In the afternoon of May 1, 1994, five members of the Paradise Valley Lions Club composed of President Ed Manaig, M.D.; Secretary Cesar Santiago; Treasurer Art Arboleda and Director Vic Camua, Jr. met to create a plan of action for the club.  Lion Cesar came up with an idea of forming a new Lions Club composed of professionals and business women in the community.  The five agreed unanimously without any reservations.  President Ed and Secretary Cesar to handle all preparations, including the program and scheduling the meetings.  Thereafter, they called fifteen ladies in different fields of endeavor.  They calso called District Governor Loretta Taylor-Buddhu and relayed the intentions of the PVLC which she welcome with joy and excitement.  Lions Cesar designated the place, prepared the agenda, and suggested to President Ed that Lion Vic to be its Guiding Lion.  President Ed confirmed and accepted the suggestion.  DG Loretta later confirmed Lion Vic as the Guiding Lion.In the evening of May 10, 1994, history unfolded with the presence of DG Loretta, PDG Roy Buddhu, President Ed and ten members of the PVLC.  The first organizational meeting of the new club was recorded.  There were four prospective members who came and volunteered to steward the newly formed Lions Club and became its interimofficers.  They were Florfina "Boodgie" Arce as President, Gloria Dial as 1st Vice President, Ricarda "Ric" Magbutay as Secretary and Ida Cagayat as Treasurer.  Meetings were set every Tuesday and the club subsequently grew and interested civic-minded people joined.

On the fourth meeting held at the Greek Tycoon Restaurant, Lion Vic Camua relinguished his position as guiding Lion to Lion Frank Rivera because he is relocating to Phoenix, Arizona and is transferring his membership to FIL-AM Lions in Phoenix.  At this meeting, the name Majestic Lions Club was choosen by election in a tie-breaking vote by Elsa Siverts.  The name Majestic was the brainchild of Boodgie Arce, Dr, Ceferina Ruiz and Rey Pellos.-

The completion of 20-member requirement to apply for a charter in Lions Clubs International has been so elusive for PVLC and the Guiding Lion and has to be submitted in Mid-June.  Consequently, DG Loretta decided to appoint Lion Cesar Santiago as Guiding Lion thinking that he can work cohesively with the members whom he recruited in the early formation of the club.  Lion Frank Rivera welcomed the appointment because he is leaving for the Philippines.  DG Loretta, PDG Roy Buddhu and CT Jan Gustavel were always present in the meetings until Juine 28, the last date possible for the Majestic Lions Club to be chartered in the Lion Year 1993 - 1994.  A joint effort by DG Loretta, PVLC and the Guiding Lion were not good enough to complete the 20-member requirement.  It was only on September 9, 1994 that Majestic Lions Club was officially chartered.  Although it existed four months prior to its recognition as a charter club, it was committed to pursue the objectives and principles of Lionism and faced the challenges to render community services and lived up to its motto "WE SERVE'."

The official charter officers who were elected in a simple but democratic process on July 26, 1994, at the Manila Tokyo Restaurant were:

President - Florfina "Boodgie" Arce

1st Vice President - Ceferina P. Ruiz, M.D.

2nd Vice President - Gloria Dial

3rd Vice President - Rose San Pedro, R.N.

Secretary - Ricarda Magbutay

Treasurer - Josie Mendoza

Tail Twister - Rey Pellos

Lion Tamer - Elsa Siverts

Membership Committee Chair - Marie Limbag

Membrship Committee Vice Chair - Sarisabel Novido

Membership Committee Member - Lourdes Barrera

Board of Directors - 1 Year

Alice Caballero, Leticia Dano, Randa Lawrence, Carmen Navarro & Eleanor Porter

Board of Directors - 2 Year

Josie Caballa, Rosita Decena, Cleo Dizon, Elisa Dizon, Lynda Hart & Sol Reyes


The Charter celebration and Installation was held at the Red Lion Hotel in San Diego on December 4, 1994.  Vice District Governor Ike Enzenauer gave the orientation and inducted the charter members.  The charter officers were inducted by DG Don Work.



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