July 11,2019

It was a great day at the club meeting our oldest Lion member of 53 years celebrated his 88 Birthday. Happy Birthday Lion Gerry Begue and good luch Nora.

July 11,2019

Slidell City Mayor Greg Cromer

A little about our guest speaker Mayor Greg Cromer

Greg and his wife Peggy moved to Slidell 1982. They have 2 children Nikki and Clay and 2 gran children Stephen and Olson.

A graduated with a Bachelor of Science in industrial management from Southeastern Louisiana University, and master’s in business administration from Louisiana State University.

Since moving to Slidell, he has been active in this community as a long member of the Slidell Noon Lions, past board member of St Tammany Economic Development Foundation. He was elected to City Council 2002, and again in 2006, serving as President during Hurricane Katrina. Elected to Louisiana House from 2008 to 2018. When he was elected as Mayor of Slidell. A job he now has and enjoys in a city he wants to see progress in the future.


Club officers for 2019 - 2020

From Left to right:

Director Frank Mathius, Director Julie Kronlage, Vice President Ed Dennis, Secretary Eugene St Jean, President Dan Ferrari, Membership Chair Bill Heyerdale, Vice President Ginny Payne, Treasurer Mike Floberg, Lion Tamer Johnny Crow, not Pictured Tail Twister Jim Towler

Congradulations to the new leaders of Slidell Noon Lions for 2019 - 2020





May 23, 2019

Guest Speaker John Welborn, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Slidell

John came to the club to address us about a very important problem that is in out community. When John took the position of CAO of the city of Slidell the Mayor suggested that he consider taking the Leadership Northshore Program.  Each of the groups that are involved take on a project to see how they will work together. The project they named Never Alone, the task is getting the community aware of Suicide awareness a very large problem with in the parish. Suicide it the 2nd leading cause of death among ages 15 – 44 in the nation. In 2018 St Tammany Parish experienced 49 suicides. This rate is over 40% higher than the nations average. There projected goal is to bring Suicide awareness message of Hope, Heart and Healing to our local community. They are doing this by educating the community through different medias, as well as having a poster contest, distributing bracelets to High School Students with the theme Never Alone and the Crisis Teen Text Line 504 777 Ease line number, as well as a GoFundMe link. He ask us to take a poster and either place it in our place of business or give it to a friend where the information can be shared.  We accepted that task.


May 09,2019

Speaker Barbara Gibson and Orion

Our guest speaker was Barbara Gibson accompanied by her therapy dog Orion. They are members of Love on a Leash a non-profit dedicated to providing an avenue for volunteer pet therapy.  Barbara and Orion visit various facilities such as nursing homes, funeral homes, schools, and shelters by doing this they increase public awareness of pet provided therapy, to bring comfort, happiness, and healing to the residents visited. Our speaker was also accompanied by Miranda Parker and Cheryl Seaglione of Hospice House. Hospice House is a facility designed to allow terminally ill Patients who are in a preferred hospice program with Hospice Foundation, a place to stay during their final days at no cost. A place were Barbara and Orion visit regularly.

December 27,2018

Local bee keeper Lion Mike Floberg.

Our own Lion Mike addressed the club about keeping bees and how he started. Getting his bees from relative in North Missouri starting with one hive and building to five. The maximum you may keep inside to city limits of Slidell. He informed us on how the bees creat a hive and the hierarchy of the hive, Queen, workers and drones. Queen lays eggs,drones' mate with virgin queens and workers do everything else. If the hive has no Queen, it will most likely die. Lion Mike had pictures of bee swarms, hives and explained how the honey is stored and  harvested. Then how it is separated from the comb. He loves his bees and is looking for a location he can place more hives.

December 13, 2018

Lion President Ginny Payne Rene Arcemont, Lion Johnny Crow

Rene Arcemont Executive Director East St Tammany Habitat for Humanity (ESTHFH), came to speak to the Lions about who they are and what they do for the community.

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, an ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide. Habitat invites people from all faiths and walks of life to work together in partnership, building houses with families in need.

East St Tammany Habitat for Humanity (ESTHFH) was incorporated in 1992 by a small group of citizens who wanted to help low income families in their community. The organization spearheaded by Habitat for Humanity International; began offering families the life changing opportunity to purchase and own  decent affordable housing in Eastern St. Tammany parish, Loiuisiana,

During the past 25 years ESTHFH has grown into a full construction organization with 139 homes built and 450 parents and children living in decent affordable housing. They are in the process of completing number 140 and 141. If you are interested in this organization and volunteering please go to there web site and read more.  These homes that are constructed are not free. There are requirement that must be meet by the recipients of these homes so all have a partnership. Thank you Rene for all the work that East St Tammany Habitat do for our community.

November 29,2018


Lion President Ginny Payne         Past District Governor William Heyerdale

Leo Induction 

On November 29,2018 the induction of officers from Salmen and Slidell High School Leo Clubs was conducted at 06:15PM at Slidell Noon Lions Den. The induction of officers was conducted by Past District Governor Lion William Heyerdale with guest speaker David Krolage. David spoke about the benefits of service organizations and the community. He referenced the pros and cons and how they effect the lives of all who serve. That the benefits help develop many skills that will be used throught there lives. Salman Hight School advisor Lion Eric DuBuisson spoke about the Leo program and how it is developing, while advisor Lion Debra Turlich from Slidell High School spoke about the project that there members are undertaking. 

The Salmen High officers President May Talor, Vice President Jayla Faciane, Secretary James Partman, and Treasurer Hunter Ray and Slidell High President Christal Woodward, Vice President Tyler Ernce, Secretary Alyssa Major,and Treasure Stephanie Schoennagel were inducted into there positions.  Then Past District Govenor Lion William Heyerdale call all new members to stand and be inducted as members of their perspective clubs. 

Closing remarks were given by Lion Mary DuBuisson of the importance of community service and how it effects all our lives. The induction was closed by Lion President Ginny Payne. After closing was a pizza party for all attending. 


Slidell High Advisor Lance Grant       Members and Officers of Slidell and Salmen High

Advisor Debra Turlich, Vice President Tyler Ernce 

Secretary Alyssa Major, President Christal Woodward 

Treasurer Stephnie Schoennage


November 08,2018

Lion President Ginny Payne WWII Museum Ambassador Ronnie Abboud Lion Johnny Crow

Speaker for today is Ambassador of WW II Museum Ronnie Abboud. He addressed the club with some astounding facts about the museum complex.  A few facts according to Trip Advisor is that our museum is the number 2 must see in the country, not only in the country but the world, and is the number 1 attraction to see in New Orleans. The cost to establish this complex is now around 1 Billion dollars. He continued to talk and show us pictures of boats, aircraft, and described them as tools that they use, tolls that relate to the real stories. Stories of individuals that have been shared with him and others. You can see Ronnie the ambassador of the museum, the joy and excitement he has in telling these astonishing stories of the service men and women who have given so much to protect what we have.  He reminded us that everyone of us has a member in our family that has their story to tell. We could have listened to him tell these stories, but time would not allow. We have invited him back if he will be so gracious, but he reminded us that the stories are there all we have to do is go to the museum look and listen.


Upcoming event BUNCO November 10 air Lions Den 356 Cleveland Ave. Details to follow


October 11, 2018

Speaker Ms. Melissa Henry, Clerk of Court St Tammany Parish was unable to attend. The Clerk of Court office is responsible for diligently performing duties and functions with utmost respect for you and public records. With the importance of upcoming election Melissa sent Ms. Marietta Barnes, Director of Elections, and Ms. Alisa Markezich Director of Land Records. They gave a great overview of office and scope of their work.  But their main message had to do with the importance of voting, and how low turn-out can effect an elections.

October 04, 2018

A group of members joined together and traveled to IHOP (International House of Pancakes),
Picayune Mississippi to show the clubs appreciation of there support of our Pancake Breakfast. They had a great time as well as a good lunch.


September 20,2018

Speaker President and CEO of SE Louisiana Boys and Girls Club Thomas Falgout

Picture Lion President Ginny Payne Speaker Thomas Falgout and Lion Johnny Crow

Before being appointed President and CEO of SE Louisiana Boys and Girls Club August 2016. Thomas was President and CEO of Greater High Point from 2010-2016. He visited our club to inform us of the importance the Boys and Girls Clubs bring to community to support and guide youth in our community. Also he reminded us of the importance of supporting there fundraiser to keep their programs going for the youth. The Slidell Noon Lions has supported Boys and Girls Club throughout the years, most recently Bayou Christmas held in December at Heritaage Park.


September 06, 2018 

Louisiana Eye Foundation Cub Sight Sate Coordinator Cherie Feret

Cub Sight state coordinator Cherie Feret

Cherie came to our club to remind us how important this program is and some of the new changes in the use of the equipment (camera used).

Most children under five years of age either never have their vision checked, or they are tested with a method that often fails to detect serious eye problems. Most children do not have their eyes tested until they enter school and are old enough to read an eye chart. By then, it is often too late for the most effective treatment.

August 30, 2018 Speaker Dexter Accardo Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Dexter has been to the club several times providing updated information about Hurricane preparedness and emergency routing.  But this year he comes with information about a new emergency alert system.  This notification system will alert you and let you know what is happening the area that you live. Through modern technology this information is sent to you on your phone. There is only one thing that they are requesting that you register, if you do not register it does not know to notify you. To register go to WWW.STPGOV.ORG



August 23, 2018 Speaker John Case "The Storyteller"

Our guest and speaker today John Case a business man and co-owner of Lowry-Dunham, Case and Vivien Insurance (the oldest insurance company in Slidell established in 1901). But he did not come to talk about insurance. He came as a writer for Slidell Magazine know as the “The Storyteller” a historian and fact finder for old tales of Slidell. He came to share some interesting tales and history of Greenwood Cemetery and its residence.

August 09, 2018 Speaker St Tammany Tax Assesser Louis Fitzmorris

St. Tammany Parish Assessor Louis Fitzmorris first took office in 2013, He was re-elected and began his second term in January 2017. Fitzmorris served a Mayor for the Town of Abita springs for 10 years prior to being elected assessor and spent 19 years as a successful business owner. He has come to the Lion club to address the proper way to question tax bills and how it must be handled.


August 02, 2018 Speaker Senator Sharon Hewitt

Senator Sharon Hewitt is a Republican member of the Louisiana State Senate for District 1. Elected to Senate January 2016. She addressed the club about the amount of special sessions surrounding budget issues and how she feels they should be addressed. Focusing on STEM education, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Advisory Council) creating jobs, and restoring Louisiana’s coast.


August 02. 2018  Who is Melvin Jones?

Melvin Jones was born on January 13, 1879 in Fort Thomas, Arizona, the son of a United States Army captain who commanded a troop of scouts. Later, his father was transferred and the family moved east. As a young man, Melvin Jones made his home in Chicago, Illinois, became associated with an insurance firm and in 1913 formed his own agency.

He soon joined the Business Circle, a businessmen's luncheon group, and was shortly elected secretary. This group was one of many at that time devoted solely to promoting the financial interests of their membership. Because of their limited appeal, they were destined to disappear. Melvin Jones, then a 38-year-old Chicago business leader, had other plans.

"What if these men," Melvin Jones asked, "who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" Thus, at his invitation, delegates from men's clubs met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organization and on June 7, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born.

Melvin Jones eventually abandoned his insurance agency to devote himself full time to Lions at International Headquarters in Chicago. It was under his dynamic leadership that Lions clubs earned the prestige necessary to attract civic-minded members.

The association's founder was also recognized as a leader by those outside the association. One of his greatest honors was in 1945 when he represented Lions Clubs International as a consultant in San Francisco, California, at the organization of the United Nations.

Melvin Jones, the man whose personal code – "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else" – became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over, died June 1, 1961 at 82 years of age.

The Melvin Jones Fellow of the Slidell Noon Lions would like to welcome the following Lions into the Melvin Jones Fellows great job..

Lions Ginny Payne and Richard Grams

July 26th 2018 Speaker Judge James Lamz

Guest speaker Judge James (Jim) Lamz serves as Judge with Slidell City Court of St Tammany Parish. He is a graduate of Loyola University Law School
He has come to the Lion to outline the types of cases handled by his court. Juvenile, Civil Lawsuit Criminal and Traffic.
Judge Lamz also has been instimental in improvements to reducing court wait time, streamliing accoutning and administrative measures to stay on budget, In 2012 Judge James Lamz was recognized  by the Lousiana State Bar Association receiving the Crystal Gavel Award.


July 19th 2018 Speaker Camper Emily Clark


Pictured above Emily Clark                           President Ginny Payne Emily Johnny Crow

Camper Emily Clark sponsored by Slidell Noon Lions came to the den and spoke to members.  She has been going to the camp for several years and shared experiences with the members. Recalling the first time she went to camp and the sadness she felt being seperated from her parents and family to go to a place that was so unfamiliar. As well as mother Karen shared of that uneasy feeling of letting her child go for the first time. She explained how that feeling of sadness became joy and happiness.  Because of the warmth and caring she received from camp staff and counselors on her arrival and during the week stay. How she felt comfortable and accepted for who she is, as well as the friendships she made with other campers and the bond between the staff and counselors. The sadness that started that first time to go to camp turned into join and looking forward to go the next year.  Now the sadness comes when it is time to leave and she leaves behind he fellow camper and friends only to long to see the again the next year.


Club Event - Ice cream social

July 22, 2018 free to members bring a perspective member.

Lions Den 356 Cleveland Ave from 03:00PM to 05:00PM


July 06, 2018 Speaker Northshore Disaster Recovery Inc   

Slidel Noon Lions had gruest speaker Jim Fatic Executive Director of the Northshore Diaster Recovery Inc and ecumenical Branch of Aldersgate United Methodist Church the Epworth Project. The Northshore Disaster Recovery Inc is a non-profit created to asist in long-term disaster recovery.  the services provided by NDRI and Epworth Project to co-ordinate and gather resources (volunteers, money,material) to contunue the rebuilding of our community. Not only to help build the home but selfesteem, and family.  To bring hope to those who need it most.


December 07, 2017


Rotarian Chuck Newman returned to conclude the history of West Florida Parishes and flags associated to them

November 30, 2017


                                                                     President Eugene St Jeam Chuck Newman Johnny Crow

Rotarian Chuck Newman presented detailed report of history on Florida Parishes, in which St Tammany Parish is included.  Part One presented today, and Part Two to follow next week.  Very informative presentation including LaSalle, Bienville background, and role of Kemper brother’s involvement.  This was during the French to Spanish, then back to French possession of the area now known as the Louisiana Purchase.  This is about how St Tammany came to be included in the USA.


November 16, 2017 



On Thursday night November 16, 2017 the Slidell Noon Lions has the opportunity and privilege  of hosting and participating in the installation of new Leo members and there officers, attending  Salmen High School and Slidell High School Leo Clubs. The President of Slidell Noon Lions called the meeting to order.  Lion President Eugene St Jean welcome all in attendance, fellow Lions, Leo's, and their family and friends. Invocation was done by incoming President of Salmen High Daniele Dixon, followed by Pledge lead by incoming Presidents of both Salmen and Slidell High, Daniele Dixon and Treasure Hill.

As the ceremony went on Slidell Noon Lion Vice-President Ginny Payne ask all new members of both Leo clubs to stand to be recognized and initiated into there respective clubs.
The initiation of officers followed Lions President called each set of officers to be installed.
When all the officers were installed the President recognized the newly installed officers and presented them to the membership of Salmen High School, Slidell High School and guest and members of Slidell Noon Lions. Before closing meeting the Past District Governor William Heyerdale addressed the Leo's. Then Slidell Noon Lion President called Leo President Daniel Dixon and Leo President Treasure Hill to close the meeting.
Congratulation to the new members of the Salem and Slidell High Leo Clubs, and to there officers.
Salmen Hight School, President Daniele Dixon
Vice-President Leona Collins, Secretary Saad Chaudhary
and Treasurer Loriel King
Slidell High School, Leo President Treasure Hill
Vice-President JeLynn Cheatham, Secretary Janae Hopkins
and Treasurer Zoe Holetz


November 09, 2017 

The Slidell Noon Lions Club would like to thank St Tammany Parish President Pat Brister for  our membership meating. The health and welfare of St Tammy Parish is of importance to all.


November 04, 2017


Feel good story from our Touch-A-Truck fundraiser.  While at the eye screening trailer a couple came up and thank us for doing eye screen for the children. They began by letting us know three years ago they had there son Carter screened and they received a letter indicating something was wrong and they should consult with an eye doctor. They made the appointment with the eye doctor and he confirmed that there was a problem with the Carter’s eye. If this problem was not caught and corrected that the eye would shut down and the child would be blind in that eye.  The good new is that the parents brought Carter to the doctor and with treatment he will have 20/20 vision. I would like to thank Ashley and Chris Schenck for sharing this with us and good luck to Carter and Carson. To all you Lions that do eye screening you make a difference


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