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This page tells what is new and/or different at Spokane Central Lions Club. Check it out and you can find the lastest information about our memMulbers and the club in general.


2020-2021 Officers


The following officers have been elected and installed for the 2020-2021 Lion year.

President:                      Gary Guenther

1st Vice Pres:                Mark Robershotte

2nd Vice Pres:               Benton Scruggs

Secretary:                     Cindy Shackleford

Treasurer:                     Scott Opperud

Tail Twister:                 Joe Tufts

Lion Tamer:                  Cliff Miller

Membership Chair:      Jeff Snow

Sight/Hearing Chair:    Dave Gilman


Steve Maggio (2021)                                     John Barber (2021)

Jessica Ekstrom (2023)                                Laura Winterrsteen-Arleth (2022)

Jessie Tennant (2023)                                  Roger Engelbertson (2022)


Eyeglass Sorting

In the past month members of Spokane Central have met to sort used glasses. The members were careful to "social distance" and all wore masks to make the project a safe one.

Lion Joy tells us there is a need for one more sorting session which she will announce soon. Watch for it in the Weekly Update..

At the moment a big need is to haul the glasses we have sorted to the Eyeglass Recycling Center in Olympia, WA. If you are making a trip in that direction let Lion Joy know.



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