will award a scholarship to a
graduating high school senior who lives in Tiverton or Little Compton with special emphasis
on their “community services”.

There are currently over 1.4 million Lions Club members around the world.
The Lions Club International motto is “WE SERVE”.

Applications may be obtained by calling the Tiverton Lions Club Scholarship Chair,
Rosemary Bowers – 401-624-7673, through your Guidance Departments or on Tiverton
Lions Club website -

In order to be considered all completed and signed applications 
must be received by April 30th, 2023. 
Contact Tiverton Lions Club Scholarship Chair Rosemary Bowers
401-624-7673 if you have any questions.

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