November 2018

In November 2018 the San Geronimo Valley Lions established an exploratory committee to look into the possibility of establishing a sister club with the Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club, Napal.  FYI, The Lions International terminology for a sister club is a ‘Twin Club’.

The committee met and discussed twinning with the Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club and providing ongoing financial support for their programs. The types of programs provided by the club are in the areas of dental, personal hygiene, child cancer, hearing aids, Rural doctor visits, blood pressure testing, school uniform distribution, flood victim relief, and building bus shelters. The Kathmandu club provides an impressive number of programs to help the rural impoverished communities in Kathmandu.

The committee suggested we Twin with the Budhigandaki club, formalized thru Lions International.  Multiple suggestions were presented on how to financially raise funds for the Kathmandu club.  

January 2019

In a follow up meeting in January 2019, the committee proposed that a “kickoff” of this effort be announced at the January 26,2019 Crab Feed, and that a table be made available with informational materials and a donation box, and that there be 2 silent auction items dedicated to support the Kathmandu Project.  This is a picture of our initial Sister Club community outreach at the San Geronimo Valley Lions 2019 annual crab feed table.

The Kathmandu Lions informed us of several ongoing projects, and the SGV Lions decided to grant $500 to toward the building of a permanent Bus Shelter in the city of Kathmandu.  A beautiful bus shelter was built and provides hundreds of riders with protection every day.  This is a rendition of the future bus shelter.

I appreciation of our support, Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club presented to our SGV Lions this beautiful bust.


The Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club has conducted a Dental Camp in several local schools.


Another Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club sponsored school project is school uniform distribution.  Notice their banner recognizing the San Geronimo Valley Lions contribution!

Another Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club sponsored is their Flood Victims Relief Program, August 2019.  Again notice their banner recognizing the San Geronimo Valley Lions contribution!  They are very appreciative of our support.


A medley of the Kathmandu projects is depicted in the following poster prepared by Lion Christina Nelson.



And our sister club relationship was put on hold, but not the enthusiasm by both of our clubs.


November 2022

In November 2022 the SGV Lions Kathmandu committee restarted.  A grant of over $1,200 was sent to the Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club to support their medical outreach program to rural areas of Kathmandu.  Many of the residents served had never seen a doctor of any kind.  A Kathmandu information and sales booth was setup at the Holiday Faire in San Geronimo.  We have adopted this beautiful logo depicting the close relationship between our two clubs.


Planned outreach serving the Kathmandu Budhigandaki Lions Club in 2023 include a table at the Annual Carb Feed, as well s the 2023 Annual 4th of July festivities.

Look for our booth on these two important and festive days. 

We are always open to suggestions; contact us at any time, especially if you have a connection with any firm providing matching donations.


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