The Tappahannock Lions are very involved with screening at our local schools, day cares, and  Tappahannock Free Clinic.  We also work with the local Social Service Departments to provide eye exams, eyeglasses, hearing exams, and hearing aids for the needy people of Essex and King and Queen Counties.  There are eyeglass recycling boxes throughout the town of Tappahannock.  Also used hearing aids can be placed in them.

 We also provide a $500.00 scholarship to a deserving Essex High School graduate along with donating to many other organizations.

We are now collecting recycled plastic. We are well on are way to 500 lbs.  Then the company will send us a recycled bench to be placed in our community  Our first bench is placed at the entrance of Tappahannock Elementary School.

  Our club has adopted the flower bed at the entrance of Tappahannock Elementary School where you can see we have planted a Ginkgo Tree.  The Ginkgo Tree is a prehistoric tree that has survived since the age of the dinosaurs.  It can exist in any enivorment and dirt condition.  It is the symbol of Past President Wirfs of Lions International.  And that is how we have honored are beloved friend Lion Johnnie Bryant that past away May 2014.  May his memory and service live on.

 Our members have volunteered at the USDA Food Distribution located in a local church, the Tappahannock Free Clinic and Riverside-Tappahannock Hospital.

We are now sponsoring a Leader Dog for the Blind puppy.  He is a German Shepherd.  His name is Daxos and is now training in Michigan.

The only yearly fundraisers are our "Golf for Sight" golf tournament held at Hobbs Hole Golf Course in Tappahannock and two 50/50 Raffle located at the Virginia Motor Speedway on Rt. 17 in Jamaica, Va.

 We are very proud to be the sponsoring club of newly chartered  King William County Children's First Lion Club.  Its sold purpose is to be involved in the development and welfare of children in their county. They screen the Head Start children, as well as day cares and local schools.  They have started the "The Tooth Fairy Project" where the members delivery packages of tooth paste and tooth brushes to the local children and also read books.  Also the "Magic Pumpkin Project."  The members give the children pumpkin seeds to plant and the next morning a full grown pumkin appears.

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