Sakura House Generator Project

This project, completed in 2015, involved coordinating clubs from across Oxford County to fund the installation of a generator with enough power to run Sakura House in the invent of a major power outage.  Sakura House is a palliative care unit located east of Woodstock Ontario. Their back up plan in the event of a power outage was to move the patients to the local hospital disrupting their lives considerably. We recently received a thankyou note from Sakura House where the generator functioned seemlessly when a power outage of several hours occurred. Total raised was in excess of $100,000 which funded the generator install and provided a trust fund for ongoing maintenance.  WE SERVE!

Parks and Environment

An ongoing project of the Thamesford Lions Club is the enhancement of the parks within the village.  Thamesford is blessed with four large parks and one small park giving us a high ratio parks to people. 

Dr Kosmal Park

This is the newest park project of the Thamesford Lions Club and is located beside the river north of Highway 2.  We recently planted a row of trees to block the view of the wetlands further north so as to improve the appearance of the village when entering from the east.  We recently constructed a bridge over a storm drain and a trail will be built from the bridge along the river to the Grace Patterson Park.

Lions constructing the bridge for the new walkway

Lions River Park

This park runs along the east bank of the river south of Highway 2 and the dam and has a walkway paralleling the river.  This park is used for Weinerfest in June and other events.

Entrance to the Lions River Park

South Park

This park is located of Seldon St on the south side of the village.  It contains a ball field, a play area and has a trail running through it maintained by the Lions.  

Lions constructing the South Park Walkway

Grace Patterson Park

This park runs along the west bank of the river north of the fire hall.  There is a pavilion that is frequently used as a rest spot by travelers.  Thamesford Lions are involved in the clean up along the river bank.

North Park

This park is located at George and McCarty Streets on the north side of the village.  There is a large ball diamond used for both recreational and competitive teams and another small one used for house league games.

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