San Diego Majestic Lions 


May 1, 1994 - New Club Proposed.  Paradise Valley Lions Club President Ed Manaig, MD; Secretary Cesar Santiago;  Treasurer Art Arboleda and Director Vic Camua Jr. met to plan and organize for the establishment of a new Lions Club.
May 10, 1994 First Organizational Meeting.  DG Loretta, PDG Roy Buddhu, President Ed and ten members of the PVLC in attendance along with interim Club Officers:  President: Florfina "Boodgie" Arce, 1st Vice President:  Gloria Dial, Secretary:  Ricarda "Ric" Magbutay, and Treasurer:   Ida Cagayat.  Lion Vic Camua, Jr. served as the first Guiding Lion.  
At the fourth meeting of the newly formed club, the name Majestic Lions Club was formally adopted as proposed by Boodgie Arce, Dr. Ceferina Ruiz and Rey Pellos.  Also at this meeting,   Lion Frank Rivera suceeded Lion Vic Camua as the Guiding Lion for the club.
Mid-June 1994 - During this period, Lion Cesar Santiago suceeded Lion Frank Rivera as Guiding Lion.
June 28, 1994 - Charter deadline missed for Lion Year 1993-1994.  Majestic Lions Club continued to work aggressively towards the 20 member requirement needed for chartering a new club.
July 26, 1994 - 1994-1995 Charter officers elected at Manila Tokyo Restaurant.  
President - Florfina "Boodgie" Arce
1st Vice President - Ceferina P. Ruiz, M.D.
2nd Vice President - Gloria Dial
3rd Vice President - Rose San Pedro, R.N.
Secretary - Ricarda Magbutay
Treasurer - Josie Mendoza
Tail Twister - Rey Pellos
Lion Tamer - Elsa Siverts
Membership Committee Chair - Marie Limbag
Membership Committee Vice Chair - Sarisabel Novido
September 9, 1994 - Majestic Lions Club officially chartered.  While it was active during the four months prior to its official charter date,  the SDMLC demonstrated its commitment to the objectives and principles of Lionism, rendered community services and lived up to the Lions Motto:   "WE SERVE'."
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