12th Annual Sturgeon Derby

Winnebago & Up River System Qualify

Total Payout to Date: $ 97,813

Last year 1st, 2nd & 3rd place combined winnings was $ 7,000

1st             Prize: 25% of ticket sales by weight

2nd place   Prize: 15% of ticket sales by weight

3rd place    Prize: 10% of ticket sales by weight

1st & 2nd youth   Prize: 5% of ticket sales split between 1st & 2nd place youth

                                  18 years old and younger by weight

2 Tickets each drawn for 5% of of the Pot (winner need not spear a sturgeon)

10%                  Donated to Sturgeon for Tomorrow - over $ 15,160 to date.

25%                   to Lions Charities

Ticket sales end on 2/7/2020 at 8 pm

Prize amount based on number of tickets sold


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Rules for the Sherwood Lions Sturgeon Derby

  1. All weights and measurements are based on results from DNR’s official list.
  2. All entries must be purchased by 2/7/2020 by 8:00 pm.
  3. DNR customer number must be on Derby Ticket to be eligible for the Derby prizes, except the two – 5% drawings.
  4. In case of a tie, the weight and length will be added to break the tie. In case of further tie, the prize in that category will be split between those involved in the tie.
  6. No late entries will be accepted!
  7. Prize money is determined by number of tickets sold.
  8. If all prizes can’t be awarded, the prize money will be paid out with additional 5% drawings.




1ST Place – 25% of Ticket Sales by Weight

2nd Place – 15% of Ticket Sales by Weight

3rd Place – 10% of Ticket Sales by Weight

1st  Place Youth – 2.5% Ticket Sales by Weight (Youth is 18 years old and younger)

2nd  Place Youth – 2.5% Ticket Sales by Weight (Youth is 18 years old and younger)

2 Tickets Drawn – 5% Ticket Sales (Winner need not spear a Sturgeon)

Donated to Sturgeon for Tomorrow – 10% Ticket Sales

Sherwood Lions Club Charities – 25% Ticket Sales


Drawing held at Outpost, Sherwood on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 1 PM



Sales Locations:

Name Address City Lion covering
Beer Run N10307 Hwy 151 Malone Mike
Bobbers W5204 Fargo Springs Road Hilbert Alex
Captains Cove 9598 Welsch Road Winneconne Joe H.
Chefs Fresh Pizza 204 Manitowoc Street Menasha  
Cimmarron W7170 Hwy 10/114 Menasha Carl 
Countryside Bar - St. Joe W684 Cty Hwy G St. Cloud Wade
Countryside Bar & Grill W5302 State Road 114 Harrison Carl 
Dick's Family Foods W647 Knight Drive Sherwood Carl 
Fish Tales Bait 4050 Cty Hwy A Oshkosh Hank
Fishtale Inn W5636 County Road EE Hilbert Don
Gene & Helen's 375 Main Street Potter Mike
Gobblers Knob 101 N. Military Road Stockbridge Alex
Groeschel Mechanical Office N10210 Hwy 151 Malone Don
Harbor Bar 1919 W. Lake Street Chilton Don
Jeanne's Bar N302 Military Road Sherwood Carl 
Jerry's Bar 1210 Ceape Ave. Oshkosh Hank
Jim & Linda's Lakeview Club W3496 Cty Road W Malone Mike
Lake Park Pub N8904 Lake Park Road Harrison Carl 
Lug Nuts N7475 State Road 114 Sherwood Alex
Ma's Bait Shop 510 Hwy 110 Fremont Joe H.
Marytown Tap W904 Kiel Road New Holstein Wade
Neighborhood Pub & Grill N5091 Hwy BB Chilton Don
Officials Den Bowl & Spirits 408 N. 8th Ave. Hilbert Carl
Paine's Point Tavern 1557 Paynes Point Road Neenah Hank
Pete's Fishermans Inn N2197 Hwy 151 Chilton Mike
Pipe Express N10234 Hwy 151 Malone Mike
Quinney Quencher W5626 Quinney Road Chilton Mike
Rippin-Lips Sports 106 S. Military Rd. Stockbridge Marty
Schumacher Shanty 101 S. Military Stockbridge Marty
Sherwood Elevator W599 Military Road Sherwood Don
Paula's Pub and Grill N10847 Hwy 151 Malone Wade
The Granary N586 Military Road Sherwood Carl
The Outpost N606 Knight Drive Sherwood Carl
Thiel Real Estate 23 W. Main Street Chilton Don
Tilly's Pub 5071 Washington Street Butte Des Morts Joe H.
Tommy J's N9463 Cty Road Q Malone Wade
Vinland Still & Grill 6392 Hwy A Neenah Hank
Waverly Beach N8770 Firelane 1 Menasha Hank
Wendts on the Lake N9699 Lakeshore Drive Van Dyne Hank
Woodeyes Bar & Grill 700 W. Main Street Winneconne Joe H.
Fourth & 5 346 W. Main St Hilbert Mike
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