Melvin Jones is the founder of Lions Club International.  He was born on January 13, 1879 in Fort Thomas, Arizona and the son of a United States Army captain.  As a young man, Melvin made his home in Chicago, Illinois.  He became associated with an insurance firm and in 1913 formed his own agency.  He soon joined the Business Circle.  Melvin asked that the successful business men could put their talents to work impoving their communities.  Thus in June 7, 1917 Lions Club International was born.

     Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones.  The recipient of this award becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his club and the community for which it serves.

     The Tappahannock Lions Club is very proud to have 9 such members.  They are as followers:

 Lion Tony K. Adams

Lion George Butler Elliott

Lion James (Jimmy) Elliott

Lion Diane Freeman.

Lion Bernice J. McElroy

Lion Donna M. Weiler

Lion H. Hauser Weiler

Lion Wilbon S. Wilmore

Lion Leslie Taylor

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