The Lions Club of Grenada was chartered on April 3, 1965 at the Santa Maria Hotel in Belmont; the Charter Chairman was Lion Wilbert Douglas. 

Charter Members were Lions:  

Wilbert Douglas, John DaBreo, Alfred Fakoory, Norbert Fletcher, Sydney McNeilly, Moses Nahous, Raymond Noel, Barry Rapier, Hugh Robertson, Gordon Renwick, Ron Smith, Ivan Walcott, Bryce Woodroffe, Armand Williams, Franklyn Cherman and Everette Woodroffe, Charter President.

In 1981, the Club’s name was changed to “The Lions Club of St. George’s”, to facilitate the formation of another club in St. Andrew’s.

To ensure the youths were guided on the right path, the St. George’s Leo Club was sponsored in 1970 under the presidency of Lion Wilbert Douglas and they were instrumental for the upkeep of the Tanteen Playground.  The Gouyave Leo Club was sponsored in 1972 under the presidency of Lion Ernest John with the Leo Advisor being Lion Victor Wade. Leo President in 1970 Henry A L Bullen was the only Leo President to make a presentation at an International Convention.

The Club has had eight female Presidents in Lions Esther DeBourg (deceased), Donnet DeFreitas, Alexandrina (Alex) Hood, Dawne Williams, Sherma Cruickshank, Florence Williams, Wendy Tamar, Loriann Lewis and Wendy La Barrie.

In 1993, Esther DeBourg did Grenada and the Club proud, by becoming the first female Zone Chairman in Multiple District 60.  Other Lions that have done Grenada and Multiple District 60B proud are; Charter President the late Lion Everette Woodroffe and Lion R. Anthony Joseph who both served as District Governors in 1981– 1982 and 1984-1985 respectively and other Zone Chairmen as follows:  

1993 to 1994       Esther DeBourg

                                  Winston Duncan

1999 to 2000      Jasper Pryce         

2001 to 2002     Richard Mc Phail

2002 to 2003     Florence Williams

2007 to 2008     Hyacinth Jeremiah

2010 to 2011       Frank Jarvis

2012 to 2013       Wendy La Barrie

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