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This page tells what is new and/or different at Spokane Central Lions Club. Check it out and you can find the lastest information about our memMulbers and the club in general.


Charter Officers of "Spokane Lions Club"

Taken from the April 20, 1922 Spokane Daily Chronicle

Our club was chartered in April of 1922. The charter officers were all pictured in the April 20, 1922 Spokane Daily Chronicle on page 11. The board of directors were pictured too and will be here at a later date. With these pictures the important person to notice is the President, Joseph W Bradley. He is the father of our current memberr Father Ted Bradley.



From The Girl Scouts - a Thank You!

We received a nice thank you from the Girl Scount Council for our gift to sup[ort the new Savannah Summit ropes course at Camp Four Echoes on Lake Coeur d'Alene. You can find a video showing the course and the ribbonj cutting here:



New Service Project:

The club is going to start collecting plastic to recycle. Trex has a plastics recycling program. For every 500# of recycled materials, they will donate a Trex bench we can place where we want. Start saving plastic to recycle.

Some plastic to recycle: bread bags, grocery bags, plastic that is wrapped around plastic bottles, ice bags, newspaper bags, cereal bags, produce bags, ziplock bags, salt pellet bags.

Bring your bags to the meetings on Tuesdays. Bill Funk will store in his warehouse.










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