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Awards Night 2022 ~ Michael McDonald Citizen of the Year, Larry Poulin Humanitarian of the Year, Sam Reidy Best Large Club Award, Cynthia Munroe Best Secretary Large Club, Sam Reidy receiving Pinning for Melvin Jones Fellowship

Awards Night 2022 ~ Stephanie Bell Rookie of the Year, John Babb Leandre Berard Award, Jane Puccio Helen Keller Service Award, Scott LeBeau Sight Award, Rena Jacobsen Melvin Jones Fellowship

Meal Ministry May 14, 2022

Pancake Breakfast April 2022

Zooming in to Winter Trivia

Pounds for Charity/FUNDrive

Jane, Stephanie & Dottie at Winter Fest 2021

Fall 2021 Food Drive with pack7 & Troop21

Somerset Lions Club Fall Events & Fundraisers

2022 Past Presidents Night Dinner with Monthly Veterans Donations

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