Annual Fruit Sale

Every year the South Boston Lions Club conducts an annual fruit sale to raise money to support the organizations that we sponsor.  We sell tangelos, grapefruit, oranges, apples, and pears.  The fruit is shipped directly from Florida and arrives just in time for Christmas.  Below is a list of what we have for sale.  All orders must be in by the end of November.  Contact Winston Harrell at 434-572-4616 for more information or to order fruit.  All of the boxes of fruit are $28.

One box of Tangelos

4/5 Bushel          Average of 60 to 80 Tangelos

One box of Grapefruit

4/5 Bushel          Average of 30 to 40 Grapefruit

One box of Navel Oranges

4/5 Bushel          Average of 60 to 80 Grapefruit


One box of Tangelos and Oranges

4/5 Bushel          Avg. 30-40 Tangelos & 30 to 40 Oranges


One box of Grapefruit and Oranges

4/5 Bushel          Avg. 15-20 Grapefruit & 30 to 40 Oranges


Holiday Gift Trio

12 Apples               12 Oranges                12 Grapefruit

Citrus Variety Pack

 12 Tangelos          12 Oranges                 12 Grapefruit

Fresh Fruit Sampler

8 Tangelos     8 Oranges     6 Grapefruit     8 Apples     6 Pears



One box of Tangelos and Grapefruit

4/5 Bushel          Avg. 30-40 Tangelos & 15 to 20 Grapefruit

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