Meeting Minutes - Highlights

June - August 2019

In June, we began work on our 2019 Tigers Football Program that is distributed at every local home game!  We also reorganized the committees for a few upcoming events.

In July, we continued our work on the Football Program.  Committees working on the Craft Fair and the Veteran Recognition met to work on their projects.  Most plans were finalized!  We also hosted Pizza Night for the Chandler Youth out at Camp Brimshire.  It was a great time!  What a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from some fantastic youth from all over the world!

In August, we will finalize our Football Program and attend the first home game of the season to distribute them to the fans attending the game!  Committees will also continue their work on the Veteran Recognition Banquet and the Craft Fair. 

As always, regular meetings were, and will be, held each month at the St. James Senior Center on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays!

October, November, December 2018

St. James Lions Club sold ham & beans dinners with corn bread and apple cobbler dessert during Old Iron Works Days at Maramac Spring Park, October 13th & 14th.  Lion Tim fabricated "walls" for the set up at the park; with canvas tarps and lumbar provided by the club.  Lions Jo, Jeani, Jennie and De were given permission to use the kitchen at the Senior Center for food prep on the day before the event.

Bryan Lambeth, who is the chief of the St. James Ambulance District, was our guest speaker at our Oct. 16th meeting.  He gave an informative speech, with a question & answer session at the end.

The St. James Lions Club, along with the St. James City Hall hosted a Festival of Lights in the downtown area.  Businesses and public entitities were invited to set up light displays along Washington and Springfield streets.  Our Lions club decorated the pavilion and hung lights on several trees in the area. 

On December 1st, following the Christmas parade, St. James Lions were at the pavilion to help greet the more than 300 children and adults who came to meet Santa.  Hot chocolate and cookies were provided for all who stopped by.

Our club held it's annual Christmas party, hosted by Lions Tim and De and Lion President Jeani on Sunday, December 9th.  The food was delicious, as usual.  Each member brought a $5 gift for our gift game, which has become a tradition with our club.  Best of all, was a chance to get together as friends and just enjoy each other's company.

July, August, September 2018

Our first meeting at the St. James Senior Center came to order at 6pm.  Lion Bev was able to report that the ad collection for this year's football program was well underway. 

The first football home game was on Friday, August 31st.  Many Lions members showed up to pass out programs for this first game of the season.

Our club provided pizza for the Chandler Youth at Camp Brim Shire for a "Pizza night" during their stay at the camp.  Pizza night was held on Friday, July 27th.  Many of our club members were there to meet the young people from various parts of the world.

A Lion couple presented a challenge to the club to come up with a Community wide project which should include club members interacting with each other.   The Lion couple generously donated to fund this project.  Lion Jennifer volunteered to chair the project.  Lions Jo and De vlolunteered to co-chair.

Several Lions members were on hand to assist in parking cars at the annual St. James Grape and Fall Festival on Thursday, September 6th and Friday, September 7th.  A rainy evening on Friday caused a bit of difficulty.  However, a good number of local citizens showed up in spite of the rain.

April, May, June 2018

St. James Lions assisted in the preparation of the Open House at Camp Brimshire for the dedication of the new therapy pool.  Our club also provided beverages for the event in April.  In spite of the cold weather, 75 were in attendance at the dedication.

St. James Lions sold hamburgers at the Sip N Savor held by the chamber of commerce on Saturday, May 5th.  The food venders were set up on Springfield Ave. near the old St. James depot.

On Saturday, May 19th, St. James Lions hosted the last District meeting for the 2017 - 2018 fiscal year.  The meeting was held at Camp Brimshire.  Lions Rich and Sherry provided meals for the attendees.

Our club donated $400 for a table and 6 chairs for the new St. James Senior Center's dining room. 

This year, our club awarded an additional scholorship, for a total of 3 local college bound high school students.  The 3 students attended our meetings for the presentation of the checks and to tell us more about their future plans.

Our club continued with our project to provide fans for local seniors in need of them during the hot whether.  The club purchased 10 fans and gave them to the St. James Ambulance Department for distribution to those in need.

Due to the need for more room to hold our meetings, our club decided we needed to change our meeting place.  A vote was taken and a decision was made to change the meeting place to the new Senior Center starting in July.  Our first meeting at the Senior Center was held on Tuesday, July 17th, at 6pm.

January, Febuary, March 2018

Lions Jo and Jennifer purchased and delivered a year's supply of laundry supplies for the elementary school in St. James. 

Our club had it's first Craft Fair on Saturday, Febuary 10th.  Although the weather kept the attendance down, the response from the vendors was positive.  We will do this new fund raiser again next year.

Lion Tim presented Jeanie Dillis at Birthright with a $500 check to assist in their work helping families and pregnant moms in need.

October, November, December 2018

St. James Lions sold ham and beans with corn bread and apple cobbler at Old Iron Works Days at Maramac Spring again this year, in October.

Terrell Story, Youth Empowerment leader at the Firehouse coffeeshop was a guest speaker; along with a few of the students who volunteer at the coffeeshop.  

Keith McCarthy of the St. James Caring Center & Senior Center spoke about the new Senior Center which is under construction at it's new downtown location.

St. James Lions Club joined with the city hall again for the Christmas Festival of Lights.  The participation was great as evidenced by all of the beautiful displays at the plaza, along Washington and Springfield Streets.

Lion Rich presented a donation to D.A.R.E.

Our club's Christmas Dinner was hosted by Lions Tim, De and Jeani. It was another great time of friendship among our club members.

July, August, Sept 2017

St. James Lions Club made contributions to assist Lions national efforts in clean up following natural disasters which occurred aound the country this summer.

The 10 fans that our club previously donated to help residents of our community stay cool over the summer months were distributed by the St. James Ambulance District.  All the fans had been distributed by mid-summer.  The club purchased 4 additional fans with the gift card received by WalMart in Rolla. The fans were delivered to the Ambulance district for distribution to those in need of them.

St. James Lions sponsored Pizza Night at Camp Brim Shire for Chandler Youth again this year.  Pizza night was held on Friday, August 4th.  This day was also the birthday of one of the young ladies in the group.  It turned out to be a great way to join in wishing her a very happy birthday.

President Lion Jeani and Lion Jo volunteered on behalf of our club during the Ecipse Watch at the elementary school on August 21st.  They reported having a great time being with the young students for this historic event.

St. James Lions members helped with parking cars during Monster Truck night, on September 7th, at the Grape and Fall Festival.   Lion Deb presented our club with a check from St. James Chamber of Commerce to be added to our fund raising efforts for performing this service.

The Tigers Football programs were printed on time for the first home game.  Several St. James Lions were on hand to distribute them at the gate.

VP Lion Rich gave an update on the new Therapy Pool at Camp Brim Shire.  District Gov. Preston & PDG Lion Murray Dunn visited the camp to see how the work was progressing.  Phase II will begin in the spring. The date of the dedication of the therapy pool will be set at a later time.

April, May, June 2017

Lions form our club and the Ownesville Lions Club came out to Camp Brim Shire for work days in order to help Lions Rich and Sherry get the camp ready for the season.  This help was needed following a severe hand injury Lion Rich sustained during a fall.  Fortunately, the Camp was able to open on time!

Two students were chosen to receive scholarships this year.   Lion Beverly prepared the plaques and certificates which were presented to the students by President Lion Jeani and Vice President Lion Rich.  A 3rd recipient was chosen to receive a 2nd year scholarship. 

Lion Jo repainted 2 St. James Lions Club signs that were posted along road sides into town.  Lion Tim reposted both signs.

This year's Sip N Savor was a new fund raiser for out club.  The event was held on May 6th, downtown, St. James.  Our club sold brats and hot dogs at the event.  This proved to be an excellent fundraiser.

LCIF approved a grant for a new therapy pool at Camp Brim Shire for AMDY.  It was reported that District Lions were working to match the grant.

Our club donated 10 box fans to be distributed by the St. James Ambulance District.  The fans are for the purpose of assisting local citizens who are at risk of heat exhaustion during the hot summer months.  The WalMart store in Rolla, MO. granted our club a gift card for the purchase of additional fans as needed.  This was the first summer we donated fans for local citizens.  Providing the fans was a well received community project. 



Our club had an open discussion on future community service projects. Lion Steve motioned that our club would donate $500 to Payer or Last Resort, $500 would also be donated to AMDY and $200 to the Adopt a Soldier Project with Tacony Manufacturing.  All in attendance voted in favor of these donations.

Lion Jo reported that the elementary school was very appreciative of items donated for our school project.  These items included coats, clothing and a stackable washer/dryer.  Wal Mart contributed a $50 dollar gift card toward the clothing items.  Lions Steve and Jo donated the washer/dryer.  Lion Tim volunteered to deliver it to the school.

Lion Mike reported that Troop #95 Scouts make $800.53 by bagging groceries for our club's matching grant ($500.00) donation.  These funds will be used toward much needed camping equipment and supplies.

Guest speaker, Deb Parton, Director of St. James Chamber of Commerce spoke about upcoming local events, including the Vets Home Challenge.  The challenge is to fill a box, or contribute to a box with items that the vetarans at the Missouri Veterans Home in St. James could use. 

Guest spreaker Brain Lambeth, EMS Chief with St. James Ambulance service spoke about the need for replacements and repairs of their ambulances and the upcoming Prop A which would be used to pay for these expenses if the propositon were to pass.

Guest speaker, Joe Stammers, Principal of John Hodge High School spoke about his focus for the students to become more involved in the community.  The school drama club planned a dinner and theate night for seniors.  The club was invited to attend.

Secretary Lion Deanna spoke about an email received from Dist. Secretary Lion Dave Baldwin about Missouri Lions helping in Perryville with clean up after a tornado. There was a discussion about contributing $500 to Perryville.  Lion Jo motioned and Lion Deanna seconded the motion to send the contribution.  Motion was carried. 




Our club held it's new fundraiser at Meramac Spring Old Iron Works Days on October 8th & 9th.  Ham & beans dinners, consisting of a bowl of ham and beans, cornbread and a peach dessert were sold.  The club also offered bottled water and a variety of soft drinks.  The fundraiser made a nice profit which will go for community services.

The club was informed about a local family in need of groceries and a 5 year old youngster in need of glasses.  Both needs were presented for a vote.  All in attendance voted in favor to assist in each of these needs.

A special club meeting was held at Greenstay Motel & Suites to discuss expansion of our club's cummunity outreach.  More than 20 ways to expand services was listed for consideration.

Lions Rich and Sherry continued our club's grocery gifting project at Country Mart.  This community service project was expanded to include both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

St. James Police Chief Ron Jones gave a presentation at a meeting concerning youth programs in our community.  Our club later voted unanimously to contribute to the DARE program.

Guest speaker, Nathaniel Mitchell, Director of Admissions at East Central College, was intorduced by Lion Steve.  He gave a presentation regarding various financial programs available for students.

Our club's annual Christmas party was held on December 11th.  The party was hosted by Lions Tim and De and President Lion Jeani.  It was a great time of friendship while we shared a delicious meal and traded gifts.

Our club, along with St. James City Hall, organized the second annual St. James Festival of Lights.  More participants lit up the streets for this year's event.  The festival spanned both sides of the rr tracks, on Springfield and Washington, from Meramec to Seymour Street.  Some of our Lions members also assisted Santa at the gazebo following the St. James Christmas Parade on December 3rd.


PDG Lion John conducted our Installation Ceremony in July.  Lion John also inducted new members Lion Mike and Lion Jennifer.  Both were sponsored by Treasurer Lion Steve.

Our club sponsored a pizza night at Camp Brimshire for Chandler Youth again this year.  The event was on Friday, July 29th, at 6 pm.  The club supplied pizza and ice cream sundaes.  Lion Jim's band provided music for the evening.

Lions club members passed out the Tigers Football programs at the high school home games for our longest running fundraiser.

The club performed a trial run for a new fundraiser during the Grape & Fall festival.  Members sold ham & beans dinners at the Country Mart parking lots on September 10th, 2016.

Lion Beverly made a plaque for our club to be displayed at Country Bob's Cafe in order to let people know the location of our meeting place.


A motion was carried to keep the scholarship amount at $500.  7 applications were reviewed and discussed.  Two seniors were chosen to receive scholarship checks of $500 each.  President Lion Jeani and Lion Mickie presented award certificates on May 16th, at Scholarship Award night.

Fund raising measures were discussed.  The club chose not to sell peacans this year.  Lion Steve investigated the feasibility of having a food booth at Old Iron Works Days in October.  The club voted to serve a ham and beans plate.  The club also plans to sell coffee, soft drinks and bottled water during the event.

Guest speaker Lisa Kean spoke about PCCAN (Phelps County Child Advocacy Network).  The organization offers assistance to children, women and families in need due to neglect and abuse.  PCCAN assisted 100 families in 2015.

Lion Beverly designed a 3-part invoice for this year's football program ads.  The new invoice will allow for one copy for the customer, one for Lion Beverly for the purpose of program design and one for the treasurer.  All in attendance approved of the new invoice at the time of presentation.


Membership patches were presented to 6 of our members: PDG John Wiemann for 45 yrs, Lions Jim Marellus and Jack Smoot for 30 yrs and Curtis Adams for 15 yrs of service.  Congratulations to all of you for your contribution to our community and our club!

"We Serve" pins were presented to the Christmas committee club members.  These members were re-appointed to chair this committee again in 2016.  Congratulations to PP Lion Steve Wilson, Board member Lion Tim Henderson & Secretary Lion Deanna Henderson.

Lions Beverly & Jim Gordon were presented with "We Serve" pins in recognition of their service as Chairmen of the Pecan Sales committee.  Thank you Lions Bev & Jim! With spring just around the corner, our club members are working on ideas for more fundraising & community events.


Guest speaker, Lisa Kean, gave a presentation about the "Payer of Last Resort."  The charitable organization works with the Phelps County Health Dept., Phelps County Child Advocates, Healthy Babies, and several more entities which help needy people in our area.  Last year, they were able to assist 110 families through donations. Following Lisa's presentation, President Loin Jeani presented a $500 contribution to "Payer of Last Resort" on behalf of St. James Lions Club.

Football programs were handed out by club members at the 4 St. James Tigers home games.  Lion Bev did a great job of designing the the programs again this year.

Our club Christmas Party was held at Lions Tim and De's home on December 12th.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with Lions Club friends.

Lions Tim, Steve, Jo and De chaired the committee for the "St. James Lions Festival of Lights" on the streets of  Washington and Springfield in the downtown area. This was made possible with co-operation of the St. James City Hall.  Set-up date was scheduled for Saturday, December 14th.

The club's annual "Grocery Gifting" was planned for Friday, December 18th, at 5 pm, at Country Mart.  Members were asked to wear their vests during this holiday charitable endeavor. 


The two recipients of this year's club scolarship program visited us at the July 7th meeting.  Each young lady spoke about their future plans for college and career.

Club members approved contributions for 2 currently deployed soldiers from St. James.  The two $50 contributions go through Tacany Manufacturing on support of the "Adopt a Soldier Program."

The club approved a contribution of $50 to assist teacher Janet Barlar and her 35 students of the "Military Appreciation Group".  The funds will help with projects and care packages for soldiers and veterans.

Lion Rich reported on the Chandler Youth visit at Camp Brimshire.  The Lions international youth group stayed at Camp Brimshire from July 20th through July 26th.  Our club held a pizza night at the dining hall during their stay.

Based on the success of last year's pecan sales fundraiser, the club voted to sell pecans again this year.  Lion Jim picked up 500 lbs of cracked pecans to be sold in one lb. bags. 



Our club's newest member, Lion Joyce, was sworn in on April 7th in an installation ceremony presided by Lion Rich.  Her husband, Lion Robert, presented her with the club pin.

A presentation was given for club members on April 21st about a charitable group with the purpose of preventing and curing a parasitic foot desease which plagues children in Uganda.  No meeting was held on April 21st due to the presentation.

Four applications were received for our club's scholarship award.  Two recipients were chosen.  Lion Rich presented the awards on May 15th, during the John Hodge High School award presentation ceremonies.  There were fewer awards given this year.  We were very pleased to be among those who were able to give.

Lion De passed out last year's programs with high-lighted lists from the index of advertizers for individual members to contact.  This will facilitate in ad sales for this year's football programs.



A letter and an information booklet was received from Saving Sight.  The letter was read during the January 6th meeting.  

We also received a letter from AMDY, thanking the club for past contributions.  Motion was carried to send contributions.

The club congratulated Lion Robert on his marriage to Joyce.  Her application was received and approved as our club's newest member.  

Lion Bev received a letter from a local parent requesting assistance in the purchase of sports glasses for a child.  Assistance was approved and given.

Plans were made to print and deliver scholarship applications for local high school students who will graduate this year.




Over 1,300 St. James Tigers football programs were passed out at the gate at the team's 5 home games by the end of the season. It was a great year for this long-standing St. James Lions Club fundraiser.

Selling bags of peacans was a new fundraiser for our club this year. This project was deemed a success for a first time fundraising activity.

In December, the club set up a Christmas display in downtown St. James.  It was well received by the community.

Once again, we gave out grocery vouchers at the Country Mart in St. James.  This community support project was well appreciated by the recipients and very rewarding for the club members who were able to participate.

The club's activities for the year culminated with a Christmas dinner at Matt's Steakhouse in Rolla, Mo. 


The Lions Chandler Youth Camp was held at Camp Brim Shire again this year.  Fourteen children from around the world attended the youth camp from July 20th to 27th.  The week's event was topped off with a pizza dinner/ice cream social provided and served by the St. James Lions Club.  Music was provided by St. James VP Lion Jim's band, UNTAMED.

The Tigers Football Program turned out to be a great fundraising success this year.  Lion Bev provided the layout for the programs.  Great job, Lion Bev!!

The programs were passed out at the gate of all home games by St. James Lions Club members.  Those who were able to participate enjoyed working together for this annual fund raiser.


During April 15th meeting, webmaster Lion Mickie requested that any members who have info or pictures to post on our club's website, please pass it on to her.  She will be happy to include it on the website.

Our club was invited to attend a meeting of the Rolla Lions Club.  Several of our members were able to join them for a lunchtime meeting.  Their hospitality and delicious luncheon were greatly appreciated.

We selected two recipients for scholarships this year.  These young ladies attended our June 3rd meeting and thanked us for the scholarship funds.

We helped a 7 year old boy to obtain a 2nd pair of glasses.  He has special circumstances which created a need for another pair.

Preparations for our St. James Tigers Football Program was initiated in June, with lists of contacts for ads distributed to active members of our club.



We discussed doing the grocery gifting community project at Country Mart  during the Christmas season, again this year. We also discussed continuing participation in the Christmas display at the Rolla Lions Club Park.

The audit committee met on January 30th, pursuant to the by-laws.  The book and records for the calendar year 2013 are in good order. 

Lion Betty Pitts was named an honorary member in good standing.

President Lion Jeani, Lion Mickie and Lion William attended class at the St. James Ambulance Dist. and received certification in first aid and CPR.

Lion Richard obtained 3 blood pressure kits. A first aid kit suitable for our club was purchased.  All items were turned over to Lion Tamer Lion Curtis as the keeper of the kits as the club's property and for the club's use.

Lion Rich said the Chandler Youth pizza night would be held on a Wednesday.  Lion Jim's band will entertain the youth on Friday evening during their stay at Camp Brim Shire this summer.


Our club held it's first Fall Sale on Oct. 12th, during Old Iron Works Days.  Seven spaces were set up with merchandise; which included 2 spaces set up by vendors from the community.  In view of the success of this endeavor, we plan to do another Fall Sale next year.

Several of our club members stood at the gates of the Tigers football games this fall, in order to pass out the Tigers football programs.  1375 football programs were given out, in all.

We installed our newest member to our club, Lion William.  He is the son of Lion Mickie.

Our club held it's 2nd annual food give-away on December 21st.  Club members showed up at the Country Mart, wearing their Lions Club vests and Santa caps.  We gave assistance with paying grocery bills for several families, up to $50 of each family's total bill.  Since this community support event was so well received last year, we decided to increase the total amount given away from 500 to 600 dollars.  To each family we were able to help, we wished them a very Merry Christmas!



Our club members worked very hard, collecting ads from local businesses for this year's St. James Tigers football program.  We had a record number of ads from community businesses; many of which placed an ad for the first time.

Lion Bev created the layout for the 2013 football program.  Best ever!!  Thank you, Lion Bev, for your hard work and expertise!

Lion Rich informed the club that Chandler Youth will return to Camp Brim Shire next year.  The members of our club, who were able to participate, enjoyed helping to entertain the Lions International youth group during their stay at Camp Brim Shire this summer.  We're looking forward to helping out again in 2014.

Lion Randy Ray passed away this summer.  Randy was well known and very well liked in our area.  Our Lions Club and the entire town sadly miss him. 




Lion President Jim presented Lion John with a key for 2 new members.  Lion President Jim also presented the club with a retention patch for our banner which Lion Amy is working on.

An application was received for assistance in replacing glasses for a child who lost her glasses.  Information was received from Col Hanks regarding a young man in need of assistance with eye glasses.  Lion John also received another request for glasses for a young man.

On Saturday, May 11th, members of St. James Lions Club distributed flowers to the ladies who reside at the Golden Living Center for Mother's Day.

Four applications for scholarships were received.  The club voted to present scholarships for 2 applicants.

On Saturday, June 15th, members of the club presented gifts of socks to the gentlemen who reside at the Golden Living Center for Father's Day.

With great pride, the St. James Lions Club elected the club's first female president, Lion Jeani Schultz.

Installation was held on June 18th, at the home of Lions Tim and De.  The installation ceremony was followed by a delicious pot luck dinner.

On Wednesday, June 24th, the club sponsored a Pizza Party for the Chandler Youth at Camp Brim Shire. 

Several club members were also on hand for the festivities on Friday, June26th when the band, UNTAMED, entertained the Chandler Youth at Camp Brim Shire with 80s music.  Lion Jim is a member of this popular local band.



Contributions were made to St. Louis USO and to AMDY.  Thank you notes were received for our support and shared at meetings.



In November, our club worked on our new Christmas display for "Christmas in the Park"; which is sponsored by the Rolla Lions Club.  The ladies shopped for materials. 6 club members met at Camp Brim Shire for a work day in order to put together the trees, work on lighting and paint the snowmen.


In December, we had our 3rd annual Christmas Dinner. 

December 9th, 8 club members set up the Christmas display at the Rolla Lions Club Park. 

Sadly, we lost our dear friend Lion Max on Dec. 17th.

On Dec. 22nd, 8 club members spent time participating in helping 11 families with their grocery bill.  The experience, as well as the expressions of gratitude from the recipients, was much to our delight.

On Dec. 23, 6 members took down the Christmas display at the park.



Once again, our annual fundraiser "St. James Tigers Football Program" has been a HUGE SUCCESS!!  We extend our sincere thanks to all of the community businesses advertised within the program for their support and participation.  We were able to include a number of NEW supporters from St. James in this year's program.  The funds collected from this fundraiser are used for a number of projects to help those "We Serve" in our community.  Thanks also to the Lions who worked so diligently on the program; volunteering thier time.  GO TIGERS!!!"

During the month of September, our club hosted a guest speaker from Birthright, Trisha DaVault.  Our club members were enlightened and informed by our visit with Trisha. 

Birthright is celebrating their 30th anniversary of service in the community.  They provide many services to those in need.  Counseling, assistance with shelter and educational classes are some of the services they provide.  All help is done by volunteers.  If anyone in our community has items to donate of baby clothes, cribs, diapers, blankets and toys that have been "gently used"; please consider donating them to Birthright.  So many families are in need.  Any contribution will be welcomed.

In October, our club participated in the 5th Annual Fall Community Sale at the Missouri Veterans Home.  It was held Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Oct. 12th - 14th.  There was a very good turn out for this MVH community event.  Hope to see you there again next year!    



The St. James Lions congratulate the winners of the July 4th "Cozy Home" raffle.  Grand prize winner: Rich Sullentrip, won the digital fireplace.  2nd prize winner: Dave Moeslein, won the area rug.  3rd prize winner: Robert Miller, won the ceiling fan.  Thank you to all who participated.

Our club will begin contacting local businesses in St. James for advertising in the 2012 Football Program...Go Tigers!!!!

We will be hosting the Aug. 4th Cabinet meeting at the St. James Days Inn & Suites for our Lions district.  Coffee and doughnuts will be available in the morning.  We're also planning for a nice noontime meal.

In July, Lion Secretary De Henderson will be mailing out statements for membership dues to all Club members for 2012-2013.  All members are requested to mail payment to Lion Treasurer Beverly Gordon at PO Box 271, St. James, Mo. 65559.  There has been a slight increase in national dues.  However, our club dues will remain the same for this year.

We were delighted to have our 2 scholarship recipients join us for dinner at our July 19th meeting at Country Bob's.  We wish Amy and Jake much success.

APRIL 2012

The St. James Lions have moved to a new meeting place.  After many years at Diana's Diner, the club decided it was time to share our support with another restaurant in our community.  We now meet every 1st & 3rd Tuesday at Country Bob's in St. James. 

At present, our club is working on a special project for Mother's Day for some very special ladies in our community.  We can't say who they are; because we want them to be surprised. 

We still have raffle tickets available for our "Comfy Home" raffle.  Contact Lion Tim Henderson at 573-699-4192 for tickets.  The tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  The drawing will be held over Independence Day holiday. 

In June, we will once again begin working on the annual football program.  The project is headed by Lion John Wiemman.  Lion John has been dedicated to this project for several years.  This year, Lion John wants all St. James Lions Club members to assist in contacting our local supporters for their participation and advertising in the 2012 St. James Football Program.


We contributed funding for the programs at Camp Brimshire, Missouri Eye Research, LCIF, Leader Dog, World Service for the Blind and to the Rolla Neumann Center for a trip to assist with the disaster relief in Joplin.

We made contributions for numerous eye exams and glasses for school age children and to the Joplin relief fund.

At the March 20th meeting, Lion John Wiemann had the honor of installing his daughter Ellen as one of our newest members.  Ellen was presented with her Lions Pin during the installation. We are confident that Ellen will be an asset to our club and will serve our community well.

A Thank You letter was read from Leader Dog for our club's contribution.  We had a discussion about our raffle that is in progress.  The drawing will be held over the 4th of July holiday.  Prizes include a digital fireplace, a ceiling fan and an area rug.  Good luck to all who have purchased raffle tickets.

The March 20th meeting was our last meeting at Diana's Diner.  We extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Diana and all of her staff for being so accommodating to our club over the years.  Our first meeting at Country Bob's will be held on April 3rd, 2012.


We helped the St. James Chamber of Commerce with a donation towards the renovation of the St. James Depot.

We hosted a Banquet & Silent Auction fund raiser celebrating our club's "70th" anniversary at the Havener Center in Rolla.

We participated in Christmas in the Park with a display at the Rolla Lions Park.

We provided a significant grant to pay utilities for 4 local families prior to Christmas.


Our club donated to a local family of an Army Sargent who had just returned from Afghanistan.  He was facing difficulties with family illness and loss of a job.  We were able to assist this family with funding and help seeking employment. 

The St. James Football program is a special project our club has worked on for years.  Our club provides the programs at all of the "Home" games.  We want to thank our community for their support with the advertising and "Home" game attendance.

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