President's Message

My Fellow Lions, Family and Friends
There have been 14 unique and talented Presidents before me in the 27 years of the San Diego Majestic Lions Club, each who have brought their time and talents to bear making this club the success it is today!  Together with the Lions of our club and our sister clubs, we have faced and overcome a great many challenges along the way, but still 
Throughout this coming year, we will continue to face diverse challenges to include those resulting from COVID 19.  And with every challenge comes the opportunity to serve our community with health and wellness services:  vision, diabetes, high blood pressure screening and health education and as well as  partnering with other clubs and service agencies to provide needed services to our community.  We also will use this time to plan for future local and international medical missions. 
Kindness, Humility and Generosity are hallmarks of the Lion way.  As we serve, let us remember these ideals while working together to seek innovative solutions and opportunities for our continued Lions Club success.
I would like to congratulate this year’s Officers on their selection to help lead our club.  I wish to welcome our new members, the Lions Class of 2021 and encourage you to find opportunities to use your time and talents.  Fresh and new ideas are welcomed!
And especially, many  thanks to all of our donors tonight, all who helped in the planning of tonight’s activities, and all of  our guests for coming and supporting today’s  SDMLC Annual Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members.
Myrna Psillas
President, 2021-2022 
San Diego Majestic Lions Club
Kindness, Humility and Generosity 
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